Halle Berry’s Trying To Make Gabriel Aubry Look Like He Beats Their Nanny Now

January 24th, 2012 // 28 Comments
'RACIST! -- Just Kidding.'
Halle Berry
Halle Accuses Her Boyfriend Of Hating Blacks Read More »

Before we get started, I should probably correct a previous post that said Olivier Martinez proposed to Halle Berry. Turns out a jeweler made the whole thing up, so just assume the rest of this post is why Olivier’s biding his time in Chocolate Boobie Wonderland before plotting his escape. On that note…

Gabriel Aubry is about to lose custody of his daughter Nahla this morning thanks to a nanny who works for both Halle and Gabriel accusing him of assaulting her last week – while being racist, don’t forget racist – after she came to his house and got in his face about not letting her know that Nahla didn’t go to school. Because nannies are supposed to do that. Get in faces. TMZ reports:

As TMZ first reported, the LAPD is conducting a criminal battery and child endangerment investigation after Gabriel allegedly pushed the nanny with Nahla in her arms. And before the alleged pushing, the nanny says Gabriel screamed at her and hurled a racial epithet. In addition, we’ve learned the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services is also conducting a child endangerment investigation.

Kamdem also claims Gabriel often yelled at Nahla, causing the child to cower and cry. And she told police… when Nahla had a rash he refused to treat it.
Kamdem quit last week after Gabriel allegedly shoved her.
Gabriel’s rep tells TMZ, “Anyone can file a police report at any time, regardless of it being accurate.”

Keep in mind this police report is allowing Halle Berry to bar Gabriel from Nahla, and this is a woman who’s willing to apply the patently racist One-Drop Theory if that’s what it takes to fuck her ex over. So a mutual nanny suddenly being “assaulted” and coming forward with accusations of neglecting rashes really shouldn’t surprise anyone because by the end of this thing, we’ll probably find out she saw Gabriel Aubry using Nahla’s head to scrape barnacles off his slave ship. Should be any minute now.

UPDATE: For anyone who’s curious, Halle got shut down in court today, so read into that however you like.

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  1. sc4play

    Brother, even those breasts aren’t worth the batshit crazy!

  2. Cock Dr

    The crazy is strong in this one.
    Can’t help thinking that batshit here paid off the nanny to make these accusations, part of a nasty scheme to get the child away from the father’s custody.

  3. Bianca

    How much do you have to hate yourself to make a baby with someone whom you think is racist towards you?

  4. Schmidtler

    Now that she’s over 60 years old, can we ignore Halle Berry, and move on to one of the bazillion other big breasted caramel colored young aspiring actresses? she’s just nasty, old and crazy.

  5. tlmck

    I don’t care how hot that woman is, she is way too high maintenance for even a hit it and quit it. She gives the female lead character in “Fatal Attraction” a good name.

  6. So pretty, so fucked up.

  7. vekfan

    Kill the nanny, kill the ex, keep the child. Live happily ever after!

  8. I know 99% of Hollywood is fucked up but this chick needs to be thrown in a padded room and left alone for a long time. Batshit Diva crazy

    • V

      if people really knew what she was like in real life she would have NO fans. she’s seriously very difficult to work with.

  9. whip

    ……….Seal & Halle: bring them together, folks!

  10. sprub

    In the immortal words of Sheldon Cooper (or at least his mail carrier)
    “Bitches be crazy”

  11. rundontwalk

    Halle’s damaged goods…always has been. Expect the unexpected.

  12. Eddie Baby

    When you’re young, you’re just enjoying the hot sex. Then as you get older your realize that it only takes one batshit crazy woman to ruin your life, and you stay away from these nuts. Just ask Steve McNair.

  13. V

    Don’t even try to support Gabriel. That dude is out of his goddamned mind just like Halle. Poor Nahla :(

    • The Critical Crassness

      Must be nice to be able to analyze people’s personality and actions from the comfort of your mother’s basement in Outer Podunk…

  14. Gabriel Aubry Daughter Nahla Child Endangerment
    Commented on this photo:

    the little girl looks like Gabriel

  15. Liin

    the little girl is gonna hate her when she grows up

  16. Halle Berry Nahla Child Endangerment
    Commented on this photo:

    looks like a dude

  17. Terry

    People forget Halle maybe pretty as hell but she’s a goddamn hoodrat!!!

  18. Jocelyn

    Read any interview with any man she has been with and they all say the same thing: that she is an angry raging cunt.

  19. timmy

    Wouldn’t making the sex with a black woman preclude your being a racist? And wouldn’t willingly having a child with one double down on this theory?

    Racism seems to be becoming any behavior by a white person that a black person doesn’t like, whether it has anything to do with race or not.

    Halle Berry was just in New Year’s Eve with a whole lot of other people on their way out of Hollywood. Look kids a falling star!

  20. Cher X

    Ha! I think it’s funny that we all see through her now.

    Everyone’s approaching this with a healthy dose of skeptism. : )

  21. kookoo

    ahhh! the joys of life with a narcissist!!!!

  22. TobiasMerriweather

    Sounds too much like the “stuff” that I’m going through with my estranged Mrs. Were married 3 years of a total of 5 years together. Separated like a month and a half after she gave birth. She’s claiming all kinds of fantastical wonders of abuse through her attorney and going as far as to claim that I call our daughter “pet.” As in the disparaging kind. According to her attorney I have been sending disturbing text messages. Received a TM yesterday (1/23) from her informing me that our daughter is now crawling and therefore I need to child proof my apartment. Didn’t respond… Sad thing is I see her (both) every Saturday (cain’t has more time ’cause the Mrs. says that baby is too tired after Saturday visits but according to the atty., I have never axed for more and that the Mrs. + attend Sunday church services. Overnight visits? Yeah I requested them as well, but was told because the Mrs. doesn’t have time to (sorry folks) “pump” (daughter’ll be 1 in a month) but let’s forget about her having time to go to the gym, put baby in baby daycare and otherwise mill about her ex meth head verbal and physically abusive got arrested in downtown Disney on account she slapped her boyfriend while not looking behind her to see the 2 uniformed police persons man hating and yet she’s still the victim sister’s apt. If I weren’t going through the shite that I’m errr going through, I’d think that’s a shame and I kind of liked Cat Woman – hey I like bad movies okay! Give me Body of Evidence over Citizen Kane anyday.

  23. 411

    Not true. Gabe can see Nahla as much as he wants or as outlined by previous rulings. The temp judge that heard Halle and Gabe ruled for the regular Family Court judge to rule on their orders on Monday when he comes back from vacation. The nanny still works for Halle just not Gabe was not granted her restraining order in regular court being referred to Family Court by Judge Goodson.


  24. 411

    Yes, Gabe is still under police and CPS investigation, but the temp judge didn’t think Nahla was in danger enough from disallowing Gabe to see Nahla until Monday’s ruling.

  25. 411

    I do agree with you with the bogus engagement and doubt they’ll get engaged. I will be surprised to see how much longer after their movie’s March VOD/theatrical releases, Martinez will still be around.

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