Halle Berry’s Custody Fight Just Got Real

February 2nd, 2011 // 52 Comments

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry have gone from a seemingly amicable break-up to a goddamn bare-knuckle brawl this week after the two reached a heated point in arranging visitation with their daughter Nahla and immediately lawyered up. They’ve now taken to the always productive press fight starting with Halle accusing Gabriel of putting their daughter in danger forcing him to respond that this all a matter of Halle losing a movie role and having nothing better to do. (I would’ve gone with Wesley Snipes hitting her in the head so hard it permanently activated her crazy center, but that’s just me and my love of infallible logic.) Access Hollywood reports:

“While Gabriel is disappointed in Halle’s decision to falsely malign him publicly and for her own purposes, he refuses to be pulled into her dispute over a canceled film production. Gabriel also refuses to air their issues in the press as he believes this may ultimately harm their daughter. The fact is that Gabriel is a caring father who shares custody of Nahla,” the statement read.
“Gabriel fully believes that a consistent and balanced living situation and two loving parents are crucial for their child even if Ms. Berry feels otherwise. He will always defend his rights as a father and will always consider Nahla’s best interest. Halle’s continuing allegations in the press are untrue and irresponsible.”

In response, Halle’s people have gone to TMZ with accusations that Gabriel called her a “nigger” because French guys who are into black chicks always hurl American-based racial slurs. It’s an epidemic:

We’re told … in addition to calling her the “N” word, he would also call her a “f**king bitch” and other expletives. And the vulgarities are not limited to face-to-face confrontations. There are vulgar text messages as well.
As one source told TMZ, “He constantly demeaned her. It was awful.”

Wow. Are we honestly supposed to believe Halle Berry is the type of woman who takes shit from a man who probably cries over the delicateness of croissants? I mean, look, like most models Gabriel Aubry is probably a moron because, as I’ve repeatedly mentioned, he went on a date with Kim Kardashian under the assumption she wouldn’t alert 25 paparazzi to photograph them together. But at the same time, you’ve got an Oscar-winning millionaire who once told Bryan Singer to “kiss her black ass” suddenly playing the victim card here and launching a massive smear campaign because she’s got nothing but time and money on her hands. That said, Internet etiquette demands I mention she showed her tits in Swordfish which is probably going to let her get away with all this, and frankly, I’m having trouble arguing with that. They were so naked…

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  1. Halle Berry
    Commented on this photo:

    He’s not French! He’s Canadian. And Canadians are always polite, so there’s no way he called her all those names. I rest my case.

  2. This just in: i_piss_excellence dick just got real hard. Damn she lookin good in them shorts.

  3. Michelle

    I loved them as a couple :( hope Nahla gets to see her dad.

  4. Mortimer Duke

    She must feel real sad being half Black and having no ass to sit on.

  5. In the long run HE’S going to end up being the one that’s gonna look like the more “caring and considerate” parent, due to her acting like an idiot and using the kid as a weapon.

  6. The Listener

    Maybe she should keep the fight in the court and leave the public out of it.

  7. the only opinion that matters

    Getting nasty because she is getting her way and her ex had the audacity to date someone else. She is a crazy bitch no matter how sweet she comes off in interviews. Sounds like he is taking the high road and showing alot more class than her.

  8. MarkM

    Hard to believe that another unmarried couple that popped out a kid for fun weren’t really ready to handle the responsibility!

  9. “kiss [her] black ass”? newsflash you have a flat whitey ass

  10. asad

    halle is a known crazy bitch , plus she is white why would he call her a N word. ?

    • !!!!!!!

      one drop rule still applies in America as well as the rest of the world! she’s not white. if you mix black with anything else, the person is considered mixed or mulatto. never white. if you mix white with any other non-black group, then you can claim you’re white. example, asian and white can claim their white or hispanic and white can claim they are white. any half black person trying to say they are white will be seriously ridiculed.

      • asad

        that rule only applies in America , but in th rest of the world if you come out o white pussy your white , if your raised in a white culture/household your white, if you have white features your white, she just a tanned white women

      • That’s bullshit. She’s not white she’s mixed. Doesn’t matter that color the clam was she came out of.

      • hellokittylover

        This woman is BLACK. Whenever she is talked about on tv, she is considered a black woman. On her move Monster’s Ball, she wasn’t a white woman. She was a black woman with a fat black son and a black husband who was in jail on deathrow–so that’s how white she is I guess. Most of the roles she plays, she’s playing a BLACK WOMAN. She has white features? seriously? I’ve seen black girls (who arn’t mixed) with smaller noses than her.

    • Roni

      She is biracial, but she considers herself an African American woman!

  11. seth rogen's vagina

    I guess this just proves the old saying that no matter how hot the chick is, somebody somewhere is sick of listening to her sh!t. She sounds like a compulsive control freak that just can’t stand that her ex is capable of being a good dad without her around, or that he can even manage at all without her.

  12. Kerri

    i don’t believe he called her that at all. she is insane. i hope he keeps fighting her in court. what a b*tch.

    • Seconded. When they were together, by all accounts he was completely whipped. Now that he’s found his balls and freedom again, looks like Berry doesn’t like it very much, nor the fact that she will have to deal with him for the next 16 years or so without having him. Why is it that so many mothers see their child as their property? In my experience, like other posters have said, fathers are as a good a parent as mothers and sometimes even better. Poor Nahla.

  13. Cock Dr

    This woman’s history speaks for itself. She is an unstable nutcase.
    Team Gabriel…..even though he did cozy up to a Kardashian. We all make mistakes.

  14. RoboZombie

    That ain’t much of a Black Azz as Black Azzes go.

  15. jojo

    This kitten has claws.

  16. Reece


    I definitely believe that he would have called her that. Im a black Canadian and know from experience that many French Canadians (mostly in Quebec) have ignorant deep seeded racism in them. You usually don’t see it but its there. Its a conscious thing on their part, its just a cultural thing the same way there are alot of racist ppl in the south who wouldnt really consider themselves racist but still say some dumb shit.

    That being said, unless he’s taking a page out of Britney’s book of child rearing (the edition with a forward by Dina Lohan) then she needs to relax with the court stuff. Its not good for the kid and the only little ppl that lawyers are concerned with are the dead presidents that they can deposit in the bank…at the very least stop talking to the media it just makes you look retarded

  17. dano

    She’s called wolf too many times. When she did her hit and run? She had amnesia. whenever her relationships don’t work? He beat me, he’s a sex addict, he’s a hooker addict. Maybe some of this is true, but when this chick ends something with a dude, she always ends up maligning them to no end. I doubt he called her a slur like that, it’s just a new “it’s not my fault, I swear!” excuse for her to pretend to be innocent of any wrongdoing yet again.

  18. BENWAW

    Why doesn’t she run him down she’ real good at that
    and she gets away with it everytime

  19. Halle Berry
    Commented on this photo:


  20. Smiley

    Really Halle? Suddenly now he’s a racist?? And he treated you horribly? On TOP of being a terrible father??? How convenient. Which is it – he’s a good father (as per your comments after your split) or he’s a dangerous, irresponsible, abusive racist? And do you honestly expect anyone with half a brain to believe that you – with your extreme rep for cunty, controlling behavior – would just sit back and take it? Bitch please!

  21. Talk Hard

    I’ll always think of Halle Berry drinking a Pepsi.

  22. burton

    Im on Halles side, I would not want my daughter around the likes of dirty kim kardashian or dirty strippers either, pornstars or skanks liek that and her ex seems to hang out with those types…kinda gross. go HALLE!

    • asad

      have you seen monster ball? halle the porn star , anyone how parades on camera nude for money shouldn’t raise kids, halle is the slack one

    • He didn’t have his daughter around her. He went on a couple dates probably fucked her (gross) but he didn’t have KK playing mommy. Nothing that Halle wasn’t doing with the whore Oliver Martinez.

  23. She is one of those women who is gorgeous to look at until she opens her mouth to speak. the crap that flies out of her mouth is enough to make any sane man run the other way. The French dude was a GREAT dad until he started dating someone else AFTER they broke up. Please, the world doesn’t revolve around you. I hope she LOSES custody of her kid.

  24. Halle Berry loose her sex appeal when she opens her mouth.

    • As with most women ; – )

      • ladydragon

        Halle obviously have issues when it comes to men and relationships. I don’t believe her claims. I am in an interracial marriage and I cannot imagine either one of hurling racial slurs at each other. I think she is claiming this as a way of tarnishing this man and turning the public against him.

  25. Did anyone actually read this entire article? Is it worth it?

  26. Dammit, where was I when she said that to Bryan Muhfuggin’ SINGER OF ALL PEOPLE so I could gallantly step in and comply 50 ways to sunday???

  27. deed

    all the comments saying she is not black are from pissed off black men who used to worship Halle Berry, and now they’re jealous cuz she only dates white men lol. Come on guys, you got Kim Kardashian, let Halle be

  28. If he’s a racist, why the fuck was he with her in the first place?? Seems a strange thing for a racist to do….

  29. aam

    The n-word is not an “American base racial slur.” The n-word comes form Britain, originating in the Victorian Era (ie; when Imperialism and/or colonization “got big”.)

  30. Deep inside her purse you will find the diary of a truly mad black woman.

  31. Dr Phil.

    She is neither Black nor White. But she is bat shit crazy.
    And If someone out there doesn’t agree with me, then somewhere a village is missing their idiot.
    We’ll be back after these messages.

  32. BT

    Just your typical woman….vengeful, vindicative and insecure. There should be a pill you can take to cure that.

  33. Lisa

    this women is crazy…

  34. Halle Berry
    Commented on this photo:

    She maybe crazy, but she is the first Oscar winning black woman, and she is the first AA-ILF. I am putting her on my ‘to do’ list, Call me Halle… Crazy beyotches are the best to bump nasties with, at least in the beginning.

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