BREAKING: Halle Berry Dipped Her Bare Breast In Guacamole

January 24th, 2013 // 17 Comments
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Halle Berry is a goddamn crazy woman, but if there’s one thing college taught me about them, it’s that every once in a while that crazy pays off. Although, for Movie 43 director Peter Farrelly it wasn’t so much drunken sex with Marilyn Manson playing in the background causing him to jump out a window immediately after (Bonus: My knees can predict the weather now.) as Halle Berry dipping her naked boob in guacamole. Yup. Via TMZ:

Peter Farrelly revealed the boob-exposing bombshell during an “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit earlier today … when someone asked PF which actor surprised him the most on the set.
“I would have to say Halle Berry,” Farrelly said … explaining, “I was a little nervous about meeting her because her scene is so outrageous and I was afraid she might get on the set and balk.”
“Not only did she not, but she thought the scene was too soft, and asked us to amp it up a little.”
“We ended up coming up with a couple of things for her to do that weren’t scripted, but were insane. To give you an example [her scene] is about a couple (her and Stephen Merchant) who play Truth or Dare on a first date. Among other things she ended up sticking her bare breast into a bowl of guacamole. She couldn’t have been more fun to work with.”

“Except,” he added, “when she later accused the same bowl of guacamole of being a racist and instructed Olivier Martinez to punch it to death. Which he of course did because her breasts do things to a man’s mind. Dead things, Mikey, dead things…”

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  1. I don’t get it. Halle sticks her tit in the guacamole, and people are like “Hahaha what a cool chick!” I stick my dick in the onion dip and end up in a jail cell for 3 weeks.

  2. Sport

    Soon afterwards, she sued the Guac in an attempt to keep it from the tortilla chips, saying that it was a bunch of very mean avocados.

  3. Halle Berry Cleavage BET Honors
    Commented on this photo:

    I would take Alicia Keys(Italian Afro-American) any day over bat shit crazy women with “I’ll fuck Ya Up” smile and eye stare!”

    • USDA Prime McBeef

      keys has some weird boobs.

    • Quidam

      You, obviously, have never banged a crazy chick. Nothing says omgoMGOMgoMGOmgOMGOMGOMG like a major f-session with overlyattachedbipolar coochie. Wheeeee! Whataride — the RUN!

  4. anonymoose

    Her face looks odd lately. Does anyone else see Denzel Washington in her smile these days? So stiff and unpretty.

  5. “Woman”, Fish, not women, in the headline …gah.

  6. *yawn*

    Call me when she shoves an avocado up her ass.

  7. Frank Burns

    Molesting cuisine is the latest culinary trend! Up next on the Food Network “Giada De Laurentis Clam-Slams a Plate of Eggs Benedict”.

  8. Halle Berry Cleavage BET Honors
    ben dover
    Commented on this photo:

    Wonder if she ran anyone down on the way to the event?

  9. judgingyou

    Is it just me or are her crazy eyes getting crazier?

  10. Yoyo

    She dips her boob in the guacamole and then slams the bowl of guacamole over your head for watching her do it. Then she sticks you in the eyes with burning tamales and People mag calls you for an interview.

  11. anonym

    Eating food off some nice pair of tits is awesome.

  12. right

    This chick is played out. No wonder all her bf’s end up beatin the shit outta her. She’s nuts.

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