Haley Roberts And The Hoff Are Being Hassled In Miami

In an effort to make Bill Cosby look shittier, People is writing misleading titles that make him look like he forgot his son died 20 years ago… The 79-year-old goes to trial next month, so get ready for a hot, fresh Cosby shitstorm when a bunch of attorneys go into detail about how freaky the pudding guy got in his sexual exploits with teenage women. [People]

Lorde’s new album has potential – it was blessed by David Bowie before he died. [RollingStone]

The conspiracy theory that Avril Lavigne committed suicide in 2003 and has been a look-a-like the whole time is absolutely wonderful. I love the Internet. [TooFab]

Christina Aguilera is voicing one of the dancers from Dance Dance Revolution or something in the new Emoji movie… The same one where Patrick Stewart is a poop. [Breatheheavy]

Guy Richie’s King Arthur movie officially shit the bed in the box office, but don’t let that stop you from seeing it- it’s mostly because people don’t know who the hell Charlie Hunnam is… and we complain when actors keep getting the same roles pssshhh! [CeleBitchy]

Alison Brie wrestling chicks under the tutelage of a coked out Marc Maron? Sign me up. [Dlisted]