Gwyneth Paltrow Was Playing Britney Spears in ‘Country Strong’

December 23rd, 2010 // 30 Comments

“I’m sorry, come again?”

Full Disclosure: This is an LA Times story from last week, but it’s two days before Christmas and finding out Gwyneth Paltrow was essentially – and God willing, unknowingly – playing Britney Spears is probably the most hilarious thing that could happen to her outside of learning her Christmas veal wasn’t organically grown in the royal stables. Ha! She’d kill herself:

For a character like Gwyneth Paltrow’s struggling addict star in “Country Strong,” you’d think the source material would be more Winona Judd than Britney Spears. But you’d be wrong.
The once-embattled Spears served as inspiration for “Country Strong” writer-director Shana Feste, who says the media lifts talent to great heights only to destroy it.
“That’s where this movie came from. I mean, I was seeing what was happening in the media to Britney Spears,” Feste told the Ministry at a Los Angeles screening of the film.

I had every intention of avoiding this movie because seeing Gwyneth Paltrow as a redneck alcoholic would make Transformers look like a true story. But now that I know it has full frontal, I’ll probably Netflix it. I mean, how else do you make a movie based on Britney Spears? Not counting KFC product placement deals. That goes without saying.

GWYNETH: My character seems to go to Starbucks a lot. And flashes her vagina for random sugar products. Wait, why does this sound familiar?
DIRECTOR: Uh.. it’ll make people think you’re British.
GWYNETH: *rips off pants* Gimme them Mem-Nems, mistah!

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  1. Smiling for autographs really isn’t a good look for her.

  2. Damn, Look at that face?Plastic surgery doesn’t suit some stars.WTF ABOUT THE SO-CALLED DRESS OR PIECE OF DRY ROT USED FOR HOME WALLS THESE DAYS ,just saying!

  3. Ok..she is totally NOT aging well..

  4. GravyLeg

    That dress looks like the negative side of Velcro.

  5. GravyLeg

    Looks like she got the “Kathy Lee Gifford” special at the Botox clinic.

  6. It looks like she’s wearing a wedding dress designed by Larry the Cable Guy.

  7. Does anyone else think “country strong” sounds like a deodorant potency level? Like 2 steps above “maximum strength”?

  8. PigPaltrow

    Gadzooks what in the HELL happened to her face!?! My GOD the looks awful?!? But then again…

    Aaaahahahahahaaahhaahaha. You vapid cunt. Funny how karma works, eh? So concerned about your face instead of what’s important and you’re forced to live with that horrible surgery-face daily.

    You’re so vane…you prolly think this post is about you.

    Oh. And you acting is so ordinary to boot…you stuck up twat.

    • dumbass

      her acting is ordinary? have you not seen her oscar worthy portrayal of Iron Man’s secretary? c’mon now, the way she gave those stern disapproving looks, and stood around in a skirt and high heels? you commoners just have no appreciation of a true thespian’s talent.

      • PigPaltrow

        HAHA…FREAKING HILARIOUS. Thespian…*laughs so hard milk pours out of nostrils by the quart*…….man, that’s good….

  9. Mal Gusto

    Useless woman. I saw a preview for that movie the other night. It looks like the movie will be awful. Early reviews from Rotten Tomatoes is 22% positive. I wish she and her lame husband would just hide in their castle and leave the rest of us be.

    Also…bad surgery look.

  10. ghost

    I never understood her appeal. I mean, she’s really pretty boring. Her best role was playing a head in a box in that movie with Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt.

  11. She’s wearing a loofa with a breather hole for the 80-grit sandpaper she has for a chest.

    • I was going to make a joke about how she needed “moisturizer” for her chest, but really, I think she could use some moisturizer for her chest.

  12. testington

    can we stop talking about Gwyneth’s face and focus on the the real comedy of this story? Somebody just called Brittney Spears a “great talent” I wasn’t aware it took talent to be auto-tuned and wear slutty outfits…good to know.

  13. Joyous Kwanza

    I hate this arrogant useless cunt.

  14. jojo

    She is so phoney yet can’t act worth a shit.

  15. gigi

    oooooh…. her hair…….. :(

  16. See Alice

    She has a ” Howdy Doody ” face

  17. surgerylass

    Gwyneths new cheek implants and face lift took away her beauty and she looks like someone entirely different … now belonging to that new age Hollywood species who are looking as though they have the same alien birth.

  18. Blake2

    Can’t wait for this movie to bomb so this bitch can get lost.

  19. uncle bill

    these madhouse convicts are brooke shield’s best friends.

  20. javier

    Nadia Suleman reveals her blonde holiday makeover.

  21. datroof

    Used to have a thing for her. Loved her sexily disturbed thing in Royal Tanenbaums.

    Now… meh. Having shat out two glorified monkeys sucked the glow of life from her. She thinks her uber-douche husband from one of the shittiest bands of this generation is a genius. And her lame movies and obnoxious personality seems to be negating the fact that she admittingly does take really good care of herself.

    Betcha Brad sees these pics, hears her talk nowadays, and gives a private: “Phew! Dodged that bullet.”

  22. Gwyneth Paltrow Hollywood Star
    Commented on this photo:

    Um, are these some of the most unattractive photos of Gwinny-twat or is she just- not – aging – well…..????

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