Gwen Stefani’s Wax Statue Is Freakishly Accurate

December 9th, 2011 // 32 Comments

If there’s ever been any criticism of Gwen Stefani, it’s that she wears way too much makeup and after seeing how freakishly accurate a massive pile of shiny, caked-on wax looks like her, I don’t see how you can say she doesn’t. Case in point, a horned up version of myself from 1998 just traveled to the future and tried to fuck it, that’s how close it resembles her. On that note, 1998 me also tried to meet now me, only to wind up being shot in the face by yours truly because I’m pretty sure if we met I’d somehow end up banging my mom. That’s usually how these things work. So if a talking horse shows up at your house rambling on about a “rupture in time” or some crazy shit, let’s all agree it was unavoidable.

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  1. Bianca

    Huh, I never knew people criticized her for wearing too much makeup (although guys tend to dislike bright red lipstick), I thought they just criticized her for having no chest.

  2. Smapdi

    What I criticize is the lack of ass shots of Gwen. I decry it, in fact! C’mon Gwen, show us what your working with! Also, to me it looks like her wax figure just smelled a fart or somthing.

  3. Venom

    This might be the best looking wax statue I have ever seen and I have no criticisms of Gwen, I think she always looks great.

  4. kj

    is it wrong that i want to rape this statue?

    • General Disarray

      I think it’s wrong that you want to rape anything and doubly so when it’s a wax figure.

  5. Gwen Stefani Wax Figure
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow, better than some of there other recent candles!

  6. Donald Trump

    She looks like she just shit her pants.

  7. SIN

    Read that article again. The writer wants to fuck the younger version of his mother.

  8. cc

    I saw something like that in the Tunnel of Horrors at the amusement park. Seriously, they managed to make her look like a clammy version of the living dead.

  9. duder


  10. Jon and Kate plus Hate

    The real Gwen has a very hairy lower back area, Does this wax version have that?……no….no back hair……. Not accurate

  11. I totally would.

  12. Grand Dragon

    Yes, i would fuck that statue

  13. Bee Bee

    She has such an amazing figure, but at least she was honest and told everyone its hard to maintain her physique.

  14. forrest gump

    alway’s the same sickmaking look with red lipstick of this 25 dollar-cent-madonna lookalike!!!!!!!!

  15. bo

    she does wear too much makeup, but she has an amazing body.

  16. Gwen Stefani Wax Figure
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    so creepy lol

    it looks exactly like her

  17. marie

    She wears too much makeup, her hair is fried blonde…no appeal here but she is in good shape.

  18. readyneddy

    Heavy make up is part of her look/style. Fools.

  19. 69-R. Matheiu

    Wax statues is usually failing situation as hell.

  20. Gwen Stefani Wax Figure
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