Gwen Stefani’s Wax Statue Is Freakishly Accurate

If there’s ever been any criticism of Gwen Stefani, it’s that she wears way too much makeup and after seeing how freakishly accurate a massive pile of shiny, caked-on wax looks like her, I don’t see how you can say she doesn’t. Case in point, a horned up version of myself from 1998 just traveled to the future and tried to fuck it, that’s how close it resembles her. On that note, 1998 me also tried to meet now me, only to wind up being shot in the face by yours truly because I’m pretty sure if we met I’d somehow end up banging my mom. That’s usually how these things work. So if a talking horse shows up at your house rambling on about a “rupture in time” or some crazy shit, let’s all agree it was unavoidable.

Photos: Splash News

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