Gwen Stefani in a Bikini

May 16th, 2011 // 29 Comments

We’ve got an asshole-load of bikini photos to get to this morning, so let’s get Gwen Stefani out of the way considering these are technically only half of her in a bikini, and she’s either talking on the phone or parenting which are probably the two least sexy things a woman can do in front of a man. At this point, these shots might as well be of her menstruating, or worse, shopping which sounded way less dark in my head. That was uncalled for.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, INFdaily, Pacific Coast News, Splash News


  1. daphne


  2. Gwen Stefani Bikini
    No Kidding
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    She is one hot as hell 41 year old. She’s two days shy of a year younger than me. She and Jennifer Aniston obviously come from superior gene pools if they look that good in their forties. Gwen has flawless skin tone and is in exquisite shape. I would love to have a chance with either of them, or a reasonable facsimile for that matter.

  3. the captain

    pssssssst: HER ASS IS FAT THAT’S WHY THE DRESS, folks!!

  4. Veronica

    She’s still getting the job done.

  5. Cock Dr

    This is a woman who is 100% aware that she was going to be photographed as soon as she set foot on the deck. It’s as staged as a Vogue Cannes fashion shoot.

  6. I’ve always loved Gwen. She’s the coolest chick and is still hot 20 yrs in her career & 2 kids later.

  7. I’d like the skirt of it wasn’t riding her pube line.

  8. oh i know

    amen, sister! gwen runs circles around chicks half her age!! she is a music & fashion icon and looks amazing!!

  9. Gwen Stefani Bikini
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  10. You rarely hear me say this…but she needs breast implants.

    • J

      She never would. High fashion looks better with a small chest. Put great clothes on Pam Anderson and she still looks like a low class hooker with those ugly melons. Get a clue.

  11. NG

    Hot and classy. Yes sir.

  12. “What do you mean they died in transport?… No, I paid for them to be shipped two in a crate, not four. Do you know how fucking expensive it’s getting for me to constantly replace those Harajuku girls?”

  13. k8

    You guys are crazy!!!! She looks AMAZING!!!! This woman has had two children and her body is WAY better than 95% of 20 year olds in the country!!! that’s unbelievable….

  14. Pippy Longcockings

    She’s definitely giving ME a Stiffani!

  15. Gwen Stefani Bikini
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    Wow, just beautiful.

  16. Gwen Stefani Bikini
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    Thats great, they all look happy. Lucky them

  17. Gwen Stefani Bikini
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    “Don’t speak, I know what you’re thinking…hello?”

  18. Gwen Stefani Bikini
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    Gwen – So your guy doesn’t like you if you look like yourself?

    He says he’ll only stay with you if you’re always fully made up and looking like someone else.

    Girl, cut yourself loose from this fool!

  19. Gwen Stefani Bikini
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    “Yes, is this Iveski’s mom? I just wanted to say thank you sooo much for lending me your living room drapes. They fit beautifully. Oh, and your son is an ass. Bye!”

  20. Gwen Stefani Bikini
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    She looks like a bird. Grow some boobs Gwen.

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