Guess Whose Lawyer Lied About Her Being In Rehab?

“Arrest warrant? Aw, that’s adorable, muah, that’s for you Cali!”

Posted by Photo Boy

Yesterday Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer put on a display of legal maneuvering I believe the Romans once called “a tremendous pile of bullshit” by not only lying about his client’s whereabouts, but also convincing the judge to let her go to an unlicensed treatment facility. While that was going down as Lindsay was supposed to be entering rehab, in reality she was out shopping and begging for old lawyer to come back. TMZ:

So Lindsay and her team spent the better part of Thursday convincing Holley to come back on board. And, we’ve learned, clearly a glutton for punishment, Holley agreed.

Supposedly Lindsay never wanted to go to Morningstar, the unlicensed rehab, but was convinced by her lawyer, according to sources I’m assuming are her “team.” I’m not positive that’s the correct term for a cocaine dealer and johns, but wow, are her excuses ridiculous. Anyway, now she’s at Betty Ford again, where she’s already attacked the staff during a previous stint, and her old lawyer, Shawn Holley, has convinced prosecutors not to issue an arrest warrant for violating the terms of her plea deal. I know this shit is complicated and for those of you out there who aren’t fans of reading don’t worry, this is all covered in my soon to be released documentary Blowback: How The State Of California Descended Into Chaos Because Of One Insatiable Throat.