Greg Giraldo Dead at 44 (1965 – 2010)

September 29th, 2010 // 87 Comments
RIP Greg Giraldo

Five days after being found in a hotel room where he accidentally overdosed on prescription pills, comedian Greg Giraldo died today, according to TMZ:

A source said the overdose was not a suicide attempt.
Giraldo was best known for his celebrity roast appearances. He had also been a judge on “Last Comic Standing.”
A source close to Greg tells us, “Greg passed away today at the hospital in New Brunswick as a result of an accidental overdose. His family was by his side.”

Even though I’ve always been a fan, I don’t want to whitewash the fact a (apparent) drug addiction just left a wife and kids behind by getting all sentimental. However, I think I speak for all of us when I say, “How the fuck is Lindsay Lohan still alive?! C’mon!”

Rest in Peace, Greg.

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  1. boom!


    • KennyRogersRoasters

      When Cory Haim died the Supe Writer talked massive amounts of shit about how he was a drug addict and pissed off nearly everyone that read it. It turns out his death wasn’t even drug related. Now this guy is a drug addict and od’s and dies, yet the Supe Writer suddenly becomes a sympathetic soul. Two faced MF’r…

  2. Taz

    That is sad, he was a funny dude.

  3. Cock Dr

    Moderation in all things.
    Very sad….RIP

  4. Ryan

    Man, what a bummer. “Good Day to Cross a River” is one of the funniest comedy albums ever. The guy was very talented and will be missed.

    • Footclan

      “Good day to cross a river” was fucking hillarious!
      This is very sad news…

      • Gucci

        At least he won’t have to worry about his ball dipping in the toilet water anymore.

        I will be thinking of him when I finally land that sweet leaf blowing gig for 30 cents/ hour.

        Greg, I tip my Mrs. Pac Man hat to you.

  5. John Galt

    inb4 somebody makes a comment lamenting how “disrespectful you are towards the dead!”

    PS I love it, never change!

  6. Marc

    sad news indeed

  7. smoke weed, eat, sleep, repeat…

  8. nob

    He was really funny, he was one of those comedians that were not annoying at all, like that as$hole with the puppets Jeff Dunham
    I actually liked his stuff, SH!T Why are the good ones dying WHY THE FCK
    WHY GOD WHY!!!
    this is such a downer

  9. Dan

    Shame, his career was actually beginning to flourish–after famously being known for years at roasts for being a consistently hilarious comedian with nothing to ever show for it but more roasts.

    You celebrities and your drugs.

    • sasafrasatata

      Yeah if by being booked for the next 3 roasts is flourishing you’re right! R.I.P Greg I enjoyed your comedy.

  10. Chardman

    First Robert Schimmel, now Greg. I really liked them both, and it sucks that they’re gone. And you know how these things always happen in threes. So for Greg, I just wanna say…

    C’mon Carrot Top!!!

    • Bow Down Assholes

      Fuck carrot top. I’m thinking Dane Cook. PLEASE!

      • GravyLeg

        Artie Lang for the win.

        I am convinced the grim reaper has been trying to pick him off with a sniper rifle but has an eye condition and epilepsy… hence the wide shots that got Shimmel and Giraldo.

  11. Anonymous

    Sound like a time for roast, he never had one.

  12. Marco

    I forgot about this guy but he was damn funny. Just saw a clip to refresh my memory, and it made my day.


  13. Zee Brat

    That is so sad. RIP Greg.

  14. Stick to weed & the occasional beer……because those pills & powders will kill ya.
    Comedians seem to have these problems more than any group in the entertainment industry. The pressure to be funny night after night must be crushing to the human soul.

  15. GravyLeg

    Dipshit asshole.
    Funny guy but still….

  16. GravyLeg

    And how is it that Artie Lang is still alive?

  17. I guess he won’t be the last comic standing.

    …too soon?

  18. Garrett

    I’m SO bummed to hear this… He was my favorite Roaster on all the events, great comedian. Not many have the quick delivery/awesome jokes/intelligence he did… What a blow to the stand up world, he is really really going to be missed…

  19. Ryan

    Good riddance.
    Was a shitty comedian anyways.

  20. That Guy

    Terrible day. An amazing comedian. Great style in all.

  21. Dank

    You really are a prick Fish. Did it ever occur to you that people don’t choose to become addicts? Even if this guy had been in rehab before there’s always a chance for relapse. Stop thinking people make choices to be addicted to drugs. Dick!

    • Fishstix

      If I had the money to be a drug addict, I probably would choice.
      Sadly I don’t even have the money to get started.
      Woe is me.

    • mcfeely smackup

      that’s true, sometimes drugs just leap out of dark alleys and force themselves onto unsuspecting people. they call this “drug rape”, and it happens all the time. Next thing you know, someone who never took a drug in their life is a junkie addict.

      Actually, people DO choose to be addicts. They may not say “today I’m going to addict myself”, they just do everything that leads up to that inevitable conclusion. Like someone who jumps off a cliff and says “I never meant to hit the ground”.

      Funny guy, but junkie is as junkie does. Stop making excuses for them.

      • dankdumbbutt

        HAHA..I hate when I get attacked by drugs in dark alleys!!! (so true)
        Dank, sir, you are ignorant. People need to take RESPONSIBILITY for their actions and stop blaming it on circumstances. Circumstances can make things more difficult for people, but ULTIMATELY it is a decision, a responsibility!

    • refried

      Dank – Every addict chooses to become an addict. I’d add a joke in here but, you’re too stupid to understand it anyway.

    • Nerd

      Oh great, another one of these dipshits that thinks addiction is a “disease”.

      These stupid fucks make the accomplishments of real recovered addicts that much more important. I’m not fat, stoned, drunk, lazy or stupid, it’s a disease!
      On the plus side, I love telling stupid fucks that think addiction is a disease that I am a cancer survivor. They just look at the ground and forget how to speak, since I just took their fucked sense of values and shit all over it.

  22. Chris

    That’s a shame, he was a good ass comedian. RIP Greg.

  23. skip

    comedian mitch hedberg over dosed on some ish too. crazy.

  24. Harley

    This sucks. I thought he was hilarious, especially on the many roasts he did. Did it ever come out on what he OD’ed on? I mean, it could have been a simple prescription he was prescribed, and he accidentally doubled/trippled up one day. I wouldn’t really call him an addict just yet. Regardless, R.I.P. Greg.

  25. You don’t accidentally overdose. You either accidentally take too much because you’re trying to get really high or you try to commit suicide.

  26. Jim

    Very sad, one of the funniest comedians out there. He was divorced, so I wouldn’t say he left his wife behind. Only his child, which is still very sad.

  27. The only Hetero in this Joint

    There are two things you can count on for bringing the Funny: The Comedy Central Roasts and Fish here at The Superficial.

    R.I.P. Greg – you were one funny f*cker and even dead you are still funnier than 99% of the shit I see on TV (Are you listening Mike & Molly?)!

  28. Dank

    Or you forget you already took it so you take more. It happens, believe me

  29. That’s really sad. He was so funny. I wonder if it was really accidental, or if he was really trying to kill himself and they are just saying it was an accident.

  30. lux

    RIP. Talent will be missed. Let us take this time to hold onto the comedians we still hold dear. Time to hug my Patton Oswalt bear.

  31. Just a fan

    Greg @ The Flavor Flav roast. FUNNY as hell!

  32. Fooku

    RIP. Great Talent Lost.

  33. puddleduck

    Only the good die young…. especially when they can’t stay away from the dope.

  34. FiveOh

    If he could have just got his shit together he might have been one of the greats. It’s a sad day for comedy.

  35. Bow Down Assholes

    The dude was funny, especially the Pam Anderson jokes. That being said, how in the fuck do you “accidentally” overdose on ‘scripts. the fucking dosage instructions are right on the goddamn bottle. Just saying.

    • Nerd

      Great point! Most addicts follow those instructions to the letter, so I don’t know how this would happen. You know, the same way smokers take those warnings on their cigarettes seriously?


  36. Emily

    This sucks but seriously, who is actually surprised? Tell anyone he died and have them guess how it happened and the first thing they’ll guess is a drug overdose.

  37. SIN

    No loss here. Mediocre talent, bombing at comedy clubs with only an occasional funny line. Copied from everyone, no originality.

  38. Diana

    So So sad i feel like there will be less laughter in my life now.Always enjoyed seeing him on the roasts. God bless you greg may you rest in peace.

  39. captain america


  40. kidchaos

    Very sad. I really enjoyed his comedies. RIP!!!!

  41. L

    It’s true, why are the losers like Lohan and the douche Pratts still kicking and the good guys kick the bucket?

  42. Anon

    Why nothing about Tony Curtis, Fish?????

  43. GravyLeg

    Roast In Peace

  44. Rhialto

    May you rest in peace Greg Giraldo.

  45. Alamander


  46. Go O'Donnell Yourself!

    Many of my favorite artists have substance abuse issues. I’m not going to judge them for that. Greg Giraldo was a great comedian, and that’s what I loved him for. Not the way he lived his life. Honestly, I don’t care how he lived his life. It’s none of my business.

    Greg Giraldo always made me laugh. I never switched the channel when he was performing. It’s very sad that we will not get anymore of his unique take on life.

    Rest In Peace Greg Giraldo. It was fun while it lasted.

  47. Armando

    Greg Giraldo always made me laugh when I watched him, is there a better compliment? Rest in Peace.

  48. really sad. this guy was funny, and anyone who says different doesn’t know from funny. every roast he ever did, he was right on the money. the shatner roast comes to mind, in particular. but they were all good. i had no idea the guy had drug problems. but many comedians have problems with depression (which is why they go into comedy, to overcompensate or whatever) and wind up self-medicating. but enough with the half-assed psychoanalysis. he was very talented and will be very very missed.

  49. Giomon_Rocks

    Wow, that’s a total bummer. With all these unfunny comedians walking around, it makes me sad that one as funny as Giraldo kicks the bucket.

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