Grandpa Spears demonstrates crazy is hereditary

February 4th, 2008 // 82 Comments

Britney Spears’ grandfather June Austin Spears spoke to NY Daily News about Jamie Lynn and how her mother Lynne is handling the situation – which is poorly:

“Lynne keeps Jamie Lynn hidden,” June, 77, told us, referring to Britney’s mom and her knocked-up li’l sis.
“[Lynne is] in denial about the pregnancy. She thinks it’s just going to go away, but it’s not. It’s going to get bigger and bigger.”

Then, being the true Southern gentleman, June said he’d never vote for Barack Obama (I wonder why?) and talked about his love for guns:

We asked Grandpa Spears what he thought of Sen. Barack Obama, and let’s just say, ahem, his views are consistent with many white Southern gentlemen of his generation. Moving swiftly on!
“I don’t have a gun permit. I keep it under the front seat of my truck,” he told us. And what about those rumors that he’s shot at a few reporters?
There was an ominous silence. “Maybe I have, maybe I haven’t.”

Ha! Racist old men with guns are adorable. I don’t care what anyone says. That shit is precious. I mean, just because they’re senile doesn’t mean they’ll randomly open fire. Wait, it does? Yikes. Okay, everyone stay calm. I may have kind of given my grandfather a .38 to play with while he walked to the drug store. My bad. We ran out of prune juice. He was feeling kind of down. I thought it might cheer him up. Which it did, but only after he shot my “sumbitch Jap car.” The joke’s on him though. I drive a Powers Wheels.


  1. Sid

    No, she got pregnant the old fashioned way. She tried to suck the cock of an older white gentleman who could give her a break in show biz, but she got confused about which opening was which, which only made matters worse when she tried to impress him with her commitment by “swallowing.”

  2. Burungi

    This was a quote from NY News Daily:

    “We asked Grandpa Spears what he thought of Sen. Barack Obama, and let’s just say, ahem, his views are consistent with many white Southern gentlemen of his generation.”

    To #17 etc. The Superficial guy didn’t write that quote, the interviewer for that paper did. Let’s review it – “Let’s just say his views are consistent with many white Southern gentlemen of his generation.” That implies that he made racist remarks. No one is pulling this out of their asses, we’re just going by what the interviewer implies happened. He’s implying that this grandpa June made remarks saying that he wouldn’t vote for Obama and skin color had something to do with it. Seriously, is that so hard to believe? Just look at these boards. EVERY time there is a black person posted, there are racist comments and now, when we’re talking about an old piece of shit white bigot, no one seems particularly offended and several people are actually defending him saying “not voting for Barack isn’t racist” like that’s all the Superficial post/quote said. It’s like, shut up, get over your ignorant f**king biases and vote for the right person. Do you really think another 8 years of Bush is good for this country or the world?

  3. dildo

    Really you get pregnant by sucking cock???

  4. #52 Thank you. Finally an intelligent comment.

  5. D. Richards (Neo-Racist.)

    #45? Frist, shut-the fuck-up and mind your own goddamn business, you middle-aged.

    If I didn’t know any better, I’d think that you’re fixated on Dick — Me, I know you’re a compulsive orifice.

  6. Burungi

    Case in point, #50

  7. nipolian

    If you want to see things get really fucked up in this country…….vote for Monica Lewinski’s ex-boyfriend’s wife.

  8. yep, ura dildo

    “she got confused about which opening was which”

    missed that part, didja?

  9. mamadough

    everytime i hear some asshole being rascist, i always think of ‘blazing saddles’, and the black sheriff in a white robe asking, ‘hey, where are all the white women at?” goodtimes….

  10. Doomhammer

    I kept reading and reading and reading and waiting on the crazy part. Never came across it. Sounds like the old man is my kind of guy.

    He thinks his daughter and granddaughters are ignorant and he understands that we kill men named Obama, not elect them!!

    And permits? We dont need no stinking permits !!

  11. Auntie Kryst

    @52 Another 8 years of Bush, what? Who the hell rewrote the Constitution, and when? I guess I was passed out again.

  12. #55 why don’t you come over here and make me?? Besides, I’m not middle aged, I don’t plan to live that long. You know you are secretly in love with me..

  13. Fox Nudes

    I was watching the news over the weekend and with Super Tues coming up they had lots on likely voters in the 24 states that will vote tomorrow. In the southern states, there were lots of folks eager to get on camera and say “Obama-Osama” with a smirk (and getting instant laughter and clapping in response). There are plenty of reasons to disagree with Obama politically and not vote for him on that basis, but lots of people actually believe he’s “secretly Muslim” and won’t vote for him on that basis. Fox News has helped out a lot by repeatedly airing the “story” about how it was alleged that he grew up abroad being taught in a radical Muslim schools (madrassa). The allegation was published in a magazine owned by Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church – yes, the “Moonies”. It would have died, except Fox News keeps picking it back up, especially now as some mindless potential voters keep repeating it like parrots. So that’s our country.

  14. Why do I keep picturing Grampa as John Torturro in Secret Garden?

  15. Theatre Queenie


    Seriously. That has to be the gayest backwoods white trash name I ever heard. Did he used to strip?

  16. mamadough

    i hate hearing those imbred southern retards talk about how the “south will rise again”…ha! i think in my head, man, i would love to see these backwood white assholes try to enslave the black man now. they would practically have to make murder legal for a short time.

    p.s. not that you give a shit, but i like obama. just because his name sounds muslim, doesn’t mean that he is. if the pope was named pizzapussysanta, would people still listen to him? i don’t know if that helps my cause…but i just wanted to say pizzapussysanta….

  17. Pixie

    lol “sumbitch jap car” lol…my g-pa calls them “rice burners”. heh It will be really interesting to see how he votes this election cycle…he was all for John Edwards….he’s pretty consistently democratic, but I have a hard time seeing him pull the lever for a woman or a black man…not saying it can’t be done, but still…..he doesn’t like Romney or McCain either…says McCain is older than God, and Romney is a phony and he won’t vote rep. anyways.

  18. Dick Richards

    Yeah, Frist, whatever. (What you wearing?)

    You know that feeling when your balls are boiling? Yeah.

  19. Dick Richards

    Frist, no I’m not; don’t flatter yourself. I’m a fully self-contained unit. Sex is weakness.

    (What you wearing?)

  20. Erect D. Richards

    Frist, agh… Are you naked?

    (Someone is showing me attention!)

  21. mamadough

    #70, go stick your dick in a bowl of mashed potatoes…with butter

  22. Ray Doggy Dogg

    The whole gender-bending name thing with the Spears patriarchs has got to factor into the resulting dysfunction that is the Spears family. Can’t wait for Uncle Betsy to sound off on this…

  23. madhatter

    I don’t know if anyone noticed, but that is a GED book in her hands, pretty smart kid.

  24. it’s like britney holding the self-help books. it’s just for show. they don’t actually *read*, silly!

  25. andyalsg

    I am so excited .. I just found her profile on the celebrities and wealthy club “”. she posted the same photo there. did you see it?

  26. I really hope it turns out that the father was actually black.

    It would make my LIFE.

  27. Fredflintstoned

    I dont want no coon or broad for prez. nobody votes for democrats except women coons and fags!

  28. lineone


  29. Clem

    If I was called June I’d keep a gun under the seat of my car too. Why not change it to Elizabeth and be more manly?


    Get your save Britney t-shirt


  31. granpaspearsisawesome

    I like that guy. Too bad common sense isn’t hereditary.

  32. ASF

    Hmmm maybe he just isn’t into liberal policy, that doesn’t make him racist. I’m a woman, but there’s no way I’d vote for Hillary, does that mean I’m anti-feminist?

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