GOLDEN GLOBES: One Dinklage To Rule Them All

While he didn’t walk out onstage struttin’ like a pimp thanks to being forced to navigate a sea of chairs because the Golden Globes clearly has an anti-midget agenda – Case in point: Where was Tom Cruise last night? – here’s Peter Dinklage accepting his award for Best Supporting Actor for Game of Thrones even though he should’ve won Best Actor in All Your Fucking Faces, but I digress. The Dinklage also did a little activism last night because, true story, little people’s hearts are twice the size of humans’. Google it. Via Mediaite:

While accepting his Golden Globe award for the series Game of Thrones, actor Peter Dinklage told viewers that he’s keeping a man named Martin Henderson in his thoughts, urging those who didn’t recognize the name to “Google him.”
Henderson, for those who might be Googling him tonight, is an Englishman and a little person who recently survived an attack while celebrating his 37th birthday last October. Henderson had been standing outside the White Horse pub in Wincanton, Somers when he was grabbed and thrown into the air by a fellow patron, landing on his back. He suffered nerve damage in his spine and, as a result, may never walk again.

For the record, The Superficial does not endorse dwarf tossing, however it does endorse grabbing random strangers at Starbucks and squealing, “Ohmygod look at his little tie!” into their faces first thing in the morning. Because, seriously, look at his little tie!

Photos: Getty