‘Glee’ GQ Photo Shoot ‘Borders on Pedophilia’

October 20th, 2010 // 101 Comments

The Glee photo shoot featured in the November issue of GQ is facing criticism from the Parents Television Council. The group recently chastised Miley Cyrus for her “Who Owns My Heart” video and Taylor Momsen on the cover of Revolver which, of course, made sense. (Although to a lesser extent with Taylor Momsen because she wasn’t the lynchpin of an entire franchise aimed at 12-year-olds. Plus who the hell is she?) But now they’re going a tad overboard by labeling the GQ shoot as “pedophilia” in an official statement:

“It is disturbing that GQ, which is explicitly written for adult men, is sexualizing the actresses who play high school-aged characters on ‘Glee’ in this way. It borders on pedophilia. Sadly, this is just the latest example of the overt sexualization of young girls in entertainment,” said PTC President Tim Winter.
“Many children who flocked to ‘High School Musical’ have grown into ‘Glee’ fans. They are now being treated to seductive, in-your-face poses of the underwear-clad female characters posing in front of school lockers, one of them opting for a full-frontal crotch shot. By authorizing this kind of near-pornographic display, the creators of the program have established their intentions on the show’s direction. And it isn’t good for families.”

These people might actually have a point if Lea Michele and Dianna Agron weren’t both, oh I dunno, 24. Also, I’m pretty sure young girls aren’t picking up copies of GQ that don’t have Robert Pattinson on the cover, but back to my original point. Here’s the definition of pedophilia via Wikipedia:

As a medical diagnosis, pedophilia (or paedophilia) is typically defined as a psychiatric disorder in adults or late adolescents (persons age 16 and older) characterized by a primary or exclusive sexual interest in prepubescent children (generally age 13 years or younger, though onset of puberty may vary)

I’m about to blow the Parent Television Council’s mind here, but high school seniors are 18. Some even 19. Now whether it’s right or wrong to date one is between you and the end of her father’s shotgun, but there’s absolutely nothing deviant about 24-year-old women dressed like high school cheerleaders. That’s practically the bread and butter of the entire porn industry which I probably shouldn’t be using as an example in this case. Let’s try another approach: At least boys are looking at these women in a heterosexual manner instead of studying evolution like a pack of homosexuals. Amirite? High five me, Jesus.

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Photo: GQ/Terry Richardson


  1. Atomic Punk

    First! Oh and the PTC sucks hairy monkey balls

  2. fckh8

    “At least boys are looking at these women in a heterosexual manner instead of studying evolution like a pack of homosexuals.”

    oh Fish, I know you didn’t mean this the way it sounds, but you might want to rethink this statement. Be a friend to the gays.

  3. FruitLoop

    Hmmm, that Lea chick reminds of that old 80′s porn star Tori Wells. Though she was a latina and not…….jewish?

  4. These pictures a just horrible. I think the editor should send me all of pictures taken I will destroy then. I will need all them… Even the out takes. GQ should be ashamed of themselves…

  5. Lady Blah Blah

    “And it isn’t good for families,” says the Parents Television Council.

    Actually, it’s good for the male libido, without which there wouldn’t be families or parents or a Parents Television Council.

  6. Also the pics were about as seductive as a fuckin sears catalog. One day when im fuhrer of this great nation im expelling all these puritans to the middle east..

  7. Naked Chicks Rule

    It’s the PTC’s job to be offended or upset over something.

    And fckh8, the SW is making a joke about the PTC not being a friend to the gays (and being stupid creationists as well). Yes, it is true: people can turn homophobia into humor w/o being homophobic themselves.

  8. Lea Michele from Glee Poses for GQ
    Commented on this photo:

    abso babe

  9. This WAS a rather predictable reaction to the photos…in fact, I referred to it just yesterday: http://www.thesuperficial.com/those-chicks-from-glee-are-in-gq-10-2010#comment-5067862

    But like I said yesterday, since only homosexual men read GQ, these girls are not being posed in sexual fashion.

    • Drew

      Saying they’re not posed in a sexual fashion is a blatant lie, but good thing for you that’s not the point. They are posed in a sexual fashion, the point they are trying to make is that it somehow influences their target audience (younger kids, mainly girls) to act like sluts, which is ridiculous. I explain my thoughts on the use of pedophilia below.

      Pedophiles have a very distinct “fantasy” and the sheer fact of knowing these girls are not underage kills that fantasy. These images aren’t going to spike a sudden urge of dudes wanting to bang underage girls anymore than the internet already has.

      These images are not exposing children to any more volatile type imagery surrounding their favorite actors and actresses than what is already readily available on every single magazine stand in the world (let alone the internet). These organizations are irrational fucks that have failed so bad at their own parenting, that they think they need to pull the reins in on something they themselves couldn’t handle as parents.

      Relating this to pedophilia, to me, is nothing more than a scary word to get their point heard. It’s similar to labeling someone with rape. These organizations pray on people with below average intelligence that lack common sense. The ones that believe everything they read.

      If anything is destructive, it’s organizations like this perpetuating their irrational behavior and taking advantage of people that lack the ability to think for themselves.

      • AJ

        they should be worried less about exposing young girls, and more about normalizing sex with young girls to grown ass men.

        the problem isn’t tha women are sexy – the problem is that men are being trained to find younger and younger looking women sexy, and crossing into becoming predators.

        beginning with Britney and “American Beauty”, continuing into Miley Cyrus and Taylor Momsen and this Glee issue, men are being trained to jack it to images of little kids, like Pavlov’s dogs. then they want grown women to shave bare, and then we’re seeing them on “To Catch A Predator”.

        tell me i’m not right!

      • Mike Walker

        You are correct AJ, and Drew is a queer trying to rationalize his lust for little boy buttholes.

    • ___

      Hey Drew, shut the fuck up. All you do is read other people’s posts and comment on them. Nobody likes a wise ass know-it-all. Fucking douchebag.

      • Clive

        AJ is very correct. The problem here is not the magazine or the models who are over 21. The problem here is once more selling to fat middle aged dudes the image of sexualized schoolgirls. No wonder there are so many young girls who are raped and killed, usually by sick dudes like that. What happened to finding a woman your age seductive? I have known men over 40 who only want to date 20 somethings (as if). Men who pride themselves in having a younger girlfriend (even if they are dog ugly). Can you imagine a magazine for grown women selling the image of sexy teenage boys? Will we have a generation of cougars lusting over their daughters’ boyfriends? Yes, American Beauty explored that, and I have seen fat ass 50 + old men checking out very young teenagers a$$. We don’t need to encourage that. If the 24 year olds want to pose semi-nude it’s fine, but don’t emulate young school girls.

  10. itsme.

    I think Lea Michele is SO hot. Regular girl hot. I understand anybody saying that she’s not, but I think she’s unreal.

    • eatme

      I agree completely. If you were to line up the girls she is not the one you would pick, but once she starts doing her thing (the sulking and wild mood swings) it’s like, captivating. But damn she got skinny for season 2. too skinny.

    • fatguyinalittleshirt

      agreed. girl next door hot.

    • Green

      Man I bet she get’s some cunt sized boogers up that schnoz though!~

  11. Rick

    The core Glee audience is already molesting boys. Looking at this photo shoot would make them feel sick.

  12. you dumb assholes

    She is not sexy at all. Cute, but not sexy.

    The actors are all in their mid 20′s, how is that pedophilia? Bunch of prudes.

  13. Objac

    These girls are 24, I want to fuck them. This is legal. I.E. NOT PEDOPHILIA

  14. Rough skills & power tools

    “Parents Television Council” Id like to know whats in their home computer’s hard drive…Yes, start cleaning up P.T.C. I just gave the FBI agents who troll this site an idea….

    • Cock Dr

      Anything illegal found on their hard drives will be explained as “materials for research”.
      I’m sure the PTC leadership is researching hard & often.

  15. Mick

    Should I seek help? It turns out my interest in 20 year old girls borders on pedophilia. Maybe I’ll just turn my self into the Cyberpolice.

  16. Amy

    Who wants me to talk about my implants again? Raise your hands! I’m feeling lonely today and need to feel relevant.

    • HackSaw

      Call me.

    • Vito

      Ya got implants? Oh, mannnn, Amy…whatcha do that for? You were perfect just the way you were. Now you’re just *almost* perfect.

      Now I’m bummed. Time to eat.

    • Tommy Lee's Cock

      Funny when people talk shit about implants. Usually they either: (a) wack it to women with fake boobs or (b) jealous because they don’t have fake or awesome boobs.

  17. Glee Criticized by Parents Television Council
    Commented on this photo:

    Thanks PTC for doing your part to boost “Glee” TV ratings.
    These girls are legal. Yes the teen theme dress up probably skeeves some people out. Get over it.

  18. Tired of right wing groups raining on everyone’s parade!

    Check out more of my thoughts and all of today’s celeb gossip at RobbyNovasPopWorld(dot)com!

  19. eatme

    Right, the thing about glee is that it is most definitely not written for 12-year old girls, which is the show’s problem: it doesn’t know who it is written for.

    Granted, a good portion of each episode is taken up with cheesy singing/dancing routines, but what’s in between is what I love about glee. The writing is like Grease. Or Scrubs. Or the Simpsons. Ie. the double entendres fly over the younger audiences head but the rest of us think “wow, I can’t believe they just said that”.

    Sadly, the world being what it is, this kind of press WILL succeed in taking out the spirit of the show and all that will be left pretty soon is the lame singing/dancing routines.

  20. Kirsten

    The only episode of Glee that I’ve seen had two of the cheerleaders making out and talking about scissoring and one of the cheerleaders taking the kid in the wheelchair’s virginity. These pics really don’t seem to be breaking any new ground sexually than the show already has.

    • Paige

      The show also covered sex during the Madonna episode. And you can’t tell me the writhing and sexualzatons they did during the Britney episode are better. Worse, and I LOVE the show. Santanna was rubbing her cooch in a guy’s face during one song.

      Plus, considering another main character (Quinn) got pregnant by sleeping [drunk] with another dude and then lying to her boyfriend about it – the show is not moral and pure and chaste as PTC thinks. The show is set in a high school and they sing/dance. That is about the ONLY thing that is geared towards the PG-13 crowd. The rest is very much youth/mature audience.

  21. People (read: the PTC) are fucking stupid.

  22. molly

    they trollllliiiinnnn

  23. Rhino Plastic

    skank needs a serious nose job. not photogenic.

  24. Anon

    Why is America so scared of people who like feet?

  25. Jack Mykokov

    You say “pedophilia” like it’s a bad thing.

  26. Glenn Beck

    if this is pedophilia then sign me up immediately

  27. Born on The 4th of July

    I didn’t turn 18 until a month and a half after HS graduation.

  28. Tarlga

    Ermmm this group knows that 90% of Glee fans are homosexual boys right?

    Fish makes a good point, do they really think high schooler’s and underage fans of Glee buy GQ?

  29. Spense

    That Lea Michelle is one hot piece of ass! I would bend her over and fuck that for hours!

    Wait, she’s not 12?

    Fuck that!

  30. Senior Pepe

    Well, just look at the pack of old bastards that are thier “Board”.
    Hey…. PAT FUKIN’ BOONE, no less!


  31. Lea Michele from Glee Poses for GQ
    Commented on this photo:

    I AM NOW A FAN!!! Her face is not so good but her body is delicious!!!

  32. jo

    Superficial, you’re a hilarious guy. Seriously funny. Don’t stop

  33. sobrietyisacrutch

    Reminds me of The Church Lady from SNL:
    (*singsong voice*): “Sluts and whores! Sluts and whores!”
    My 2 cents? She’s a 25 year old hot gal in a schoolgirl’s outfit. If a guy gets turned on by these pictures, whether he’s 14, 40 or 104, I say YEAH! That’s kinda what’s supposed to happen. I’d worry more if it were the quarterback turning them on.
    But then again, I am kinda weird that way.

  34. Lea Michele from Glee Poses for GQ
    Tony Y
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m really more offended by how awful the photography is. It’s like an entire generation of photographers want to poorly imitate David LaChapelle because they are talentless hacks. It was cool in 1992 but seriously, it’s 2010. I guess that just show how far GQ has fallen. I remember when it was a respected magazine for men, not a Details wannabe.

  35. Randal(l)

    I once tugged it to a porno that had a stuffed bear in the background, does that make me a pedophile…

  36. winston

    sometimes your writing is just brilliant

  37. korin

    puhleeease! these photos are saying loud and clear, plain and simple:

    “don’t you wanna fuck high school girls???!!!”

    loud and LOUD and cleeeeeeeeeaaaaaarrrrrr.

    Can’t you read?!

  38. MommaBear

    For those of you not in the know, the age of these actors is irrelevant. What matters is that they are posing as slutty high school girls, especially when this is a magazine targeted to adult men. Anyone who cannot understand this must be a male pedophile or a naive girl. Wise up already.

    • Lawlz

      The age of these actresses IS relevant. Apparently you’ve never seen the porno in which the high school girl gets banged by her teacher (see: 90% of porn).

    • Paige

      So is it pedophilia when a college girl or hot twenty-something puts on a schoolgirl or cheerleading outfit and acts slutty? She’s doing it to garner attention from adult men. It’s not the age or the setting – men like the ‘innocent/naive but secretly naughty and corruptible’ image. It’s about getting a woman to do something ‘naughty’ for him. [Ex. "Oh my, Bob, I've never done THAT before." "It's okay, Mary, let me tell you how..."]

      Have you seen the selection of Hallowwen costumes for adult women this year? Slutty Alice, Slutty pirate, Slutty Nurse, etc. Again, it’s not the age; I bet there will be plenty of cougars and MILFs running around as slutty cops or nurses. You could change the costumes of the GQ shoot to anything, it wouldn’t matter.

  39. lux

    “Borders on pedophilia” is the lamest accusation ever. I mean, if you think about it, to some degree, everything in the world borders on pedophilia.

    • Mike

      As society labels more and more things (like this) as pedophelia, before long, everything in the world really will border on pedophelia.

  40. berni

    Glee is not a show for children. People may or may not like the pictures, and that’s another topic, but I don’t know why people are making such a big deal about them. GQ is not a children’s magazine nor Glee is a kiddie show. The Parents Television Council should keep that in mind before saying anything.

    • berni

      I meant to say “Nor IS Glee…”. When I’m hungry, I make grammar mistakes, and I’m very hungry :P

  41. brit boys are cool

    The dark haired one is a butterface.

  42. SoWhat

    I’ve never actually seen an episode of Glee so I don’t know who any of the actors and actresses are, but the girl in the picture has a BANGIN’ body.

    I mean, come on, really. It’s okay to be gay, but you’d have to be gay to say no to that.

    Can’t say much for her face, but whatever. If you think her face is ugly, look at the ceiling when she’s sucking your dick. Not that she’d touch any of us anyway.

  43. Beth

    As someone who has first hand experience with pedophiles, this is a legal version of kiddie porn that pedophiles will enjoy. They are not high school girls, but they are dressed as high school girls in very suggestive poses. The only thing that would make this more appealing to a pedophile would be if the girls were actually pre-pubescent, but then they wouldn’t be able to purchase it legally and over the counter, so I’m sure they’ll take what they can get in this instance. Any woman who doesn’t look at these photographs and get a feeling that they are exploitive, if not in purpose than at least in spirit, probably has pretty low self esteem.

    Shame on those girls for thinking that they need to sell their bodies to get ahead, the fact that they are willing to sell themselves is exactly why actresses can’t rely on talent alone. We get it, they are young and hot and like sex. Does it need to be so graphic and in your face?

    • Brooke

      I have a huge ego and I don’t consider these photos exploitative because I don’t buy for a second they are actually high school girls. Nor do I think a pedophile would be even slightly interested in these women. The women aren’t even naked… or showing their bare breasts or anything. I think you might actually be a bigger prude than I am.

  44. Brooke

    I agree with the Miley Cryus and Taylor Momsen arguments, I think that shit ain’t cool, but I have no real problem with 24-year-olds dressing like pretend high school students. They aren’t particularly believable as high school students anyway…

    The only time it kind of freaks me out is here in Tokyo where they get really young looking girls and have happy ending bordellos where they all wear school girl uniforms. They are (usually) over 18, but since it’s not uncommon to see 14-year-olds in bikinis and wet t-shirts in wank magazines, it’s a bit disturbing. I think western culture does the schoolgirl fetish right– obvious adults in fake looking school girl uniforms? Hot. Girls who really look 14 in authentic school uniforms? Kinda creepy…

  45. I am not you

    The people that own the networks producing this filth do not have any moral interests. Their only concern is money. We owe them our money. They own us and have for a long long time and you fools need to wake the fuck up.

  46. Burt

    She looks like a scantily clad woman, not a high school girl.

  47. taylorswiftass

    a high school whore, encouraging the youngsters of glee to follow in her dirty foul fashion?

    • concerned

      I find this completely perverted and whoever is the “creative” person involved should be ordered a psychiatric evaluation.

  48. cc

    I wonder if it occurs to the PTC that if you go a beach there are young girls wearing bikinis that reveal as much or more than these photos. Perhaps there should be some sort of dress code.

    • Yep. We should all be wearing non-descript, grey, ankle-length robes. And hats. Definitely hats. Someone get the legislative branch on that, stat!

  49. ctti

    Besides the obvious fact that Lea “The Nose” Michele is trying way too hard in these photographs, the P.T.C. is just making itself look bad.

    They’re kicking up a fuss over the photo shoot because it sets a bad example for the many kids who watch Glee? This is another classic case of parents refusing to take responsibility for neglecting to educate their kids & conveniently blaming everything on the media. Glee, in the first place, is NOT for kids. It has sexual themes, homosexual references & a whole bunch of other plot details that make it unsuitable for kids, so the assholes in the P.T.C. might want to monitor what their kids are watching BEFOREHAND, instead of waiting till some photo shoot to become all self-righteous & indignant.

    And pedophilia? The FICTIONAL Glee characters are at least 16, the actresses in the shoot, 24. Again, it might be a good idea for the P.T.C. fuckers to teach their children the difference between fiction & reality.

  50. Lilybeth

    Sorry but Glee is not for children. I have a 10 year old who wants nothing more than to watch this show and guess what? I’m my child’s parent and get this….I don’t let her. It’s called PARENTING. I also wouldn’t buy GQ for her. Not really a tween or teen magazine. People need to step up and do what generations of humans have done for centuries now, and that is be the censor for your children.

    I think the most ignorant thing here is the homosexual joke in the write up. Now that is offensive.

    • ctti

      Uh…that was a joke. Besides, it’s more offensive to conservatives (& maybe, straight men, albeit to a lesser extent) than it is to gays.

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