Gilbert Gottfried Went For It

The Superficial | September 30, 2010 - 11:56 am

Almost immediately after Greg Giraldo’s death, Gilbert Gottfried took to Twitter to be the first to make an obvious joke about his late friend that ruffled a few oversensitive feathers. Even more surprising, Gilbert Gottfried uses Twitter:

If Greg Giraldo is cremated, will that be the “Greg Giraldo Roast”?

Look, I don’t want to sit here and pontificate like I’m some master student of comedy – which I’m clearly not – but had Gilbert actually made a funny joke, I doubt anyone would’ve made a stink. However, what’s really sad if not horribly depressing, is the fact Greg Giraldo is being predominantly written about as “Last Comic Standing Judge Greg Giraldo.” That’s like a respectable chef dying only to be remembered for the year he was forced to work at McDonald’s to support a drug habit.

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