Gilbert Gottfried Went For It

Almost immediately after Greg Giraldo’s death, Gilbert Gottfried took to Twitter to be the first to make an obvious joke about his late friend that ruffled a few oversensitive feathers. Even more surprising, Gilbert Gottfried uses Twitter:

If Greg Giraldo is cremated, will that be the “Greg Giraldo Roast”?

Look, I don’t want to sit here and pontificate like I’m some master student of comedy – which I’m clearly not – but had Gilbert actually made a funny joke, I doubt anyone would’ve made a stink. However, what’s really sad if not horribly depressing, is the fact Greg Giraldo is being predominantly written about as “Last Comic Standing Judge Greg Giraldo.” That’s like a respectable chef dying only to be remembered for the year he was forced to work at McDonald’s to support a drug habit.

Photo: Getty

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