Gigi Rivera: Charlie’s Angel #3

January 31st, 2011 // 82 Comments

While Charlie Sheen gets his usual treatment from the LAPD, Gigi Rivera has been revealed as the third porn star at his house during last week’s 36-hour bender, and there’s a disturbing and undeniable trend forming here. Namely Charlie hiring girls who look barely 13. Obviously, they’re not or I’d be getting Chris Hansen’d in the taint right now, but there’s no way there wasn’t a conscious pattern when he ordered them from a catalog and had them shipped to his house. If the fourth one turns out to be Miley Cyrus, I don’t see how anyone can act surprised at this point. In fact, I’ll be amazed if the next one even has breasts because, seriously, is Charlie Sheen allergic to them? Is that why he left Denise Richards? More importantly, did Bree Olson have to wear a HAZMAT suit when he was with her? Because I could see him being way into that.

Photos: Club Gigi Rivera (Extremely NSFW)


  1. SumitGill

    first again. no one likes you, superficial

  2. mamamiasweetpeaches

    First thing i thought as soon as the pic popped up was “oh yeah: he likes em to look real young”

    BUTTTT..the “irony” here is that theyre all porn stars so instead of feeling like tight virginal little girls Im sure it feels like youre throwin a cocktail weenie into The Holland Tunnel!

    • Charlie Sheen

      you obviously have no idea how vaginas work.

      smaller girls = tighter snatch, which is why charlie is smart enough to stay away from fat girls with saggy tits all over the place. it’s a well known fat that unless they throw a baby out of their cooch, smaller girls don’t “stretch out” over multiple uses. boobs < tight pussy, all day every day homo mommy boys.

  3. HumpinFrog

    Does Sheen like young boys or is he allergic to tits? Help me out.

    • **Sigh** is that all there is to a woman is her tits? So, if this chick got a boob job and clasped double D’s on her chest like a couple of bowling balls you’d find her more attractive?

      Quit dissing Charlie for the choice of woman he decides to fuck. I have no problems with him fucking a MILLION women if he wanted to. the boozing and Cocaine use is the concern. That stuff will kill him.

      • Yeah, I gotta say, I’m about as concerned with him dying as he is about me dying – which is to say, not at all.

      • maui

        fucck you Dante

        Boobs, even B-C cups are nice, even if boobs are not that big are fine

        THIS SO CALLED “PORN STARS” have NO TITS whatsoever, they are flatter than a 14 year old boy, I do agree that fake boobs can be ridiculous looking when too big,
        But this is the total opposite, There is nothing there to hold or suck on, he might as well be fucking really skinny emo boys

      • maui you like boobage, good for you. No I will not fuck you. My point was that BIG BOOBS are NOT necessarily attractive. B and C cups are fine, absolutely. these women do’t even have that, but to me, they are fine too. Personal prefernce. That’s all it is. Why the anger?

  4. She should have partied with him more. Maybe he’d have bought her some tits.

  5. Anda


  6. Happy Spillmore

    nice…the combined cup size of all 3 is about a 34b.

    Ive said it once, Ill say it again…

    1.8mil an episode, briefcase full of blow, mansion full of barelylegal, ball sucking, ass to mouth, cock garage sluts…

    You Sir Charlie, are the MAN!

  7. Mr Obvious

    Charlie Sheen, you’re my hero. minus the coke. There isn’t a straight guy that wouldn’t do the same thing if they were making that kind of consistent money.

  8. Roja

    Go watch this girl fuck and then make fun of her. She could make a corpse premature ejaculate.

    And all of you complaining about her lack of boobs must be younger than her, because any dude who has had sex with say, more than one or two women will tell you that boobs don’t mean shit. It’s all about the pussy, and this girl has a championship clam.

    • Charlie Sheen


    • maui


      Boobs, even B-C cups are nice, even if boobs are not that big are fine
      THIS SO CALLED “PORN STARS” have NO TITS whatsoever, they are flatter than a 14 year old boy, I do agree that fake boobs can be ridiculous looking when too big,
      But this is the total opposite, There is nothing there to hold or suck on, he might as well be fucking really skinny emo boys

  9. Alex

    I find it funny that you used the phrase “CONSCIOUS pattern” in a piece about Charlie Sheen…

  10. Menchie's Yogurt Employee

    Charlie Sheen can literally have sex with any type of women that he wants yet he keeps picking these tiny, skinny, 19-21 year old pornstars. Instead of saying how gross they are, maybe you should be asking yourself why it is that these types of girls are what he is spending his money on. You think maybe it has to do with the fact that they are GREAT FUCKS?

    • Agreed Menchie. Not every man loves giant boobed women, whether the breaasts are fake or real. These girls are young, petite, and very firm. Now, one must also remember that their coochies are probably looser than the lips of a worker form the Betty Ford Clinic, but I think they are pretty attractive.

  11. dont get it

    why does she smile like a tard?

    • seth rogen's vagina

      she earns her living banging 60 year old dudes like Charlie Sheen for a living, didja think she was a mensa member of something? What else is a ‘tard supposed to smile like?

  12. Talk Hard

    Melanie Rios is splooge worthy and Gig is a definite one as well.

    Bree Olson rocks but I believe her boobage scared Charlie off.

  13. I thought the ‘flat-chested schoolgirl fetish’ was a rite of passage into late middle age manhood.

    • I thought so too. I guess most of the guys posting about how these women have no boobs are not even close to middle age … and thats a sad thing, for those of us who ARE close to middle age lol

  14. Flatchested and stretch marks on a 14 year old.. the irony, no wonder she doesn’t want implants her skin will look like someone took a red sharpie and drew a road map on her breast if she even when up to a full B cup.

  15. Looks like Kirsten Dunst gave her a dentist referral.

  16. Cardinal Fang

    Apparently braces hinder a woman’s cock sucking ability.

  17. Hans Island

    Yeah all these girls seem to fit that “Lolita” genre of Porn Star. The first 2 girls definitely had the whole 10 year old boy body working, no ass no tits, but this third girl has a nice rump on her. She’s still lacking upstairs but a little junk in the trunk makes up for that any ol’ day of the week.

  18. testington

    I don’t think it is a pattern, I mean most of the girls he hooks up with look like you typical 23 going on 50 used up skank. Just because one or two of the most recent batch was a bit fresher looking doesn’t mean anything, give this girl 6 months and she will look 10 years older

  19. Wotwot

    That one tooth is totally in business for itself; isn’t it?

    • CptCreep

      Seriously… you’re a porn star. Go fuck a dentist until he fixes your snaggle-tooth. Then, move on…

  20. Gigi Rivera Charlie Sheen
    Tyler Perry
    Commented on this photo:

    At least this one actually has a nice ass…unlike the others

  21. Elle

    Charlie Sheen definatly has a type: trashy 19 year old flat chested porn stars.
    Anyone else freaked out by the fact that he has two daughters?

    • Mama Pinkus

      freaked? no, absolutely sickened – Mr. Sheen has serious mental and addiction issues (besides being a sick freak) so it’s a good thing he doesn’t have custody of his kids

  22. Happy Spillmore

    freaked out by the fact that he has daughters?

    NOT at all. Every meat hole has a Dad.

    Hopefully they are learning that they are to be subservient to men way ahead of their peers. Hes actually doing society a service by preparing them for their future place in Hollywood/ SoCal & the smut that is the state of California.

  23. jojo

    Every baby faced, slow witted, flat chested, cum receptacle in Hollywood is going to think they have a shot a the Sheenster. And they do.

  24. venividivixen

    You can’t tell it from the pictures on The Superficial, but Charlie Sheen is definitely a big fan of meaty/plump pussies, I mean Kacey Jordan and Gigi Rivera are to labia as Angelina Jolie is to lips.

  25. babooda

    After viewing the pictures of these three……..”petite” young women, it has become very obvious why Charlie couldn’t stay with either Denise or Brooke…They both look like grown women with curves and TITS, not a bunch of fourteen year old boys!
    Personally, I think Charlie just needs to “Come Out!” and get it over with. It must be truly horrible to be a homophobic gay man in Hollyweird!

    • You like fat chicks we get it. Now go fap to some pictures of Oprah and Rosie. Calling Charlie Sheen gay is like calling you straight. Tehre are at least 2000 porn stars and hookers who would be willing to testify that he is, indeed, the straightest man in the world.

      (No I am not insinuating that Denise Richards is fat. Far from it. she’s smoking hot).

    • Sades

      LOL the envie that the master of master gives to some charlie is the yoda we all should follow and learn the ways of the force!!!!

  26. Colin

    Gosh it must be nice to live on the West Coast, where multiple witnesses can say you have briefcases full of cocaine after you overdose while paying for sex and no one will arrest you. Here on the East Cost, if a bag of weed accidentally gets mailed to you, the police will break into your house and shoot your dogs.

  27. burton

    i feel bad for his kids, there dad is nasty and i find iit weird he doesnt have AIDS yet or herpes (condoms dont protect against that!!) or warts…or he does and thats why he fucks pornstars and the like…because they are all makeup covered trash.

  28. mick

    They all look five years older with cock in them.

  29. Gigi Rivera Charlie Sheen
    Commented on this photo:

    That blonde chick wears at least a men’s size 13 shoe.

  30. Cardinal Fang

    Small breasts are just fine.

    • maui

      There is a small difference between Small breasts and NO breasts

      these three whores have no breasts at all, There are alot of sexy women with small breasts, olivia wilde, charlize teron, (i might have misspelled their names whatever) sexy women with small boobs, but these bitches have nothing

  31. Sades

    Master charlie please bless us all and share some of that with all, master of masters

  32. Gigi Rivera Charlie Sheen
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s got this Predator thing going on–her chin and lips stick out farther than her nose

  33. Anya

    nasty teeth, flat chest. She should be cleaning bathrooms. Her stretchmarks are raping my eyes through the screen. A little photoshop might be necessary.

  34. Gigi Rivera Charlie Sheen
    Commented on this photo:

    That one tooth looks like it’s trying to get out of her mouth to get an education and better its life.

  35. Gigi Rivera Charlie Sheen
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m sorry but with the the amount of money he makes can’t he afford girls with less millage on them than these? They aren’t even that attractive, either one of them. With all the blow he’s doing, he ain’t getting it up anyway. I guess he’s just watching a private show of some kind.

  36. Gigi Rivera Charlie Sheen
    Commented on this photo:

    Is that Carrie Underwood?

  37. Doc Schweinstrudel

    It’s horrible terrible and really disturbing – popularizing pedophilia and crack – what is wrong with this world???

  38. Gigi Rivera Charlie Sheen
    Commented on this photo:

    Classy bandaid. Hahahaha

  39. XYZ

    Ugly and titless. Period.

  40. Gigi Rivera Charlie Sheen
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow, they are pornstars and these are the pics you chose…. lol.

  41. ExpletiveBMP

    WHETHER, HOWEVER, I’d tear my five inch sponger in her bits, regardless of her tits.

  42. mamamiasweetpeaches

    When she asks him “With or without?” she means does he want her to leave her retainer in or take it out.

  43. Gigi Rivera Charlie Sheen
    Commented on this photo:

    Is it weird that I’ve noticed that every one of his porn stars sports the Victoria’s Secret Lacie thong? I didn’t know it was so popular in the porn industry; now I feel weird for having one.

  44. Gigi Rivera Charlie Sheen
    Commented on this photo:

    They look so ecstatic to be feeling each other up…

  45. ZigZagZoey

    In the voice of Homer Simpson:
    “Mmmm… baby faced, slow witted, flat chested, Hoillywood cum receptacles…”

  46. Gigi Rivera Charlie Sheen
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s like nobody told her how to smile like a porn star. I think she literally says “CHEEESE!” in half of her pics.

  47. Jak

    Shes hot. What are we debating here? Its a matter of personal prefrence. I think small tits are hot.

  48. me

    flat chest,stretch marks on thigh & whats with her finger?

  49. Henk

    I think he does themed nights, in Vegas it was busty with Bree Olsen & Bombshell McGee, at his house it was clearly tiny tits night, but come on, Gigi looks hot (NSFW)

  50. Gigi Rivera Charlie Sheen
    Commented on this photo:

    She is a fine young lady, beautifully flat chested, nothing wrong with that! for REAL man, it doesn’t matter if you have breast or no breast, as long as you are feminine and sexy, and you have a pussy, that’s all that matter, (no brains needed I must include.) All the ones against her are just completely jealous, and I mean also the so called ” man” posting in this place;

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