George Clooney auctions off kiss for $350,000

May 24th, 2007 // 107 Comments

George Clooney made an appearance at the annual Cinema Against AIDS dinner (which raised $7 million for the Foundation for AIDS Research), and auctioned off a kiss for $350,000 which he gave to the winning bidder’s girlfriend. That’s a pretty secure guy right there. Most men wouldn’t accept $350,000 to let their girlfriend kiss George Clooney, let alone pay it. I read somewhere that he can have sex with women just by looking at them for too long.


  1. iamsosmart

    8I wouldn’t kiss Cloney with Paris Hilton vagina

    *both tied

  2. LaDrones

    You guys have outdone yourselves commenting on this photo. Nicely and smartly done.

  3. hollywoodbitch

    How much for a fuck?

  4. stick

    #12 – IU always thought he was gay too. He is sooooo yummy though

  5. anonymous

    Look who Clooney’s kissing now

  6. Acid

    You know the ‘girlfriend’ got all hot and bothered by the kiss… But, the boyfriend who paid the money got all the perks of her kiss with Clooney.

    He fullfilled a fantasy of hers and he probably got the best sex of his life that night after the fund raiser.

    350,000 is a small price to pay for some to fullfill your womans desires…

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