George Zimmerman In Police Custody After Allegedly Pulling Gun And A Knife On His Wife

September 9th, 2013 // 119 Comments
George Zimmerman
What Could Go Wrong?
George Shellie Zimmerman
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“But she had Skittles?”

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. George Zimmerman started losing a confrontation… ABC News reports:

George Zimmerman is being questioned by police after a domestic incident today with his wife, Shellie, and her father, that involved a gun, according to police.
Zimmerman is being held at the home of a relative after the incident, which involved Shellie Zimmerman and her father Colin Morgan, police in Lake Mary, Fla., told ABC News.
“There was some kind of a domestic, we know that with his wife and father-in-law. Apparently there were some weapons involved and threats,” the deputy police chief in Lake Mary told ABC News.
Zimmerman has not been charged with any crime.

Her attorney told ABC News that Zimmerman pulled a knife on her today after she discovered a firearm in the house they shared. He then pulled a gun on her and her father after a verbal altercation went bad, according to attorney Kelly Sims.

When asked what made law enforcement get involved this time, police responded, “Hello, the victim was white.”

UPDATE: Here’s how all this ended if anyone still cares.

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  1. “Although his facial wounds were largely superficial, the fact that both of his hips were broken seemed to indicate that Mrs. Zimmerman was, indeed, on top of him.”

  2. Cock Dr

    Come on people….bring us the laughs over this violent piece of shit yet again.
    Montana certainly got things off to a great start.

  3. Juch

    He looks more like he’d pull out a knife, fork, shrimp fork, spoon, soup spoon, ice cream scoop, spork . . .

  4. You only posted this story because you grew up in West PA…or something like that. You’re a reverse racist too. And why can’t white people say ******?

  5. malaka

    its funny how the universe just seems to balance itself out.
    it would have been cool to see some kind of trial by combat.
    for the night is dark and full of punk unarmed thugs minding their own business while wearing hoodies.

  6. The Illuminati Did It

    fish, the race hustler, is stirring up the muck again, I see. He wants to be the next Al Sharpton!

    • never happen. Al Sharpton wears $2,000 custom tailored suits, Fish doesn’t even bother with pants.

      • The Illuminati Did It

        My bad. I forgot.

      • EnglishTeacherAnni

        If we pooled our resources and bought him a pair of pants, would he wear them? Pajama pants would be okay.

        Sounds like a Zen koan:

        “If you buy a Fish a pair of pants…..”

      • putting pants on Fish would be like putting iron chains on a freed slave. Trousers are the slave shackles of our times – cast them aside and be FREE!!!

    • It’s weird, but sometimes things do involve race and racism. Shocking, I know….

      • The Illuminati Did It

        Sometimes they involve tits and ass, like this site is supposed to, but fuck that, right?

      • They have sites that show exclusively that, plus you get to see the whole thing. It’s really neat. It’s called porn. You can research said porn on this site called “Google”.

      • The Illuminati Did It

        Really? You check out porn at work? You must have a really cool boss!

      • Well, I don’t have a compulsive porn addiction so I can live without looking at it for a few hours a day, but if I did, I don’t come here exclusively for T&A just like I don’t go to the Chive, for example, and complain that there aren’t enough pictures of guys with boners.

      • The Illuminati Did It

        I don’t come here EXCLUSIVELY for T and A, dummy. I also come here to read idiotic comments like yours : )

      • So if they take away the political posts, you’ll actually enjoy the site less, since it will remove one of the reasons you come here. It’s quite the conundrum.

      • Meh, you have a slight point

        To be honest, I really didn’t mind the political shit that much. Some of it was kind of fun. The problem is the Zimmerman shit is just played out. Usually Fish would bring up gay marriage then move onto some other political-flavor-of-the-month. Now it’s all “that racist” Zimmerman shit. I geuss I wouldn’t mind it so bad if it were funny. Hell, I geuss this whole site is just played out for me. This isn’t an “I’m leaving and never coming back” rant-just an observance.

      • Because most workplaces say it’s totally okay for you to cruise for boobies on company time, as long as they’re not completely naked.

      • THIS! Illuminati youre a fucktard

  7. I wonder how the fucking morons that supported this piece of shit and gave him money feel now?

    • Bryan

      I can’t speak for all of us morons, but I feel the same way I did before – that he’s a piece of shit who ended up in a tragic situation and was legally justified in defending himself from an attacker. Sure is stupid of me to judge a case by the evidence and actual trial proceedings and not kneejerk CNN and HuffPo articles from the day the story broke, huh?

      Just because he’s an idiot doesn’t mean he deserved to be thrown in prison due to your inability/lack of desire to understand facts and the law. The courts aren’t the surrogate for hysterical moral outrage.

      When I saw the news story on this latest incident, I just knew Fish would have to post about it on his celebrity comedy boob blog. Makes sense.

  8. If only she’d had a gun to protect herself.

    • Hugh Jass

      Yes. If all the redneck assholes start shooting each other, it might be safe to walk the streets again.

      • black babies die

        Yeah, Right…

        Because Detroit and Chicago are SO FREE OF MURDER since all black people live there RIGHT?

        I hate asshole rednecks, but they don’t shoot their own.

        Black people, That’s all they shoot, Their own.

        500 teens die in Chicago alone from gang violence in the last couple of months. BUT FUCK IT WE NEED TO BE AFRAID OF WHITEY… Right?

  9. Slappy Magoo

    *sigh* I can’t have any heroes…

  10. right

    The argument stemmed from his wife spending all his monthly support money at Golden Corral.

  11. That fucker George Zimmerman is a loose cannon and if he isn’t careful someday he’s gonna kill some…HUH?…Oh.

    Never min-n-n-d-d-d-d!

    • EricLR

      Either that or it could be that a guy who has a good chunk of American looking to harm or kill him is under just a tad bit of stress of late and (wisely) carrying a gun and hiding out in the whitest state he can find.

  12. Kel

    I don’t know…she probably didn’t cut his sandwich diagonally like he asked. He was just standing his ground.. that’s all.

  13. I bet they were arguing about who was going to get custody of the ranch dressing.

  14. Joe Blow

    Why are you continuing to post articles concerning this guy?

    Does he parade around in bikinis? No. (Well, maybe he does, but no photos of that have surfaced.)

    Is he a “singer” who pretends to be all hard and shit from growing up in the hood? No.

    Is he a celebrity? No.

    • Damn right! How dare you use your blog to talk about things that interest you!

      • I’m waiting for someone to use the term “reprehensible” again about any of Fish’s post that somehow fails to meet their own narrow personal standards.

    • the aol is true

      Because Superficial has some kind of hatred for his own race,

      Or he has a soft spot for african americans. He seems to take this really personally, More than other shit that he should.

      He probably grew up around the hip hop culture and identifies with the african american race more than anything else.

      So this to him is probably better than porn. he probably came so hard when he read this news article he probably barely had any time to clean his cum off before he posted this.

      he probably posted this with cum on his fingers

  15. In fairness to the Zim Man, he had no choice but to grab a knife and a gun – the bitch just wouldn’t stop yelling “I’m Rick James, Dammit” right in his face!

  16. BetterBelieveIt


  17. Smapdi

    This time he profiled his wife and father-in-law . . . as having concealed gravy.

  18. Goose

    Soooooo much butthurt!

  19. FOR THE LAST FUCKING TIME: this guy looks more martinez than zimmerman!

  20. Hugh Jass

    Wait, is it possible that he isn’t a stable, rational person? Or he’s a violent hot-head? No way!

  21. Aaron

    What do you mean I can’t pull a gun on people whenever I feel threatened? WOULD YOU PEOPLE MAKE UP YOUR MIND?!

  22. mavis davis

    Won’t someone PLEASE move Mr. Potato Head’s eyes a bit further apart?

  23. Give the white guy a break. She was towel-drying her hair and it looked like a hood for a sec. Any white guy would react defensively to that. Like this white guy. Who is white.

  24. The only thing that annoys me when I see reports about George Zimmerman is that people keep insisting he’s white. Um, no. If you’re half black, you’re considered black. If you’re half Hispanic, you’re considered Hispanic. Dude’s mugshot looks like a drug runner in the Colombian cartel. He ain’t white. That’s all.

    • You’re probably kidding, but just so I can be a nerd:
      “Hispanic” isn’t a race. “Hispanic” is an ethnonym, which means it applies to a ethnicity (like being Norse or Swedish or what-have-you), and “hispanic” applies specifically people who have some lineage related to Spain. People that are “hispanic” are typically considered caucasian (though they could be black, asian, etc). So no matter how you cut it (and culturally Zimmerman is as white as my own racist father), George is a white dude.

      • I’m not kidding, I’m sorry I didn’t use the correct PR-approved word to describe him… but my point remains the same. He ain’t white.

      • “If you have one drop of ‘black’ or ‘Hispanic’ blood in you, you are not ‘white.’ ” – Celebrity Poo, Exalted Cyclops of the Imperial Ku Klux Klan

      • It isn’t about being POLITICALLY correct…it’s about just being CORRECT. And you are not correct. You are wrong. It is not a matter of opinion. This is fact I am giving you. You can continue to be ignorant, but you will never be correct.

        Ethnicities relate to region of origin, not race. That is the LITERAL definition of “ethnicity.”

        “Hispanic” is an ethnicity. One of caucasian…European ancestry.

        These are facts. You are (currently) wrong. So: NO, your point is nonsense as it is based in a falsehood (it does “remain the same” as it was always wrong based on its foundations). And I didn’t even touch upon the idea that “half black means you’re black” is in and of itself a racist concept, not a scientific one and therefore not really a great standard to use when proving your point about anything, much less specifically a race-based issue.

        But don’t worry: you can be right again…by accepting facts and not pretending reality bends to your will. You can have opinions about other things…but not this.

      • Domingo

        Try calling a Mexican white here in phoenix and see how quick you get stabbed in the face . They take that shit very serious

      • Be that as it may, their face-stabbiness doesn’t make them correct. “Mexican” and “hispanic” are not races. For instance, lili-white Cameron Diaz if hispanic, technically. No amount of face-stabbies will change that (unfortunate though that case may be).

      • Unle Bill

        ha you a big old dummy head. pieces of paper don’t make a person black or white or brown or yellow or whatever. Its our skin. Its biology. its why we all are suspicious of anyone who don’t look like us. Hence, the aforementioned George Zimmerman is not white, not remotely white, based on biology rather than some arbitrary definition made up by government folks. Your welcome to your opinion, of course, but facts are facts my friendless friend, and George Zimmerman ain’t a white dude no matter how you stamp his passport.

      • Good God You Are An Idiot

        So Mexicans come from spain? I believe Georgy’s Mom came from Peru (or some other South American Country). So I geuss that’s a county in Spain?

      • No, that would mean he is Peruvian. Peru, after the Spanish invasion (bringing lots of Africans along for the ride) became a very ethnically diverse country (White, Black, Mestizos Amerindian, European, Asian, even “Afro-Peruvians”). So saying Peruvians are “white” or “black” or “mexispanic” or whatever is not accurate. Before the invasion there was STILL a large number of indigenous ethnicities, so a racial profiling would be difficult.

        But as the ORIGINAL inhabitants or Peru came from North Asia through Siberia, it would more likely be correct the label THEM (the indigenous peoples) as Mongoloid or Caucasian.

        Modern Peruvians may be referred to by Americans as “Hispanic”, but that is mainly coming from the country being colonized by SPAIN in the 16th century. But then again “hispanic” is a stupid racial term coined by white folk to marginalize people they decided aren’t white enough.

        “Hispanic gives us all one ultimate paternal cultural progenitor: Spain. The diverse cultures already on the American shores when the Europeans arrived, as well as those introduced because of the African slave trade, are completely obliterated by the term. Hispanic is nothing more than a concession made by the U. S. legislature when they saw they couldn’t get rid of us. If we won’t go away, why not at least Europeanize us, make us presentable guests at the dinner table, take away our feathers and rattles and civilize us once and for all. ”
        |~Ann Castillo Mexican-American poet.

      • All I know is, that even if you ARE 1/64 Apache on your grandmother’s side, they still won’t let you have any Peyote. That is straight-up racist BULLSHIT, man.

      • Sorry, but it’s you who are incorrect, because racial and social categorizations and classifications are changing all the time. Zimmerman may be a “white dude” to you, but regardless of the police report that classified him as “white”, Zimmerman self-identifies as “Hispanic” on both his voter registration and driver’s license, so the state of Florida certainly recognizes that ethnic category as being distinct from “white” when it allows people to claim that distinction for themselves. That ambiguity is why the 2000 census allowed people to check more than one racial category to describe themselves, and it’s also why the Federal government will probably include “Hispanic” as a separate “race or origin” category in the 2020 census.

      • justifiable and I agreed on something… *marks calendar excitedly*

      • And, truthfully, the only reason I bring about this point about him being “not white” is because it plays an important role in this mentality about white on black crime. This wasn’t a white on black crime, no matter how much the media claims it is. George Zimmerman may be an enormous douche but he isn’t a “white man” acting out against the minorities. He’s a minority also. And also, Tom Frank, the KKK comment was just a super low blow and rude. I guess if you can’t make a valid point then one must pull insults out of their arsenal o’ tricks. Not biting.

      • It might have been “rude” and it might have been “a super low blow,” but it was also pretty accurate, based on the stupid shit you post.

      • Yeah, no. In case you might’ve missed it, minorities can actually be *gasp* bigoted against other minorities, but regardless of whether Zimmerman self-identified as Hispanic in terms of his ethnicity on his driver’s license, the cops listing him as white on the charge sheet is significant, not the least because it brings their attitude toward the shooting into question. It also doesn’t exactly address the issue of whether Zimmerman also claimed all the privileges of being white when it came to his playing the role of SuperNeighborhoodWatchman – or whether he simply just considers himself superior to anyone who’s black. Many of Zimmerman’s friends and/or acquaintances openly stated at the outset that he was bigoted against blacks – after he identified Martin as a “black male” he did provide the 911 operator with his unsolicited opinion that “these assholes always get away”.

        There’s definitely a racial element in the crime, and you have to wonder if Zimmerman had been a dark skinned Hispanic with Zamora as a last name whether the cops would have been a bit more aggressive at the scene of the shooting.

  25. Slappy Magoo

    Why Why WHY?
    Why can’t that kid from Modern Family be just a few years older? He could play the shit out of Zimmerman in all his nutty glory!

  26. Dick Nose'ie

    His wife seems like a real twat

  27. mavis davis

    Cut the racist crap! Rob’s Armenian, not white.

  28. unbelievable this guy hasnt killed anyone else.
    that we know of.

  29. EnglishTeacherAnni

    You have never seen a person switch websites as fast as I did when I saw this story elsewhere and made a beeline for this site. Ah, comments section, I love you!!

  30. Fish hates hispanics

  31. I wonder if his wife left him because she’s sick of his quick trigger.

  32. The guy’s like to shoot a nigga, keep his bitches on a short leash, drive fast, and beat the rap……I’m totally buying his album when it drops. We still say drops right? Do we still say album?

  33. He punched her dad in the nose and then waved a gun around at them and yet she didn’t want to press charges? Well then why the fuck did this fat assed bitch bother to call the cops for help in the FIRST place? The cops should have pressed charges on HER big ass for wasting THEIR time and I sincerely can’t wait until this murdering fat fuck shoots HER then HIMSELF or either SWAT has to do it. Fuck them BOTH.

  34. Kel

    So many are upset with the lack of boobs and bikinis in the George Zimmerman posts. I think we can compromise.

  35. Huh?

    Annnnd…this is the danger in allowing unstable asshats to become the face of your cause because you are too lazy to wait for a reasonable example to champion…

  36. The Winchester

    Seriously, this guy looks like all the humans from Wall-E.

    Which makes that movie ever more terrifying.

  37. eh

    So let me guess, there is going to be a claim of self defense in this case?

  38. This guy…always entertaining! Is he available for kids parties?

  39. Bob

    Skittles – $1.00

    Arizona Team – $1.00

    Being able to lawfully defend your life and individual protection of civil liberties – Priceless


    “What? All you can eat at the Honey Garlic?”

  41. Some of you guys might owe George an apology.

    “Deputy Police Chief Colin Morgan said officers did not recover a gun, and Bracknell said Shellie Zimmerman later dropped her claim that a gun was involved.

    “Domestic violence can’t be invoked because she has changed her story and says she didn’t see a firearm,” Bracknell said.”

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