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November 18th, 2013 // 59 Comments
George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman Arrested For Domestic Violence – NBC Orlando

Adding… This time the victim is white, so we’re probably looking at the chair. However, she is a woman, so it’ll come down to Florida statutes on whether or not she was cooking a delicious meal, book learning, or communing with the devil. (Unverifiable eyewitness accounts permitted.)

UPDATE: Surprise! His girlfriend is pregnant, so I’ll ask what we’re all thinking: Is the baby black?

UPDATE: Or she’s not. Haha!

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  1. Deacon Jones

    hmmm, how does one “walk like an undercover cop” ?

  2. I had a feeling we’d get treated to a post with that fat fuck today.

    • Convex

      Me too. Fish and his soapbox are getting pretty tiresome. It’s pretty sad, too, when he’s lagging behind Perez Hilton on posting about Zimmerman. Following a self-righteous scumbag, and singing the same tune, is hardly original or smart.

      • Bryan

        I was actually really relieved to see that Fish didn’t have to spew his retarded uninformed nonsense about guns in the post. George is obviously mostly an idiot, so at least we’re only making fun of him for that this time.

      • Mike Walker

        It was amusing to see the writer of a titty blog insinuate that Florida is sexist, however.

      • There’s a vast difference between, “Damn, those tits are awesome,” and, “You keep that baby in your uterus, slut, or else.”

      • Look’s like Bryan’s really working overtime to justify whatever stipend the NRA pays him to troll here every month.

        Fuck, I’d rather have more Russian spam – they tend to have more subtlety.

      • Bryan

        I wouldn’t have to “troll” here if Fish would stick to hot chicks and self-absorbed celebrities. I guess his checks from the Brady Campaign help pay the bills, though.

      • Bryan

        Btw, I despise the NRA and they are a total and utter embarrassment to sensible people who own guns. If they had the balls to put a leftwing gun fanatic (like me) in there as President, 80% of the gun debate (aka Mother Jones culture war “racist Republican rednecks like guns, therefore guns are bad”) would cease to exist.

      • Mike Walker

        Not sure what preparing meals and learnin’ have to do with abortion, but keep propping up those straw men. Besides, abortion is legal in Florida and are performed at a rate ~35% above the national average.

      • me

        This fish guy likes to take a swipe at people from the south whenever he can work it in to a story. He seems pretty Prejudiced towards them.

      • Speaking as a Southerner who has to live with these tards every single day, I have to say Fish is pretty spot-on in his observations.

  3. cc

    Way to keep a low profile there George.

  4. ThisWillHurt

    Nice try, Fish, but we all know that it was his girlfriend who stalked him then attacked him with a Skittles rocket. Stick to tits, socialist!

  5. Team Zimm.

    Go FAT!

  6. Hugh G. Rection

    Lets cut him some slack. At least he didn’t murder anyone this time.

  7. Cory

    Zim’s a male and a minority. What else do expect? Minority males commit a disproportionate percentage of the crimes in this Country, and that is a fact!

  8. kimmykimkim

    Waste of space piece of shit who is also apparently breeding. Great. This is just awesome. I see no problems here.

  9. I wonder how it feels like to be one of the fucktards that supported this murdering asshole today or one of the fucktards that let him go? It must be even worse to be one of the fucktards that took up their money and gave it to this asshole.

    I have lost count the amount of times this “hero” has been arrested, assaulted people or had restraining orders taken out against him, meanwhile Trayvon the “thug”, was arrested what, zero times? But he was the thug, the aggressor, right…

    • You lost count at “one”?

      • You need to brush up on your math there buddy. He was arrested for assaulting the police officer in 2005, he was arrested for the murder of Trayvon Martin and he was just arrested today.

      • Convex

        Trayvon Martin was ghetto trash, and if he hadn’t assaulted Zimmerman, he’d probably still be alive today. I realize you liberals like to change the facts, but eventually revisionist history is exposed for the sham it is. You may not have liked the ending of the Martin story, but some of us have no problem with it, and we don’t care if you like it or approve of it, just as you don’t care what some of us think of your silliness. Seeing as how you’re such a big man, why don’t you go teach GZ how to behave?

        No? Not surprised. You’d end up on the receiving end of an assault charge, just as Martin would’ve been had his dumb butt not ended up shot.

      • Why is it when people are on two sides of an issue, one side refers to the other side as “you liberals.” Since i’ll have to assume you must be a self-proclaimed conservative, does it help to emphasize your point by calling everyone you disagree with “you liberals?” I gotta know, because I see this pretty often on things that have nothing to do with politics. Even sports.

      • leila

        @Convex–you’re either trolling or a complete moron. I am praying for troll.

      • You lost count at “three”?

    • Mitch

      “Oh, God, oh, my God, oh, God,” one major reportedly said when first looking at Martin’s data. He realized that Martin had been suspended twice already that school year for offenses that should have gotten him arrested – once for getting caught with a burglary tool and a dozen items of female jewelry, the second time for getting caught with marijuana and a marijuana pipe.
      Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/04/police-buried-trayvons-criminal-history/#7tcIKZUcizXbTcFQ.99

  10. anonymous

    Looking more and more like this assclown deserved to go to jail for the Trayvon shooting. GZ can’t keep out of trouble.

    I’m starting to believe that kid really wasn’t doing anything but taking a shortcut home through the wrong neighborhood of white folks.

    • Spanky

      Walking thru the neighborhood of white folks should get you shot if you don’t live there.

    • whatisthismadness

      Yeah but that still doesn’t explain why Treyvon Martin was suspended from school from Stealing, How Treyvon Martin beat the shit out of a bus driver. How Treyvon Martin asked his father to buy him a gun ,
      Zimmerman should be in jail right now. Definitely. he was guilty of murder
      I just hate when people use the word kid when he was one year away of being able to enlist in the Military

  11. Hugh G. Rection

    You can’t call anybody a cocksucking faggot or rough up your pregnant girlfriend any more. What’s the world coming to?

  12. whatisthismadness

    why is it that when a white person attacks a black person everyone loses their shit.

    But when black teenagers are randomly attacking white people as a game for Fun, no one gives a shit?
    Now, I know that there is still a lot of racism and I know that black people have a though time.
    But Honestly After knowing what Happen to Treyvon Martin. Shouldn’t black teens, I don’t know, LEARN TO BEHAVE?

    What the fuck is this KNOCKOUT Game Ive been hearing about? And how come NO ONE else besides local media is talking about it? Where is Al Sharpton? How come no one is telling this kids to fucking behave?
    What happens when they try that game of KNOCKOUT on a white person with a gun? Are we going to have a second Zimmerman All over again? seriously what the fuck is going on


    • anonymous

      you sound very angry.

      But it is funny you should post this, Since I just saw this video of an African american dude talking against this game.
      So yeah, people are talking about it, and even African American guys are pretty upset about this game.

      you should watch this, he really hated what these guys are doing

      • You sir, a drawing what’s called a false equivalency. First of all, I’ve seen those reports all over the national news, including ‘left wing’ sites like the Huffington Post. Second of all, these kids are not just “knocking out white people”, A black woman in DC got knocked out recently from this ‘game.’ It was one of those stories on the national media that the national media isn’t covering. Third of all, if these kids are caught, they’ll be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. People won’t be saying the victims “had it coming.”

        I bet you are one of those people who were posting cases of white people killed by black people after the Zimmerman verdict…black people who were CONVICTED and were put away for the rest of their lives. False equivalencies…phrase of the day.

      • Mike Walker

        Exception fallacy should be your second phrase of the day.

      • bobye

        I just love how you completely ignored the second part of their post.

        What happens when these kids play this game with someone having a gun? are we going to have a second Zimmerman in our hands?
        Will there be second riots? would celebrities post angry tweets online? Would the whole (IF I had a son…) Speech happen again?
        What Happens when one of this kids tries to punch someone with a gun?

        Also, you are WRONG. Those kids that played knock out are FREE. They are OUT, they have no charges against them.

  13. Mitch

    Big deal. If Travon were still alive today he would have been arrested multiple times since the shooting for everything from drug possession to burglary.

    His passing only made the world a better place.

    • Mama Pinkus

      the world would be better off without racist fucks like you

      • Mitch

        And what exactly did I say that was racist you inbred piece of trash?

        Based on the path young Trayvon was headed down which included possession of burglary tools, drugs and guns he sure as fuck wasn’t on his way to join the local boy scout troop or dedicate his life to social service.

        I’d advise you to quit playing the race card at everything you disagree with. It makes you appear as ignorant as Oprah.

      • Thank God the Psychic Racists Network is here to part the veil of the future.

      • Mitch

        No kidding. It’s a typical leftist tactic to scream racist at everything you don’t understand, don’t agree with or don’t like.

        Oprah just pulled it out last week too by claiming that anyone who doesn’t like Obama is a racist. I’m sure his total incompetence has nothing to do with why his popularity is dropping like a rock.

  14. J-Sin


  15. Mike Walker

    She lied about the pregnancy, so who knows what else was made up.

    Some people need to avoid women until they get their shit together. Zimmerman reminds me of John Wayne Bobbit, another infamous dumbfuck who went through a succession of relationships that ended up in domestic violence.

    • Supposedly she told him she was pregnant and wanted to raise the kid herself, no help, so he could leave 5 minutes ago – that’s when he started pointing a loaded shotgun at her, breaking up her place, throwing her outside of her own house and barricading the door. A mind-fuck like that is never cool, but on the other hand, nothing says “I’m fit to be a father” like going apeshit on someone else’s place and then calling 911 to complain about them “going crazy”.

      My take is that she might’ve been so desperate to see the back of his dug-in ass that her last resort was to try to make him flee from the threat of 18 years of child support. Obviously not a Mensa candidate, but if you’re desperate to get someone who’s prone to violence to leave, you use whatever you got.

  16. Can’t wait for the inevitable TLC reality show.

  17. marie

    i heard something had happened with him today. i was going to check out cnn.com but i came here instead.

  18. leila

    There is no defense of this guy. Anyone of you asshats that tries to talk about Treyvon’s “criminal” past, that he was only “one year” from adulthood, you’ve all got shut your stupid fucking mouths. And I do mean stupid. Because if you are justifying the murder of a 17 year old kid who was not perfect,for walking late at night with a bag of skittles, and beating the crap out of a guy who was instructed not to get out of his car, you are ankle deep in some of the stupidest rationalization a human mind can produce. And we produced Dominic Strauss Khan. You only have to have a borderline-retarded IQ to have seen immediately that Martin is a wanna-be pussy. And it’s this fucktard who you think was in the right to kill a 17 KID who can not keep his shit together to stay out of trouble for a minute. What is wrong with you people?!?

  19. Mama Pinkus

    rat bastard coward

  20. Kodos

    Never said the guy wasn’t an asshole.

    But you just can’t let this go, can you Fish?

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