Gentleman, Lube Up Your Shrimp Forks, Olivia Munn Is Single

May 1st, 2014 // 13 Comments
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Posted by Photo Boy

According to the always reliable “a source,” Olivia Munn is no longer getting Robodonged, leaving me the perfect reason to box you up a gift of her breasts prominently displayed at a recent event along with the constant reminder of when Brett Ratner bubbagumped his dick in front of her. Think of me as Santa Claus, but like a younger, slightly bitter alcoholic one whose gifts are usually just peeing himself on your couch or drunkenly recalling mistakes you made in college in front of your wife.

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  1. Frank Burns

    My honk is throbbing with indifference.

  2. I’d fire my seafood cocktail sauce at her. And by seafood cocktail sauce, I mean… you know what, I think you all figured it out.

  3. JimBB

    I’m pretty sure she only dates:

    a) Guys who can get her work, or
    b) Guys who can get her press, or
    c) Guys who can get her a mansion

    So I’m pretty sure none of us can apply for the job. Though it’s possible that PhotoBoy is secretly a billionaire and is just playing it cool.

  4. Fugly, annoying, big bazooms. Hallmarks of Gold Diggers in 2014.

  5. Well slap my ass and call me Sally, looks like I’ll be stuffing my underwear with paella next time I go out in Hollywood.

  6. Grand Dragon

    I stopped fapping to her when she spread for Timberlake

  7. Now’s my chance. I’d love to get in that sweet half Asian ass.

  8. Olivia Munn Cleavage Legs Slit Dress 49th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards
    Commented on this photo:

    And ugly as hell. Wtf? How is she in Hollywood???

  9. I liked her better when she was just ‘that nerdy chick from that show.’

  10. She is sexy as hell. I would bang the shit out of her. Well, I mean not literally, that would be pretty gross.

  11. Not a rapist

    I would love to watch her sleep at night

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