That’s Not Gavin Rossdale’s Wedding Ring On His Finger

For the past few weeks, we’ve been speculating on how many years Gavin Rossdale was putting his dick in the nanny, so now that there’s definitive photo evidence of that, it’s time to move on to the gay rumors, because that makes exactly as much sense as giving a shit where Gavin Rossdale puts his dick. Via Page Six:

“The press keeps writing about how Gavin is wearing his wedding ring. He’s not!” a friend of Stefani’s exclusively told Page Six. “The ring he’s currently wearing is a gift from a male friend.”

Male friends don’t give each other rings, so either that’s a lie, or the years of bisexual rumors about Gavin could be true. Also, male friends don’t call each other “male friends,” [Ed. Note: You bitch! – SW] which leads me to believe this “friend of Stefani’s” is a woman, which puts the rest of the quote into perfect perspective. “Gavin also told one of Gwen’s friends that she was so much hotter than Gwen, even before she had the kids, which is totally insensitive even though it’s true because she does SoulCycle and is like, at least two sizes smaller than Gwen. And he never even texted her after they fully eyeboned at Kingston’s birthday parade.”

If wanting this makes you gay, consider me Joe Jonas’ dream journal.

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Photo: Fame/Flynet