Gavin Rossdale Banged a Dude

October 13th, 2010 // 65 Comments

A cross-dresser has claimed for years that he had sex with Gavin Rossdale who’s dodged the accusations until now. In the latest issue of Details, Gavin finally admits to the relationship and chalks it up to just making sure he likes vagina:

“When you’re 17, Jesus Christ. I don’t think there’s anything strange about any form of, you’re learning about life. It’s a part of growing up.”
… Rossdale says it was a one-time thing saying, “Yeah. That was it. You have to know what you like, and I know what I like.”

Wow. So Gavin Rossdale really *did* have sex with Courtney Love. – They said transvestite, didn’t they? – She just screwed up the dates because heroin goes great in cereal. Would not have called that one.

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  1. Gavin Rossdale
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  2. Lady Blah Blah

    He banged a dude. Who? The Situation?

  3. Gavin Rossdale
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  4. Chupacabra

    How inspirational!

  5. There was a 4.5 earthquake in the middle of my city (in the Midwest where no one ever feels earthquakes) that shook my office building. It occured at precisely the sam moment this devastating news was delivered. Thanks Fish, for announcing the apocalypse.

  6. Kinda ironic he was in Bush.. i do respect him for bein honest

  7. Cock Dr

    Now boys, no reason to be ashamed of some bisexual dabbling(s) in HS & college. Lots of sexual shenanigans in the early adult years are to be expected.
    Just keep those stories to yourself until decades later when your son or daughter comes out as gay. Then you can remember & not be beat the hell out of them & throw them out of the house.

  8. Jon Reremy

    Does he bench press often?

  9. Kerri

    he is still one of THE hottest men alive. kind of makes him hotter actually.

    • Paloma

      WTF? Are you serious? That’s just straight up nasty. There is nothing sexy about a dude having sex with another dude unless you are a gay man thinking about the situation. I’m completely repulsed at the idea of any guy I consider a potential mate being with another man. Game over!

    • The ONLY Hetero in this Joint

      Seriously? Seriously? So you like your men with a dick up their ass when they are going down on you?


      Hey you know what? I don’t have to experience penis to know that what I’m looking for can be found in Heidi Montag. This dude is straight up gay.


      If you believe this bullshit then you believe Bill Clinton never inhaled….or: That he never had “sex with that woman”.

      Even as I write this Rossdale is squeezing off a round to pictures of John Travolta wearing a Quantas Pilot suit…

      • Kerri

        hahaha – whoa ‘ladies’, calm down. touched a nerve here i see.
        he’s sexy – deal with it. fact that he is game for anything makes him hotter. i fooled around with a girl in my sorority in university. oh but wait – that is SO different.

    • The ONLY Hetero in this Joint

      You’re damn right it’s different – Listen up tubby: Any girl who can come into a hetero relationship with either a history of girl on girl action or is still eager to try a little 2 on one action with a pre drug phase Lilo to please her boyfriend, husband is aces in my book.

      Good grief: I’m actually beginning to wonder if this world is ready for a massively heterosexual male anymore? Now I know why myself and Spencer Pratt roam the countryside foraging for food and whiling away the day engaging in cancer awareness walks…we are simply biding our time until real men come back into fashion.

      • The ONLY Hetero in this Joint

        BTW – that sight of him gayly running aorund in white sailor pants is SUPER GAY. GAY GAY GAY.

        All that’s missing is the sight of the GIANT PENIS he’s running towards!

        Just another gay gay gay Brit Boy gaying it up.

        Is this a picture of him running towards a public loo after spotting George Michael step inside?

        GAY GAY GAY – MY GAYDAR Just EXPLODED from the gayness of it all.

        Ricky Martin laughs at this guy….

      • Hipster glasses

        ONLY is DEF secretly gay.

    • Paloma

      Either way dud on dude or girl on girl is just wrong & nasty in my book. I could never go there personally & I would drop a guy ASAP if I found out he went there or even thinks he might be interested in going there. I would also drop a guy if he ever asked me to do a chick for him or with a chick. It’s not me thing & it’s not at all sexy. I don’t understand why everyone things same sex experiences are so “cool” these days. Bunch of bandwagoners if you ask me.

  10. annie

    hottttt. I’d pay to see Rossdale having sex with just about anything

    • Kerri


    • The ONLY Hetero in this Joint

      Is ‘Zuma’ chumash indian for “little penis wrangler”?

    • Paloma

      The dudes old as fuck anyway & has no pecs & is losing his hair & loves to have shit smeared all over his dick then likes to lick & suck the sick off his buddy’s dick after it’s been in his hole. How exactly is that sexy again?

  11. He looks like a pole smoker

  12. Gavin Rossdale
    Cock Dr
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    Fish – comment on main page went into ethernet black hole. This is 2nd one that’s done so in less than a week.
    Gremlins in the code or are you tired of my typos?

  13. Jennyjenjen

    I could have told you he’s gay, two words “bellybutton piercing”.

  14. HLM

    I don’t see how this was any surprise. I kind of thought all British dudes swung that way at one point or another.

  15. Gallo

    Good for him. Both for doing what he wants and for not being embarrassed. None of our business.

    • afroballz

      Hmm. I want to beat every Che Guevara t-shirt wearing poser within an inch of their sorry lives. That would be doing what I want. Good for me, then?

  16. Kerri

    just watched the glycerine video – ohhhh myyyyy. he is delicious.

    ‘couldn’t love you more, you’ve got a beautiful taste’

    thanks for posting something for the ladies : )

  17. Gavin Rossdale
    chuck d
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    This site has jumped the shark, way too many shirtless dudes and douche bags like the situation

  18. Tommy

    This story has actually been around for years. The cross dresser was a fella named Marylin who was an aspiring pop star, and can actually be seen as part of the choir in the “Do They Know It’s Christmas” music video!

  19. Turd Ferguson

    That’s so GAY.

  20. Clueless

    Who the hell is this tard?

  21. Ebbie

    I love the logic “You have to know what you like, and I know what I like.”

    Hey Gavin, have you ever wondered if you’d like being hit in the head with a mallet? I’ve heard some good things about it… Gotta try everything once, you know, just to make sure you don’t like it.

  22. No, seriously go rough yourself

    Tuck, stuffed and dressed. knowingly? This is a real drag of a news man…

  23. Sugar

    Gay, Bi or Straight–would still hit.

  24. eatme

    Surprising was when we found out he was getting married. Banging doods is what we all thought he was up to anyway.

  25. I don’t know who this is. Seriously, I’ve never seen this guy, or heard his name before. Shouldn’t someone be WELL known before you start writing stories about him that don’t have an explanation of who he is and why you should care?

    That being said, it’s like that old joke. You can fly on 100 planes and still not be a pilot, but if you suck ONE dick…

  26. Gavin Rossdale
    Commented on this photo:

    I know I dont like Boning my cat, didn’t have to actually bone it to find out. But now I’m wondering what I might be missing out on.

  27. grobpilot

    “When you’re 17, Jesus Christ. I don’t think there’s anything strange about any form of, you’re learning about life. It’s a part of growing up.” What kind of fucked-up statement is that? When I was 17, without a doubt I knew that pussy and big tits was the way to go. There was no confusion.

    • aera

      LOL. Seriously this moron is trying to make it sound like it’s some drug he tried. I never thought having sex with a transvestite was all just a part of growing up.

  28. ambidextrous handjob

    Wow, guess all that perfect knowledge you had at 17 is pretty common and no one should ever be running around with any doubts. So that must mean you’re just as talented as Rossdale, right?

    You aren’t?

    Oh, well – that just means you’re just as rich as he is, right? I mean, since your own self-knowledge should be universal, that absolute certainty is obviously the key to wealth, right?

    It isn’t? You’re not as rich?

    OK, famous, then. That’s it, right? Anyone who was that sure of himself at 17 for knowing pussy and big tits were the thing HAS to be world famous by now, right? You’re just posting here because you’re taking a day off from running from the paparazzi, right?


    I don’t get it. Seems there is some confusion here after all…

    • grobpilot

      I guess we all know to whom you’re giving those ambidextrous handjobs.

      • ambidextrous handjob

        And I guess we know how predictable you are. Nope, I’m straight and I didn’t have any doubts to resolve, but I’m not so arrogant to think that just because i didn’t experience it everyone who did has something wrong with them.

  29. Perez

    you can fuck a million brawds and only one dude but you’re still a fuckin homo! thats just plain disgusting ewwwwfuckinewwww…faaag

  30. angela

    Homophobic much?

    I agree with Kerri. It’s not for everyone, but some people DO experiment and while I don’t think it makes him hotter, it doesn’t make him any less attractive, nor does it make him gay.

    Lots of gay people have heterosexual sex for quite some time before learning their gay. Logic (not society) dictates that occasionally the opposite situation occurs.

  31. LJ

    The “cringe factor” is that Peter Robinson, as Marilyn, and Qwen Stephanie look like they could be “sisters”.

  32. suck it

    My god he is FUCKING SEXY. At least he was honest. Who really cares? All you men out there saying he is a homo are just jealous cause he is hotter, more famous, and richer than you. Oh yeah and he gets to go home and bang Gwen Stefani. Btw, I think Gwen is hot. Does that make me gay? Or how about when I hooked up with a chick? No, cause I still like cock.

    THANK YOU FISH FOR POSTING SOMETHING FOR THE LADIES!!! (even if it is just about some dude having sex with another dude.)

  33. Eric

    I don’t know who the fuck “Gavin Rossdale” is — that name sounds made up — but I totally support this 100% and fuck everyone who’s hating

  34. Ninny

    Who cares? He’s hot anyway.

    And I’d love to watch two sexy guys getting it on. Girl-on-girl action is so boring and predictable.

  35. I’ve always thought he was hot too. I honestly don’t give a shit who he’s banging, male or female. That being said, I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing some footage. Get on that, Fish, would ya?

  36. angela

    lol at the young twats who don’t know who this is.

  37. Anony

    Gavin Rossdale Has Banged Dudes, Gavin Rossdale Is Now Banging Dudes, Gavin Rossdale Will Continue To Bang Dudes

    • Yup, agreed. Isn’t one of his kids (Kingston) actually named after his longtime man-friend? Making Gwen the most understanding wife ever.

  38. K

    Wow, i am surprised at the number of homos on the website? The guy is gay and should NOT be married to Gwen. And all the people saying they respect him for being honest, c’mon now he is lying. He dated Marilyn for 5 years!!! That is not experimenting, they were in a relationship. One just have to take one look at him to know he is gay. I am straight and female and don’t see hotness in a guy that banged a guy for five years and is now married to gwen

  39. K

    I think he also has the biggest crush on that tennis player, whathisname . . .er ,, yes
    Roger Feder!

    Poor Gwen Stefani

  40. Mary

    Wow, things sure are different across the pond. In America, having sex with a transvestite is not “just a part of growing up.”

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