Gary Coleman has a shitty life

July 2nd, 2009 // 54 Comments

Gary Coleman’s 23-year-old bride Shannon Price decided it was time for an old-fashioned midget smackdown and was arrested for domestic violence last night. TMZ reports:

According to the sheriff’s website, Shannon Price was booked for the two misdemeanors at 8:32 PM and then released on $1,205 bond.
Cops tell us Shannon allegedly broke household items belonging to Gary and that he was not physically harmed.

I love how the police are obviously covering for him because it sucks enough that he’s Gary Coleman, so why let everybody know his wife used him as a human kickball until he bounced into the cordless phone and dialed 911 while careening off the oven? Give the poor man-ball some privacy.


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  3. He will not. He probably thought something (money was paid royalties) and then kicking it around when she was married to a midget break started realizing. I think I would. She looks like a Gremlin.

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