Gary Coleman and the missus on Tyra Banks

March 24th, 2008 // 44 Comments

Gary Coleman and his bride took their carnival act onto The Tyra Banks Show yesterday where conveniently comedian Steve Harvey was co-hosting. Tyra quizzed the new Mrs. Coleman about being with Gary, his virginal status and their age difference: she’s 22, he’s 40. You start to get the impression this chick just wants a whole bunch of attention. I’m, of course, talking about Tyra. For those of you who can’t watch the video, around the six minute mark she eats Gary Coleman then flies off-stage wearing a jetpack. True story.

Thanks to Trendy for the clip who knows what you’re talking ’bout, Willis.

Photo: RedLasso

  1. joejoe

    Who cares?

  2. arligt

    dunno what this is about, no – time – read!

    must write first, quickly! FIRST!

    and also to share with the world that tyra is quite suckish now-a-days.

  3. sherry

    wow he still alive and married who would thunk it…

  4. Mario

    One weird interview

    Didn’t know who Gary Coleman was?

    Gary Coleman, groupies?

    lol I like how they kept asking “How does it feel to be with an older ( italicized) man”.

    Now, what question did you really wanna ask her?

  5. arligt

    not first it appears. but this video still stinks as bad as tyras but

  6. I am surprised Tyra did not marry Gary. He is the perfect man for her. when they travel he can just crawl up her snatch for easy storage.

  7. I-like-titties

    Less Coleman, more breasts.

  8. justtheobvious

    Who gives a shit?

  9. Caligula

    Funny how Tyra laughs off the age difference here, but chastises it like it’s pedophilia when a porn-star is involved:

  10. babe

    She is a cuttie. I love her. I saw her at “W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c o m” last week. It is said she is dating a young billionaire on that site now. Is she single now? Just curious.

  11. zips

    It’d be truly impressive if “The Myth” holds true in Coleman’s case.

  12. so lake of stimulation… pointing at her!
    is he still a virgin?
    then dump your wife because she is here for the fame! not your love

    and who cares about them! next…..

  13. so lake of stimulation… pointing at her!
    is he still a virgin?
    then dump your wife because she is here for the fame! not your love

    and who cares about them! next…..

  14. @11 What myth? He is 4’2″. His myth is only 3 inches long

  15. As is usually the case, the white man actually gains by “losing” the type of white woman who’s willing to degrade herself with a dysgenic n i g g e r.

  16. Auntie Kryst

    Can Gary still pick all the winning horses, and Is she going to move into the railway station storage lockers with him?

  17. FagHag

    Hey Jimbo,
    He’s so fucking short, a 3 inch cock will make him look like he’s hung like a donkey.

    To scale it would be like a 14 inch cock.

  18. j k

    h@ 15. FRIST!!!

    you know you spelt ‘first’ wrong, you snivelling , wankstained , degenerate,b lowlife ass napkin?

  19. j k

    people with myspace accounts should go ahead and suicide already.

    Please dont wait.

  20. mimi

    Watching her face as Gary talks you can see how much she really cares for him and RESPECTS him.

    That is all anyone needs in life. You all WISH you had someone as devoted as they are to each other.


  21. DD's

    Go fuck yourself………………oh wait, you HAVE to do that everyday because your an ugly, fat, pig, that no one will every want to fuck…………..

    I hope you know how to suck cock.

  22. JOCKem

    Where’s her neck? Where is Steve Havery’s hairpiece?

  23. Mark B

    @16 Nice old movie reference.. brings back my early 80′s memories of that damn movie being played on cable all the time.

  24. sticky-armadillo

    My brother lived up the street for a while from Gary in Santaquin Utah. Around here she is old news. I don’t understand why the media is still interested in this Has-been. He is a jerk to everyone around here. I cant believe that he was able to sit in the same room with Tyra without punching her in the taint.
    Plus his wife looks like some one stuck her head in a burlap sack and then tossed in a rabid badger. And by rabid badger i meant Tyra.

  25. kellygirl57

    Shit……How am I gonna clean all this vomit off my desk? Why do people even give these losers airtime?

  26. Eva

    The girl ought to have her teeth fixed. Then she’d look somewhat cute.

  27. dave


    its ironic that you took the time to comment – thats why these kind of stories are posted. you answered yourself.

  28. Mike

    Does anybody else think she looks like the chick from the Exorcist when she first walks on stage?

  29. Grunion

    I like midgets, they’re so cute and tiny

  30. LBot

    Steve Harvey looks like Lou Gossett Jr or Gordon from Sesame Street. LOL

  31. Joe Daddy

    I saw Gary Coleman in my veterinarian’s waiting room. From the back, I just thought he was as kid waiting for his parents.

  32. KillMONTAG

    Aaah I can’t be bothered to be mean about this, it won’t last but good luck to them.
    I wish the girl would get posture classes though.

  33. Gary seems to be a real gentleman. I wish him and his newly found wife luck and lots of love.

  34. woodhorse

    I could sit through five more renditions of Chocolate Rain and not have my teeth on edge like the two minute mark of Gary Coleman. He needs to find Wanda to rock his world.

  35. 23apples

    I’m under the impression that he married a mentally retarded woman with no neck. Is this correct?

  36. 23apples

    Alright, let me think about what I just saw.
    He married a retarded woman with no neck. Is this correct?

  37. Juaqin Ingles

    He still looks like he’s 12. That’s awesome.

  38. The Fake Fish

    Who is this Richard Pryor impersonator? Wasn’t the original bad enough?

  39. fry

    Race traitor.

  40. John White

    #15 and 39,

    Ha ha ha. That’s something really imaginative. Did you guys come up with that on you own? Ok, the next challenge will be to add up the numbers 15 and 39. One hint: the sum will be much higher than both you guys IQ added up.

  41. does anyone else think it’s fucking HILARIOUS that at 1:41.. gary coleman really says “WHATCHU TALKIN BOUT?”

    l m f a o.

  42. crackhead

    Bitch need braces for her teeth and her back, fucking hunchback of notre Dame and grumpy. those baby pictures will go for…. hundreds?

  43. Geez! I just saw this tape on Gary now. He deserves all the luck in the world. Now they’re getting divorced. What a damn shame!! For all the crap he has been through, I hope things get better for him.

  44. mls

    We need to be like her 12. That is very nice.

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