‘Game of War’ Made Mariah Carey Run

[Note: When I used to word “made” in the headline, I meant “used magic and/or supercomputers to accomplish” rather than “coerced her into actual physical exertion.”]

This post is entirely about the :49 second mark of this commercial for Game of War, which recast Kate Upton’s role of “War Chest” with Mariah Carey. At :49, Mariah turns and begins to run in the most amazingly shitty CGI since Legolas surfed down an Oliphaunt’s face. It lasts for less than two seconds, because I assume that’s all they could get before their graphics cards burst into flames in an act of group suicide.

Which is why I made this GIF, because Internet journalism. RIP, you valiant VGAs. Good night, and good luck.

Mariah Carey God Of War