Gal Gadot Is Officially Wonder Woman

December 4th, 2013 // 42 Comments
Sorry, Jaimie Alexander
Jaimie Alexander Butt Cleavage See Through Dress Thor The Dark World Premiere
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One of the worst kept secrets about Batman Vs. Superman is that it would feature a cameo by Wonder Woman. A Wonder Woman who will not be played by Jaimie Alexander because apparently even her breasts are too big for whatever the hell they’re trying to do here. Variety reports:

Gal Gadot will play Wonder Woman in the untitled “Batman vs. Superman” movie.

“Wonder Woman is arguably one of the most powerful female characters of all time and a fan favorite in the DC Universe. Not only is Gal an amazing actress, but she also has that magical quality that makes her perfect for the role. We look forward to audiences discovering Gal in the first feature film incarnation of this beloved character,” Snyder said

This decision comes on the heels of Warner Bros. reportedly planning to rush out three comic book movies a year because even though Thor: The Dark World was a goddamn mess, money. The good news, though, is that Ben Affleck only agreed to play Batman because Daredevil was so fucking awful it haunts him to this day, and I’m pretty sure he could take Zack Snyder in a fight. “So, for this scene, Batman and Superman start to fight in like this huge CGI tornad- oh my God, that’s an Oscar up my ass. Ben Affleck just shoved an Oscar up my ass. Yield, I yield. He’s your director now.”

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  1. Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Batman Vs Superman
    Ben Tramer
    Commented on this photo:

    Wonder Woman needs to eat some Wonder Bread… and meat, and well, the whole goddamned sammich for that matter. Maybe two.

  2. Balls Mcgee

    She’s hot, but needs to beef up a bit (See: titties).

  3. polk

    Producer must have had fun banging all the actresses wanting this role. Gal Godot must be a great lay.

  4. Vicent Gallo

    Jewish Wonderwoman. That will make Fundies’ head explode.

  5. Hugh G. Rection

    Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in the same movie. The porn parody version should be interesting.

  6. So the Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman pilot was so bad that they’re rejecting fake AND real boobs for this movie?

  7. 42

    Sir, Ms. Gadot is unable to actually pick up the Lasso of Truth.
    Yeah, but she is still pretty right? We can just CGI it all in later.

  8. It’s still going to be washed out colors, devoid of all fun, and with a dark and broody Superman. Think I’ll catch the next round of reboots.

    • alex

      How do you know this Uncle Phil?

      A comic fan being negative and bashing the movie before they’ve shot a single frame? Say it ain’t so! (I bet you were bitching online about Batman having a Baaaaaston accent too.)

      I liked the last superman….until they had him fucking murder the bad guy. My superman doesn’t kill the villain. He figures out a way to beat them, that doesn’t involve snapping their neck. But the washed out colors, the more “realistic” approach was kind of cool. (I always thought it would be interesting to see what it would be like for a real super villain to fight 100 soldiers and just wipe them out in an instant….like a person swatting a bug)

      • I’m one of the ones on board with Affleck. I never understood the hate for the guy. He’s the only reason I would watch this next one in the first place.

        And no, I haven’t seen anything from the new one, but it’s not as if Snyder doesn’t have a visual style. It’s not exactly a stretch to use past performances as indicators of future behavior either. It’s a sequel to a serious, gritty film, so I’m going to guess that studios greenlight these things to crank out more of the same. Just using context clues and whatnot. And who cares? You liked it. I didn’t. The world spins on.

      • alex

        Right on brother!

      • Don was on board with Affleck too. Many down thumbs were delivered to us that day.

      • Yep. I’m looking forward to seeing Affleck as Batman. It’s stupid to judge before you see him in action. People were complaining about Heath Ledger as the Joker too.

      • “Oh, there they go. There they go, every time I start talkin ’bout boxing, a white man got to pull Rocky Marciano out their ass” …that is the ONE example every one pulls out whenever this subject comes up …yes, that ONE worked out awesome, but, the ratio of actors who were maligned early on and ended up sucking (hard) is WAY higher …and no, it’s not “stupid” to have a gut feeling before “they’ve shot a single frame” …especially with an established actor who’m we’re very familiar with, and an established character we know ell …good casting is good casting …no one said dick when downey was cast as tony stark …why? ’cause that’s some good ass casting …obviously, millions of people don’t look at affleck and think “batman” …there must be something to that. (like janeane garofalo once said; “there’s a part of this cynic that’s somewhat envious of people who just don’t give a fuck what goes in their ear-hole, eye-hole, mouth-hole”)

  9. First good news I have heard about this movie, I love Gal Gadot. Maybe I will watch it now, maybe

  10. She definitely needs to beef up a bit. I need to see her inaction before I judge.

  11. JimBB

    Pretty soon, to even get a movie greenlit, you’ll have to prove it was originally a comic book.

    “Yeah, I’d like to do a big screen version of King Lear”

    “And is ‘King Lear’ the name of the comic book this is based on, or is he just part of a superhero team?”

    “Uh….yeah…King Lear was a major cult comic in the DC Universe. Very big in the 70′s.”

    “Okay, let’s do it. But make sure you leave the door open for a sequel.”

  12. Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Batman Vs Superman
    Hip hop Blows Horse Cocks
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d throw it in her

  13. Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Batman Vs Superman
    Commented on this photo:

    So the idea here was to make a joke yes?
    Flat chested human crane to play super “busty” fit hero?
    Oh thats gonna take alot of cgi.

  14. Margaret

    Annnnnnd flop.

  15. Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Batman Vs Superman
    Commented on this photo:

    For the love of god, get her something to eat and boob job and then she’ll be ready to play Wonder Woman. Right now, all she could play is Wonder Woman’s anorexic kid sister.

    • hamtime

      What’s with the negative votes on this comment??
      Krav is completely right on … along with all of the rest of the comments on this girl’s lack of physique. Bloody hell, she looks like she would snap at if she missed the first step into the invisible jet.

      Gina Carano – that’s all.

  16. Sure she’s pretty, but since when was Wonder Woman ever a borderline flat chested twig? If she was dead, Lynda Carter would be rolling her grave like an Iranian centrifuge.

    • Nick

      I don’t think Lynda Carter’s dead dude, last I check she was still alive and looking pretty good for being 62.

    • No, more like an American centrifuge, they have been rolling on full speed for decades, very fast, the product of which has exploded and killed countless people. Much more powerful, just like a super hero would be.

  17. Swearin

    Translation: We spent the budget on Ben Affleck’s fee and more CGI, so here’s your Wonder Woman. I rewatched all the Fast and the Furious movies back in April with my brother while drunk off our asses, and she seemed a passable enough actress, but fuck no is she right for this.

  18. Nick

    The irony about that Jaime Alexander boob joke in the first paragraph is that Jaime herself said in a TMZ street interview that Warner Bros. would never cast her to play Wonder Woman because her chest wasn’t big enough. Fucked up ain’t it?

  19. anonymous

    A gal named Gal playing a wonder woman named Wonder Woman.

  20. Wonder Woman only makes a cameo? So we can spend the whole movie…waiting for Gadot.

    Seriously, no one else made that joke the whole day? Buncha fuckin’ Philistines here.

  21. SirOldDirtyPants

    She has the face for it, but her breast will have to be added with CGI.

  22. Lynda Carter would be a better choice as she still looks good but if you have to go young, take Kelly Brooke or Gina Carano. Those two dont even have to talk and the movie would be better.

  23. Margaret

    Affleck is going to be TERRible, guaranteed, because he is terrible ALL OF THE TIME apart from the directing flukes which were probably someone else regardless of what we think we know outside of H-Wood. And in the end the writing will suck and so it won’t matter who play Wonder Woman because DC has no idea how to have movies that play well together. AND because Hollywood makes TERRIBLE MOVIES. ALL OF THE TIME. Kids today, and by kids i mean Hollywood Directors, learned to write and plot their movies by watching previous terrible movies and splicing the five elements together and changing the paint job on the spaceship. All of these fanchises should be given to Japanese writers and Spanish directors. And Marvel sucks, too. Jeremy Renner? Scarlett BJohansen as Black Widow? Gimme a fat break. Cast for quality, and appropriateness, not for who is the most handyj.

  24. Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Batman Vs Superman
    Commented on this photo:

    Is Snyder just blind and an idiot? “Zack we’d like you to handle the Stephen Hawkins biography.” “Great I’d like to get Will Smith for the title role, and get rid of the wheelchair, we’ll just have him walk in the film.”

  25. anonym

    They’ll give her a prosthetic set of tits, just like Leslie Mann got in the Change-up

  26. Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Batman Vs Superman
    Commented on this photo:

    Lynda Carter is laughing. #flat

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