Gabrielle Reece is still hot, also wearing a bikini

July 22nd, 2008 // 64 Comments

Sports model Gabrielle Reece is seen here vacationing in St. Tropez, France with husband surf guru Laird John Hamilton. I can tell Gabrielle just had a baby – and not because she’s holding one. (Okay, that helped.) In the meantime, ladies, if you want an idea of what I like look like, I’m built exactly like Laird here. Except more buff and Tiffany jewelry shoots out of my pecs.


  1. akldfj


  2. rikki


  3. FRIST

    i know…

  4. akldfj

    SUCK IT NUMBERS 2 and 3, you are both losers and should suck my balls you conservative fucking bigots. EAT A DICK. Cheney. AND CHOKE ON THAT SHIT.

  5. BlackBanana

    Dude, her outtie is gnarly.

    Is she wearing a push-up bra for that too?

    - rikki, you’re a massive tool.

  6. silverdollar

    ewww her bellybutton looks so weird.

  7. Gabby is looking great! Laird (stupid name) is one lucky SOB!

    #1 & 2 – massive douche bags

  8. Kathleen

    First of all, I would totally hook up with Superfish. Especially if he looked like that. Maybe a little less hair.

    Second of all, what the FUCK is up with her bellybutton? Is that an outtie? Either way, it’s gross.

    She’s not ugly, but giant man-like women with strange growths emerging from their stomachs don’t exactly scream sex appeal.

  9. Deacon Jones

    Take some tips from these photos ladies

    Just cause you have a kid it isnt an excuse to blowup and eat continously everyday from then on out. Good job Gabrielle!

    If only that divorced MILF I banged last weekend had given me a headsup that her navel region looked like a dissected jellyfish *WOOF*

  10. you stupid losers

    Go ahead and peck away, you scrawny pizza-faced nerds and fat walmart cows. Why isn’t anyone taking pictures of your flawless faces and bodies? I guess they don’t want to be sued for blinding people if those hideous photos are ever published

  11. Crush

    Laird is a pussy. I owned him at the last surf and turf contest. Those pec implants of his make his look ridiculous. He needs to transplant some of that chest hair on to his noggin. And Gabby used to be hot. Now, great bod, but the face is not for me.

  12. anericanmckrout

    THIS is what a fit, hot MILF should look like!! Buff, tight, and smokin’ gorgeous. Gabby- from one iron-pumping uber mama to another- YOU ROCK!

  13. americanmckrout

    Now THIS is what a fit, hot MILF should look like! Tight, toned, strong, and FIERCE! Gabby- from one iron-pumping uber mama to another- YOU ROCK!

    Eat your hearts out Barf-gelina, Nicole Ugman, and Nicole Retchie!

  14. debbie


  15. americanmckrout

    Sorry about the double posting- !@#$% computer!

  16. lara

    hI sYD! XOX

  17. Narcissist

    Wow, she completely destroyed her physique with childbirth. Now she’ll look like a whale forever. No way she’ll ever fit through a barn door again. It’s impossible to get in shape again after childbirth.

    Never really been enamored of her, actually. Five most beautiful women in the world? Ummmm…

  18. I have her stats on my webpage! Check them out!

  19. nipolian

    All this time I thought that Stacy Peralta named the documentary “Riding Giants” because of big waves……seeing these pictures I now realize he was referring to Laird mounting Gabby.

  20. toolboy

    Congrats on the baby Laird and Gabby….and it only took a 5 man team of highly motivated marine biologists to make it happen too!

  21. hot mess

    Forget what’s her name…check out Laird!! Thank you fish for posting a pic of one hot D.I.L.F.

  22. A-1

    She has an ugly belly button. But if she just had a baby, damn, I applaud abs that look like that.

  23. mee

    am i the only one who looks at her face & sees a dude? like…how did she model? i can see by the body but…her face is just butch

  24. coolmom

    She’s probably breastfeeding and sometimes that can make fat burn more slowly after it initially causes the baby weight to drop off, so once she finishes breastfeeding she will probably be back into pre-babies shape. I got my pre-babies body back after 2 kids. Tall women have a big advantage for that. I don’t find her all that sexy but neither is her husband, however they both have nice bodies and Gabrielle looks tan and a lot better at 38 than most women I see who are 26.

  25. havoc


    And I don’t mean him either…..

    No really, they’re an okay couple. Not fucked up by the usual celebrity standards.


  26. Uncle Eccoli

    What’s the matter with #11?

    I agree with #24 and everybody else on about her navel. It looks like a baby goiter.

  27. bmk

    I saw all of them while they were at a family brunch in Malibu about a month and a half ago. They both are in great shape! Laird was literally holding their baby in the palm of his hand over the breakfast table, the kid was just standing up in Laird’s one hand with the biggest smile on her face. Both Gabby and Laird are massive people, and she’s not ugly, but she’s not a tiny, perfect Victoria’s Secret model either… not everyone can be!

  28. Chupacabra

    duh. they are professional athletes. we … us, posting on this site, are professional internet surfers… our bodies … just, uh, don’t train to look like that. don’t beat yourself up, beat off instead! it burns more calories.

  29. toxem

    Her bellybutton is outie because she just gave birth.

  30. toxem

    Her bellybutton is an outie because that’s what happens to bellybuttons when you’re pregnant/recently gave birth.


  31. Christ jesus, Chupacabra, you’ve hit the nail on the head. He’s a fucking golden god, she’s hotter 15 minutes after having a baby than most women are their entire lives, and everyone on this board who’s HATIN is most assuredly a fat 17 year old boy who can’t decide which of the two of them to jack off to.

    The only thing worse than fat haters is an internet comment board for them to shout into. I really hope when Jesus returns, the first thing he does is destroy all message boards.


  32. Chupacabra

    @32. Captain Nuttsacka 9000 – You rock.

  33. coffeebean

    #30 &31 – Look who’s calling others idiots.

    #32 – I’m sure Jesus will have a little more on his plate to deal with before he gets around to destroying message boards, but, you never know.

  34. cooby

    Any time your navel casts a shadow, it’s never good…

  35. bsm

    looks like two men to me

  36. Twinkle

    She is a freakin’ Amazon. I walked past her once outside her hotel on CPW. I’m 5’6″ and her ass hit my chest. I’ve never felt so small in my life. Her ass is seriously dope. It’s a 90 degree booty. You can rest your drink on that no problem. Props to her for being such an Amazon!

  37. Rondell T

    Umm – Gabbie is cool, but she looks like a dude!

  38. wanks

    @12 dont you get tired of pretend life?

  39. Nina

    Laird. Oh. My. God. He’s a stud.

  40. britney's weave

    beautiful family. thank you in particular for pic six.

  41. Ted from LA

    She looks like John Smith from Pocahontas. I don’t trust people who do informercials and look like land stealers.

  42. ishi-san

    EEEWWWWWWW I will never get pregnant if I get a bellybutton like that!!!!!! At least don’t show it of in a bikini

  43. ishi-san

    …..And by the way: THAT KID IS BRANDNEW

  44. ishi-san

    oops, what I meant to say, was is NOT brand new…’s a little late here… :-)

  45. blahblah

    I really have to say.. there’s an uncanny similarity between her and fabio. I’m starting to think they may be the same person, I mean come on, have you ever seen them both at the same place and time?

    Yeah, I thought so.

  46. mike

    she is my favorite. Someone told me she is datting a young billlionaire on -”"”"”NYwealthyMatch . c o m”"”. What kind of relationship she is looking for on that site? Long-term relationship or just a dating?

  47. bonespur

    I saw Gabrielle Reece interviewed on the tube and she is a fucking goddess! Not only does she look incredible, but she has a great sense of humor and a super personality. Totally charismatic!

  48. kelly

    She looks as if she may have gotten implants. She used to be INCREDIBLEY flat-chested. Trust me, your boobs don’t go from non-existant to having full on cleavage in a bikini. Not to mention, that baby she’s carrying looks to be about six months old – at least.

  49. blah

    her boobs dont look fake at all

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