Floyd Mayweather Jr. Looks Remorseful

September 10th, 2010 // 56 Comments
Floyd Mayweather Jr. Mug Shot

In the docs she states that Floyd came into her Las Vegas home Thursday morning and awoke her by, “pulling me by my hair and throwing me on the ground in my living room and began punching me in my head.” She claims Floyd then began “dragging me on the floor and twisting my arm back … in attempt to try and break it.” According to the documents, Josie claims Floyd “continued to beat me in front of [the couple's three children].” Josie claims that Floyd threatened the children — saying if they “ran or tried to call the police he would beat them the same way.” - TMZ



  1. piggy

    He doesn’t hold a candle to his father.

  2. Richard McBeef

    what the fuck is a mayweather? are we supposed to know who the fuck this person is or is the fish just posting random domestic abuse news articles now?

  3. Was it career day at home?

  4. dubba

    i call BS

    if a professional boxer hit someone like described, would they be able to give a statement outside of typing with their one good finger after 3 weeks in a coma?

    “if he “attempted” to break her arm it would be off her body and she would have been beaten to death with it. and if he punched her repeatedly, shed not be coherant after the first hit.

    if he can knock a professional boxer out in one hit with a padded glove, he sure as hell would do a shitton of damage barefisted to some bitch.

    • dubba

      I agree. If he hamfisted her just once, she’d not beable to give a detailed statement.

      • juaquin ingles

        -200. Any pro boxer hits some slut in the head once, she’s being spoon-fed soup and pissing into a bag.

    • When has Mayweather knocked anyone out with one punch or in his last few fights stopped anyone but KO? He probably hits like a little girl cause he sure as hell showed us that he acts like one by hitting on a woman. Bitch move

      • The Man

        Probably has a small dick too

      • Taz

        + 100 sh0t0kn

      • Mike Tyson

        Whatever….no ones above an ass whipping.

        Lets wait and here the whole story before judging. She could have been saying she was gonna kill his kids, take them and disappear, she could have been slowly transferring $$$ to a separate account etc.

        Hell, for all we know, she could be just another one of those loud mouthed, obnoxious, english bastardizing hood rats. Thats almost deserving enough right there.

    • Amy

      @dubba, you are a fucking idiot. So you’re saying that because she is alive, it must not have happened?

  5. The Man

    This no count Negro belongs in jail with his bros!

    • Compound9

      You, The Man are right, forget due process lock them all up as I am sure they are all guilty of something Bro.
      Lets lock you in a cage with him and his “bro’s” and see how long you survive with that attitude.
      Try a little less hate and maybe we can all survive this little game of life. asshole.

  6. this guy needs to stop dodging that “hgh-takin yellow midget pacquiao”, the shame is tormenting him to madness..

    • Marcus

      Pacman is his last big pay day so he’s gonna drag it out as long as he can because manny has a real chance of knocking him the hell out…

      • Randal(l)

        I agree, if he can’t knockout a woman who was already asleep I’d say he’d have a heck of a time against Manny Paquiao

  7. Rough can cook

    That’s a hell of a way to train for Paquiao…I don’t approve of this…

  8. gaga

    never heard of him either.

  9. Peanutty

    If that is his mug shot than he is one cocky mofo.

  10. Compound9

    Are you Serious? He is a professional boxer with a record of 41-0 with 25 KO’s if im not mistaken.

    Along with my last comment if he is guilty im not condoning what he did, but he is still innocent until proven otherwise.

    and the blatant racism that has been appearing as of late is appalling on all levels.

  11. BennyfromThames

    The look on his face says it all! Sometimes you just gotta CHOKE a bitch!

  12. lux

    Kind of a Norman Batesy smile, considering the context.

  13. mr snow

    and fucking money mayweather moves up to 42-0 still undefeated bitches. fuck.

  14. captain america

    when americans need attention……
    …….THEY TRY JUST ANYTHING, folks!!!!!

  15. Mister Mean as Hell

    I can believe this happened, but logically speaking it doesn’t seem highly likely. For one thing the man is filthy rich and doesn’t have to resort to retaliation the way us commoners do (never stopped Tyson though). Given his status as a man who punches people for money, how can anyone believe he didn’t put this woman in a full body cast and separate her bottom jaw from her face (is she made of iron or what)? And lastly, since racism is running rampant already with this incident: I’d like to point out, as a white male who drinks heavily and lives in Georgia, I’m 8 times more likely to haul up and beat the shit out of my female company than this dude is.

  16. Ilikeyp


  17. shavederic

    1) The guy is a moron.
    2) He’s a boxer.
    3) He’s Black.
    4) Jail is inevitable.

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  19. sarah

    now this guy is HOT. jesus what a face

  20. nisro

    The cops should have cracked him across the face to get rid of that shit eating smile.

  21. Rufus The Cat

    I call bullshit on this one. No faster way to bring a man down and money into your life than saying he’s a wife beater. The assumption of guilt fucks me and makes respectable women out of whores and gold diggers.

    Floyd, I don’t believe the accusations.

    The woman was probably made out of bacon and lies!

  22. Mel Gibson

    DAYUM hes a good looking fella!

  23. Lulu

    He looks pretty pleased with himself. How the f do you not know who he is?

  24. BoxingFan

    People he is smiling because this is the SECOND time she has accused him of beating her. The first time she recanted and had NO MARKS on her body at all. Guess what folks, they released a pic of her today….not a mark on her face. So I call bullsh*t. If you don’t believe me then go up several comments and read what Mr Mean As Hell had to say on this situation

    • Mister Mean as Hell

      Thanks for the love BoxingFan. Much props for being someone who examines a situation before showing his ass unlike the majority of people these days. Unless he’s got a bag of oranges and a towel loaded with soap, Floyd is clean as a virgin’s honey-pot (minus any G.I. Joes that might be stuck up there).

  25. terrance

    she’s lying. she’s a greedy as baby’s moms. who is now a lesbo. living off his money her and her girl friend

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  27. louis

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  28. ok, I just need to say it… For years her entrir existence has been Laguna & Hill,just don’t think we can get that our of our minds. Training wil not prevent that from happening. For ation she would have to do the dramatic action bit, ya know, extreme weight loss or gain or being a character so far from what she’s been protaid as. i hope she can pull it off. I do however immediately have full confidence of her being behind the camera.

  29. Len

    He’s got a perfect smile!!

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