Fergie is still a tranny

February 1st, 2007 // 117 Comments




  1. iburl

    Thank God for this site. If it wasn’t for thesuperficial.com, I might think I was going insane. Everywhere I turn I see TV ads, magazine articles, photo captions, etc., etc., all telling me that “Fergie” is a hot, sexy, and beautiful starlet. Now I know that I am not alone in seeing an ugly, untalented, meth-addict-faced, skeeza. BTW, can there really be more than 1 Fergie? I’m not ready to give up knowing the Fat English Pricess and Weight Watcher by that name. Thank you.

  2. RichPort

    I’m going against the grain on this one and saying I’d fuck her, on two conditions – doggiestyle and with a bag over her head. You don’t fuck the face, and she looks hot from the waist down in those tight red pants. I can’t help it, it’s genetic, they make my blood boil. And if it turns out that she has a cock, I’d do the right thing – I’m not the kind of guy that would fuck a person in the ass and not even have the goddam common courtesy to give him (it?) a reach-around.

  3. Me

    #102 HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. wedgeone

    #102 – nice one, Gunnery Sgt. Hartman. Watch out for Fergi Pyle – you may rip her balls off so that she cannot contaminate the rest of the world.

  5. RichPort

    And when I’m done fucking him (it?) in the ass, of course I’d have the goddam common courtesy to let him fuck ass too.

    I mean fair is fair.

  6. DEV-O

    Platitudes! Platitudes! Nothing but platitudes!

  7. phrozen71

    Looks like that hoe is doing the crab scratch shuffle or is she only zipping up from taking a dump…. A dump a dump a dump A nasty, stinky dump.
    Rediculous, over rated, talentless, meth addicted, SLUT!

  8. tess

    Poor Josh. He’s gonna pee in his pants when he see this pic. That’s right dude, you’ve been punk’d. I’m sure Fergie sleeps with her mae-up on and wakes up earlier than Josh, in order to do some retouches. Otherwise, the guy would have gotten a heart attack.
    No wonder he is in no rush to marry and to sperminate her. He’s worried about his ADN. Don’t want to mix it up with an ugly tranny. How old does she look really? 70? Her drug addict period really took a toll on her. If it wasn’t for the lipo, the nip/tuck, the tummy tuck and the boob job, that girl would be living in a trailer park right now. And her only dating prospect would be Danny de Vito or…Jack Black.
    Run Josh, run. Go puke in the toilets and RUN!!! Why can’t you go for a hot chick like Vanessa Marcil? Do you have a fetish for aging, disgusting women?

  9. Truthseeker013

    What did trannies ever do to *you*, Mister Author Person?

  10. licklick

    Looks like she’s got a hormone problem. Women like her are hornier than rats in heat. I’d definitely let her slobber over my limp dick after smoking some crystal.

  11. oh, you sly boots.

    lawl #110.
    She has a nice body but her face is, ugh…

  12. Why would you say the Fergie’s a tranny

  13. god she’s ugly…maybe she should start doing duets with rupaul..

  14. JJ

    She would still get boned! With a bag over her head, but meh them hips mmmm…damn!

  15. Fergenetic!!!

    She is the best!!! No matter what the hell think some people!!! These obviosly aren´t her best photos but when she wants to be pretty, she is more beautiful than Britney Spears!!!

  16. What the heck? That doesn’t look anything like her. What did they do to her face???

  17. J

    Oh, that’s sad. I hadn’t seen a Fergie photo in years. The second pic is kind of the way Boy George looks now. I love “The E.N.D.” but didn’t really catch any photos of her without makeup. She’s got monster hands. This is exactly what happened to Kathleen Turner. She was hot decades ago, but quickly eroded into a monstrous tranny-looking thing.

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