Farrah Abraham Is Selling Rubber Copies of Her Butthole Again

“Alright, now gimme a ‘There’s no legitimate excuse for my fame,’ and a BIG smile. Perfect.”

Thanks to her appearance on Celebrity Big Brother, Christian author Farrah Abraham now has all the publicity she needs to extol the values of Christ-like parenting – or sell new rubber molds of her butthole. Close enough. Via Simply Pleasure:

If someone was going to buy just one toy from the collection, what should it be?
Definitely the Farrah Abraham inflatable doll with cyberskin pussy and ass. Who wouldn’t want to take me everywhere with them? Let’s take a sexy selfie together or make a video of our own! The best part about it is that the tight “love tunnel” holes are tight and texturized for ultimate pleasure!

Because I’m a hard-hitting journalist, here’s the Farrah Abraham Inflatable Doll (NSFW) that the only slightly more human Farrah wants you to not only buy for $190, but also take selfies of because who doesn’t want to relive the lowest point in your life when suicide would’ve clearly been the better option? That’s just good fun.

Farrah Abraham Inflatable Doll

And for more shits and giggles, here’s the quote from the product page: “The second best thing to experiencing the real Farrah!” Which is a bold statement to make considering the doll doesn’t talk and/or have a daughter who never stood a chance, so I don’t know all about this “second” business. In fact, someone needs to start asking some serious questions about how the doll can take over in the mom department because I’m pretty sure that’s the only light at the end of this butt tunnel.

“Gramma, Gramma, come quick! Mommy deflated again!”
“Which one?”
“Haha! You’re so funny, Gramma. I won’t kill you like the others.”
“Aww… wait.”

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