Christian Author Farrah Abraham Wants You To Buy Her Pocket Pussy

The Superficial | July 14, 2014 - 2:18 pm

You probably know Farrah Abraham from her upcoming book on Christian parenting, so you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that like most Christ-loving authors, she also has a line of erotic sex toys which she launched over the weekend by licking them right in the rubber vulva. A move she learned from none other than T.D. Jakes. Or was it Max Lucado? Either way, remembering my parents’ bookshelf is fun!

Here’s the “Full On” version which I’ll assume attaches to your garden hose for an authentic squirting experience. (Be sure to detach during the winter months to avoid unwanted pipe bursting. THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!)

Farrah Abraham Sex Toy


I have no idea what a “Grip-On Stroker” is or does, but you can honestly put anything in a child’s stocking, and they’ll love it. They just like unwrapping things.

Farrah Abraham Sex Toy


And finally the “Backdoor Entry” so you can relive that magical moment when Farrah Abraham went on a real, live date with a male porn star and went, “Let me get the lube,” while a professional camera crew set up the lighting for their sex tape that wasn’t a porno complete with a sequel. You know, for the off chance your normal dates don’t end like that which almost all of them do. Let’s be realistic.

Farrah Abraham Sex Toy

Photos: Splash News