Farrah Abraham’s In Rehab

When I first heard that Farrah Abraham checked into rehab, my immediate reaction was, of course, because that’s what “celebrities” do once the sex tape well runs dry (from James Deen having anal sex with it). Turns out there’s an even simpler explanation: She’s a bitch. Radar reports:

Following her arrest, Farrah was placed on six months probation and already ordered to complete an alcohol education course.
Although she recently passed the course, the director of the Texas-based program noted Farrah “had difficulty making eye contact, was standoffish and was sarcastic when answering the questions asked of her,” according to a document provided to Radar.
She recommended Farrah complete 60 hours of intensive outpatient treatment, followed by 12 months of after care.

So Farrah was an absolute cunt to someone who called her on her bullshit? What an unprecedented turn of events. Even more unprecedented, she’s already lying about the whole situation:

Describing it as a preemptive step to ensure that she continues on the right path, the 22-year-old told Radar: “At this time in my life, I need to stay focused on the positive to get through all of the negative that a DUI has caused in my life.”
“I’m 22 and I want to make better choices and ensure I can recognize when I am putting myself in a bad situation next time,” she added.

You see? The whole thing was her idea. Nothing to worry about. In fact, in a just released statement, Farrah says she “can’t wait to get back to acting and spending quality time with her mother, Dina, and sister, Ali. Their love and support mean the world to her.”

Photos: Pacific Coast News