How Is Farrah Abraham Fucking Up Her Daughter Today?

Farrah Abraham’s daughter was screwed the second she attached to the lining of Farrah’s uterus and became a golden ticket to get on MTV instead of a mercifully suctioned out bag of slush. It was all over for her then, and it’s not getting any better. But we’ve all got clicks to milk, so here’s a bunch of people yelling at Farrah for teaching a seven-year-old how to seductively pose in bikini photos. Oh, good. Us Weekly reports:

“This is deeply disturbing. She is so young yet looks as though she is in her twenties,” one user wrote. “I can’t believe that she has Sophia modeling. Children’s modeling includes clothing brands stores or toys. Not photos on the beach up against trees and a pose in the water. This is sick and I truly do feel horribly bad for Sophia that she will be raised this way.”
“This is so horrible, how many perverts out there must be happy,” another quipped.
“There’s a pedophile on Sophia’s IG who commented he wants to f–k your 7 year old after seeing this pic, Farrah,” another user warned. “Instead of removing it you post it again. Stellar parenting as usual, you dumb t–t.”

In Farrah Abraham’s defense, she’s learned a lot about the porn industry over the years – the secret is rubber buttholes – and what mother doesn’t want to give her daughter the tools for success? Plus Farrah’s an only child, so it’s not like there’s an uncle hanging around to get this ball rolling, but I’m getting away from my point here, and it’s why hasn’t child services landed a chopper on Farrah’s nose (there’s room) and pulled that kid out of there? What am I paying taxes for?

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