Farrah Abraham’s Writing A Christian Parenting Book, Yes, That Farrah Abraham

“Are you there, God? It’s me, squirt-butt.”

In the past year, Farrah Abraham has lied about filming a sex tape that’s really a porno, sold plastic molds of her vagina, abandoned her daughter (that she admits she tried to abort), and hired a fake boyfriend so she can get on Couples Therapy. So what better person to write a book about Godly Christian parenting which is literally what Farrah’s trying to do without any sense of irony whatsoever because she’s an empty shell of a human being, fake-titted and evil. Via Fishwrapper:

Farrah announced on the most recent episode of “Couples Therapy” that following her sex book trilogy, a Christian parenting book is going to hit shelves before long.
So to recap — Farrah Abraham’s launching a sex toy line complete with plastic vagina casts, writing some “50 shades” type sex fiction, and then penning a Christian parenting book.

Of course, there’s always the chance that Farrah Abraham could sell this by saying God called her to do porn to reach more sinners, but c’mon. That’d be like a bunch of rich, white yuppies pretending to be bearded, duck hunters so they can get even more filthy rich from a network jointly owned by Hearst Communications and Disney, two prominent supporters of gay rights, then turning around and trying to say it was God’s will so they can spread his gospel. Christians are smarter than that. They can smell bullshit coming a mile away. Trust me.

Photos: Pacific Coast News