Farrah Abraham Called Blac Chyna A ‘Monkey’ Now

Seen here making The MTV Movie Awards somehow even more of a goddamn joke, Farrah Abraham has apparently decided she’s defeated the Kardashians and has moved on to hurling racial slurs at the gold-diggers sucking off of them. Kind of like she did to James Deen’s penis after he jammed it in her rectum. Us Magazine reports:

The Teen Mom star, 24, stirred up trouble when she not-so-discreetly commented on a short video clip of Chyna, 27, bopping along to Beyoncé’s “Sorry.”
“F–kin monkey ewe s–t come up 4 what she is a nothing,” Abraham wrote, seemingly unprompted.

Keep in mind, Farrah’s only accomplishments in life include teen pregnancy and anal porn, while Blac Chyna, um… shit… had sex with Rob Kardashian(?), and more importantly, isn’t a racist encouraging her child to be a stripper, so she wins. And, yup, that last stuff definitely happened.

Only on #snapchat #parenthood few do it right

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We seriously need to start paying child services more. Goddammit.

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