Stephen Belafonte Ordered to Destroy All Those Mel B Sex Tapes

“So we’re splitting the house and you’re destroying those sex tapes, right?”
“Yep. Split the house and destroying the steaks, yep you got it.”
“Did you say steaks?”
“Sex states, yep.”

After almost a year of legal back and forth between ex-Spice Girl Mel B and her batshit crazy ex-husband Stephen Belafonte, they have finally reached a settlement that gives Belafonte’s broke ass a ton of her money and joint custody on the condition that he ensure the sex tapes he recorded of Mel B having freaky-deaky threesomes with other women never see daylight. I have a feeling that part of the deal was pushed (and probably bankrolled) by NBC to ensure nobody sees the host of America’s Got Talent getting nasty with the family nanny.

“According to TMZ, the film producer agreed to destroy any and all any compromising footage of the America’s Got Talent judge as a part of his settlement. In legal documents obtained by the outlet, he struck a deal to make sure the NSFW material will never see the light of day in exchange for three years of a redacted amount of spousal support.

In addition to the money he will receive from Mel, Stephen will also receive joint legal custody of 6-year-old daughter Madison. He will also be given shared physical custody of the child, as well as access to the family home to retrieve his personal belonging after he was barred from entering per his restraining order.

Mel and Stephen agreed to sell their house and split the profits as a part of the divorce settlement, which has yet to be officially signed by a judge.

The deal was reportedly struck after Mel had agreed to drop her domestic violence claims against her ex.” (from Celebuzz!)

I’m honestly a little bummed out by this deal and I think Belafonte is getting off way too easy. Unconventional sex habits aside, it sounds like Mel B was trapped in an abusive relationship with a guy who had a history of violence against men and women who hasn’t really worked in almost a decade. I guess the only leverage he had over her were these sex tapes and since Mel B still has a career to salvage, her and her lawyers seemed to have decided to charge it to the game for the sake of her reputation.

Time will tell if Belafonte’s “destroyed” tapes get “hacked” from some cloud once his sleezebag severance runs out.

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