Everyone’s Throwing Bill Cosby Under The Bus Now

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While rioting has broken out once again in Ferguson, MO after protesters thoughtfully reviewed and found fault with the nearly 5,000 page grand jury report that was released only hours ago and led to the decision not to indict Darren Wilson (Yep, I’m just leaving that there.) [Ed. Note: Dude… – SW], Bill Cosby has seen his own world fall deeper into chaos over the seemingly endless allegations that he drugged and raped over 20 women.

Previous supporters are now starting to distance themselves, most notably his biographer, Mark Whitaker, who when asked why he chose not to include the allegations basically called them a “he said, she said” situation that he didn’t want to get in the middle of. He’s now backtracking the shit out of that position, going so far as to apologize on Twitter, even if it was only after being called out by another journalist, David Carr, who previously failed to hold Cosby accountable in his own profile. Via Mediaite:

Carr’s piece was especially enlightening as to the psyche of Cosby, going to so far as to paint him as a manipulative bully bent on controlling the interview:

I paid for that in other ways. The interview was deeply unpleasant, with a windy, obstreperous subject who answered almost every question in 15-minute soliloquies, many of which were not particularly useful.

After an hour of this, I mentioned that the interview was turning out to be all A. and no Q. He paused, finally.

“Young man, are you interested in hearing what I have to say or not?” he said. “If not, we can end this interview right now.”

It’s amazing how journalist after journalist couldn’t find it within themselves to investigate rape allegations (a crime perpetrated primarily over power lust) against a man who seemed willing to exert himself over anyone with the gall to not bow at his feet. It actually gets worse, if that’s possible, than just ignoring the allegations. One outlet actually ran a story, leaked by Cosby himself, about Cosby’s daughter Erinn’s drug problems in exchange for not running a story about him swinging with Sammy Davis, Jr.:

Contacted by the Enquirer for comment, Cosby apparently handed the weekly a story about his then-23-year-old daughter Erinn’s battle with drug and alcohol abuse instead.
“My editor told me that daddy Cosby was the source. He ratted out his flesh and blood,” said my source.

Rest assured though, Cosby’s now got venues dropping him left and right, which since the cancellation of his upcoming TV projects seem to be the only gigs he has at the moment. This is a guy with an impenetrable ego. A guy who’s been shielded by enablers for decades and who’s somehow managed to bully the entire media, with a few exceptions, so he’s not going to cave until this hits him hard in the pocket. Sadly, it’s going to take a financial loss to bring him down, rather than the obvious crumbling of the moral tower he pretended to sit atop, as perfectly evidenced by some of his last remaining supporters, the long list of colleges and universities to which he’s donated large sums of money. Time to suck it up and Paterno that shit, and if you viewed that as a call to action to cancer cells in Cosby’s dick, *sniff* you guys are really *sniff, sniff* you’re really starting to know me so well.

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