Eva Longoria Parker launches clandestine assault on cheaters

Eva Longoria Parker hates cheaters and has no qualms about going private eye on their asses, according to NY Daily News:

If she discovered a pal’s man was unfaithful, “(I’d) tell her,” the Desperate Housewife declares in Glamour magazine’s February Man issue, adding that she’d even resort to sneaky tactics to expose the guy.
“I would probably take a picture with my camera phone first,” she says. “It’s tough, because sometimes people kill the messenger. But I think the truth always comes out, regardless of who tells us.”

Real smooth, Eva. Now every cheater in America knows to watch out for a garden gnome with a camera phone when they’re out with their mistress. “Is that a pointy red hat?! Shit, act like you’re my sister. So, hey, remember that dad guy? He was great. Wait, it’s a traffic cone. Phew. Now I don’t have to explain why I’ve been fondling your breasts this whole time.”

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