Emma Watson flashes panties at Harry Potter premiere

July 7th, 2009 // 112 Comments

First, before everyone has a coronary, Emma Watson is 19. Now, that that’s out of the way, she had a little mishap this afternoon at the Harry Potter premiere in London which I’m sure was a brilliant PR move considering the film is basically competing against Michael Jackson’s funeral today. However, that being said, we can all take comfort knowing the King of Pop would’ve loved this film. Wait. It’s still about boy wizards riding long broomsticks, right? Okay, good, he would’ve loved it.

Photos: WireImage, Getty

  1. foolio

    Filthy minx. I want her.

  2. tommy smith

    Ms watson is so fit, i want her so much !!!!!

  3. captain america

    After the premiere there is still her “PORN-BUSINESS”, folks!!

  4. Wait, what?? How did this problem come about!? Did she not notice the gaping cut in her dress when she bought it, or did she loan it to Edward Scissorhands before the event?

    She seems to have a problem with flashing her panties. I’d call her a skank if she were one of the many other panty flashers on this site, but I get the feeling she’s just not as bright as her character Hermione is.

  5. prime

    looks like she didn’t shaveher hands…
    hmmmm, makes me wonder wht else didn’t she shave????

  6. derzine

    nice one jackass, beat the dead horse that is michael jackson’s molestation accusations

    fuck you superficial writer, fuck you

  7. Just me

    WHy no star like you put on every other non graphic picture?

  8. Hohohooo

    Granny panty…

    All Finland laught. BUHAHAHHAA!!!!

  9. oahu

    She’s so unbelievably plain.

  10. CakeSnifferer

    Those are more like bloomers…

  11. I see the pedos are in full force here… she looks like she’s 13.

  12. milbe

    I love that dress, i think she has a great sense of style!

    p.s. some of those comments were discuting, if you want porn there are plenty of other sites out there!

  13. milbe

    * discusting

  14. Darth

    She would perfect fit in her role if she proves to be hairy Hermione.

  15. Galtacticus

    Are there any teenagers who think she’s hot?

  16. Nero

    The poor girl looks a bit like Kristen Stewart.

  17. Yawn

    She has to flash something I guess, to get people to look twice at her. She was so cutesy when young, now she looks so plain & boring looking. And to top it off shes wearing Granny’s panties and revamped dress. yawn.

  18. #62 – 63 – Did you really just take the time to correct one misspelled word with another?


    No, really, no need to thank me…

  19. alsoAfan

    BEAUTY AND BRAINS AND POISE. she doesn’t belong in that business. perfect role model

  20. That is unfortunate. But that is one beautiful dress.

  21. That is unfortunate. But that is one beautiful dress.

  22. Ididbad

    she’s crazy and so immature

  23. Ididbad

    she’s crazy and so immature

  24. Jessman

    I’d love to get sweaty with her. She looks like she could handle some good vigorous fucking.

  25. Jeny

    This website sucks dick. And that little MJ comment you made…..Research your facts and realize there are people mourning his death, including his kids. Bitch,

  26. Jimmy

    i bet the kids he raped arent mourning his death

  27. Jim Jones

    @30 (Venom):
    All that shows is that there’s 6.5 million idiots out there. TMZ’s site sucks, ad does Perez Hilton’s. The discriminating and intelligent voyeurs go to the Superficial, which would support the lower visitor number. I’m guessing your presence here is an anomaly.

  28. Nix

    Lets all calm down now…it wasnt an accident, that dress was made to show it all, its not even closed!

  29. If she was wearing a proper dress and she flashed her panties then we got something to talk about. But what she clearly wearing was intentionally made to reveal everything.

  30. andrea

    @79… I thought you were gonna add something gross! XD

    You are quite talented when it comes to photoshop. Kudos to you! Shouldda gone with a different color though.

  31. Renee

    When a actress “accidenly” shows their panties- it is a move that is planned. It is a way to get people talking- in which it is working.

  32. Jibbly Biggins

    Amazing dress. The most classy wardrobe malfunction since Marilyn Monroe!

  33. James

    61. RichPort’s Ghost –

    Pedos ? She’s 19. Do a little fact checking next time.

  34. James

    61. RichPort’s Ghost –

    Pedos ? She’s 19. Do a little fact checking next time.

  35. James

    82 Renee, yes great theory, Emma planned on the wind blowing upon her dress, just like her character she also has magical powers and can control the weather. You obviously don’t work inside the business, it’s only planned if you are a nobody wanting to get noticed, Emma is already a star, she can’t control the wind, no human can.

  36. what's all this, then?

    Hey, it’s a wrap around dress. Every woman wears one once, has it blow open, shows her knickers, and learns a valuable lesson for next time.
    It’s a rite of passage. It usually happens between 16 and 20.
    Kudos to her for even wearing knickers, as most starlets don’t bother.
    Plus, they are called “boyshorts”, and are very different from “granny panties”, you gits.
    (and Yay #86)

  37. WizardBoy

    Now that’s what ia call real Hogwarts wizards magic! My magic wand has hardened.

  38. big teeth

    @43.. we need to fall a bit further as culture because I can’t see any bush or vagoo in these photos..

  39. twatsy


  40. nitin


  41. mmm i bet shes magically delicious

  42. Bhaskar

    Hey there yr ways of wearing underwear seems cool.why don’t u xpose below yr skirt so that everyone fucks u whole night.

  43. meat nose

    her vaj – my ‘meat nose’ (lol) it’s a date :P

  44. Mae

    I think it’s good thing that she’s wearing conservative panties and no nipple slips.

  45. sigz

    she’s wearing boyshorts. i think they are pretty sexy:) gstrings and thongs on a girl just dont do it for me

  46. Classy

    She’s very class. A good mixture of class and sobriety.
    I love it! Go Emma!!!

  47. Parry Hotter

    Prefered the other one, when she had the see-thru panties, and you could see her cute trimmed bush.

  48. James


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