It’s The Emma Stone Nude Selfie That Isn’t Emma Stone, According To Emma Stone

As some of you noticed, I was out yesterday, leaving Photo Boy unsure of the legal ramifications of posting the “Emma Stone nude selfie” floating around. So here that is along with a handy guide for all you amateur bloggers out there:

1. Convince yourself you’re posting the picture under the guise of completely buying the official story, and you’re just letting people know the photo is a fake. This will help during the polygraph.

2. As a precaution, upload the photo(s) from international waters. Be wary of spies. *punches sea otter in the face* WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR?!

3. Wink after each sentence you write even if there’s no one in the room. Which there won’t be because you post questionable nudes to the Internet making you a disgrace to friends and family.