It’s The Emma Stone Nude Selfie That Isn’t Emma Stone, According To Emma Stone

February 21st, 2014 // 42 Comments
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As some of you noticed, I was out yesterday, leaving Photo Boy unsure of the legal ramifications of posting the “Emma Stone nude selfie” floating around. So here that is along with a handy guide for all you amateur bloggers out there:

1. Convince yourself you’re posting the picture under the guise of completely buying the official story, and you’re just letting people know the photo is a fake. This will help during the polygraph.

2. As a precaution, upload the photo(s) from international waters. Be wary of spies. *punches sea otter in the face* WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR?!

3. Wink after each sentence you write even if there’s no one in the room. Which there won’t be because you post questionable nudes to the Internet making you a disgrace to friends and family.



  1. Emma Stone Nude Topless Selfie
    Dick Spit
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  2. Looks good if it is.

  3. Emma Stone Nude Topless Selfie
    Deacon Jones
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    Always wanted to do her doggy style with that nice raspy voice of hers

  4. Emma Stone Nude Topless Selfie
    Jonny Jawbone
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    Looks like my wife minus the face. Or the money. Or the fact that she takes nude selfies.

  5. the girl in the picture is too hot to be Emma….also, where is her wrist tat?

    • If I’m not mistaken Emma got her wrist tattoo 4 years ago so the photo could be pre-tattoo.

      The girl in the pic looks a lot like her of course she denying like every other celebrity did in her place :)

      I’m not saying it’s her but if isn’t, it’s a lot closer and now I have a better idea when I picture her in my fantasies ;)

  6. Emma Stone Nude Topless Selfie
    Commented on this photo:

    The girl’s left side (stomach) looks like sloppy photoshop. Right below her waist she has two little chunks it look like someone tried to remove then tried to smooth over but forgot to finish?

  7. Emma Stone Nude Topless Selfie
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m going to FAP to this later. This is my dream come true. Man she is hot.

  8. Beer for thought

    Wow the half of her face that you can see kind of sort of looks like Emma Stone, nice try. Left side arm/elbow and stomach looks photoshopped to me and the eye makeup looks digitally drawn on to look like Emma’s style of makeup. Plus tattoos don’t come and go. FAKE!

  9. Urbanspaceman

    She appears a cup size larger in this photo than she is in any of her films. Maybe she got upgrades and that’s why she’s denying.

  10. Emma Stone Nude Topless Selfie
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    It definitely looks like her to me. I know when I’m fapping to this later, it’s gonna be her in my mind.

  11. Emma Stone Nude Topless Selfie
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    Those boobs are way too big to be Emma Stone’s.

  12. Beer for thought

    You guys think if today a “Jennifer Lawrence” nude selfie came out the internet would explode?

  13. MarketingMike

    As someone who makes a living doing things in
    Photoshop, this is not even close to real. Bummer…

    I wish it was. Like a previous commenter, sloppy job.
    I can see about a dozen little mistakes, no banana.
    Just look closely at the arm holding the phone.

  14. Cow GTI

    Must have a new movie coming out. Nude selfies are always good for attention. (Kudos on the sea otter joke. Made me laugh.)

  15. I thought Reddit disproved this already (tattoo, etc)?

  16. Emma Stone Nude Topless Selfie
    Commented on this photo:

    not emma stone.
    face structure is wrong.
    and looks like photoshopping where the waist meets the arm.
    oh- and

  17. Emma Stone Nude Topless Selfie
    Commented on this photo:

    never thought much of this girl…now i’d like to eat that ass, yes please.

  18. MarketingMike

    Just look at the eyes and the nose.
    You can see where they pasted them on.
    Either that, or her nose is seriously dislocated.

  19. Emma Stone Nude Topless Selfie
    Commented on this photo:

    At least she didn’t pull the retard maneuver of insisting the photos aren’t her, and simultaneously suing to have them taken down.

    All we know for sure is this is a photo of a small breasted girl with poor photo shop skills and some insecurity about her waistline.

  20. Emma Stone Nude Topless Selfie
    Commented on this photo:

    I dont care if its her. I have a massive erection.

  21. Emma Stone Nude Topless Selfie
    Commented on this photo:

    Whoever it is has nice boobs.

  22. hahahah

    The belly buttons are identical

  23. Emma Stone Nude Topless Selfie
    Commented on this photo:

    grainy as fuck. what kind of shitty phone is it

  24. Emma Stone Nude Topless Selfie
    Jordan Alesmith
    Commented on this photo:

    Now we just have to find her with that cell phone or that bracelet.

  25. So guys, I’m in bed with a munted arm and shoulder and back, and this is my first ever go with Oxy. So disappointing! I thought I would be feeling floaty and happy, isn’t that why the kids like it? Maybe it’s too busy making the screaming stop, to show me a good time?

  26. Emma Stone Nude Topless Selfie
    Commented on this photo:

    Sadly, I conclude it can’t be her. The belly scars indicate surgery, likely a C-section or botched tummy tuck. And if Emma had anything close to those size tits to work with, she’d be showing as much as Selena Gomez & banging much trashier men.

  27. Emma Stone Nude Topless Selfie
    Commented on this photo:

    Photoshop hack. Her head is way to big for her bod.

  28. Emma Stone Nude Topless Selfie
    Commented on this photo:

    The pic is her reflection in a mirror, so wouldn’t the wrist tattoo be on the bracelet hand and not the iphone hand? The bracelet hand is bent enough that the tattoo wouldn’t be seen in the pic…that would be important to someone like…oh I don’t know, Emma Stone taking a nude selfie?

  29. skeptic

    the whole photo’s grainy, but the head’s oddly even grainier than the body. also, the skin tone on her head seems to differ from the rest: it’s whitish (save a cheek blotch), while the body has a yellow cast.

    seems fake.

  30. IDoHer

    Doesn’t look Photoshopped to me.

    Her tits are so hot, it’s causing the mirror to melt from ripples of heat coming off her sweet breasts.

  31. Emma Stone Nude Topless Selfie
    Commented on this photo:

    Not mentioned yet is the part in her hair. In the bikini pics the part is on the right. In the nude selfie it’s a mirror image, which should then be on the left but it’s not -it’s still on the right. So, cute boobs, but not Emma Stones.

  32. FuckingHella


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