Emma Roberts Beat The Shit Out of Evan Peters From ‘American Horror Story’

July 17th, 2013 // 46 Comments
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Emma Roberts, a.k.a. Julia Roberts‘ niece, managed to get herself into the cast of American Horror Story thanks to dating Evan Peters. A move she generously thanked him for by beating the shit out of him in a hotel room after a day of filming. TMZ reports:

According to Montreal law enforcement sources … someone called police to report a fight in Evan and Emma’s hotel room.
We’re told when cops arrived … they observed Evan with a bloody nose. Emma was immediately arrested. One law enforcement source tells us Evan also had a bite mark.
Emma was released hours later because 26-year-old Evan did not want to press charges.

Before everyone starts calling Evan a wiener for getting his ass kicked by a waif-thin girl, Bryan Singer did cast him to play Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future Past, and Quicksilver is a giant pansy, so maybe he’s just going method. In related news, five people got that joke and chortled into a Mylar bag.

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  1. I’m sure this guy is a puss, but any self respecting man would not fight back and light the waif-thin girl up with the beatdown she’s asking for.

    Plus the man would go to jail even if he was defending himself.

    • And that’s not fair. Women got it made when it comes to domestic violence accusations. The only thing he could do (other than kicking her ass) is secretly record the incident and use it as evidence for a restraining order.

      • Women have it made when it comes to domestic violence accusation? Considering the amount of un-prosecuted domestic violence in this country, that doesn’t really sound right.

      • Jessica

        Yeah it’s pretty awesome knowing that at any time any man could hit me and break my face while I could probably get off a good bite mark on his arm. WE totally have it made., just ask Rihanna.

      • I think the point being made here is you can bloody your man’s nose and he really can’t do shit about it.

      • Jessica

        You can call the police and protect yourself. What are my options if a man attacks me? (Im 5’4 110 pounds)

      • you can call the police and protect yourself.

        or not date shit men, just sayin.

      • Jessica

        An ex boyfriend of mine tried to strangle me on my bathroom floor after I told him I was going to date a mutual friend of ours.

        I had no ability to reach a phone to call the police and no ability to remove him off of me (he was 180 pounds) or to protect myself in any way.

        If your 100 pound ex GF was trying to choke you, I am bet you could protect yourself better than I could from my ex.

      • Yeah, I could probably break her jaw and lay her ass out cold.

        Then I’d go to jail.

        I don’t know what to tell ya, lady. I don’t have a good fix for the sitting down to piss problem you have either.

      • I knew one or two women were bound to take the wrong conclusion from what I said. Women are the primary benefactors of any domestic violence service. There are no DV shelters for men in America.

        In some states, when cops answer a DV call the man is automatically arrested and removed, because he’s automatically assumed the perpetrator. A woman can accuse a man of DV and he’d be arrested even though there’s no evidence. The culture has been indoctrinated to believe that only men beat women in relationships, and the law reflects that.

        Women have all of the support. Men are told to shut up and take it. What are a man’s options in a situation like this? He can defend himself physically and be labelled a woman beater and become a social pariah, most likely losing his livelihood. Or take the abuse, and become the laughing stock of an unsympathetic community.

        The best he could hope for is that he decides to walk away and she lets him. This situation is shitty for anybody caught in it man or woman. I’m just saying men should be have the same support women have.

        Rihanna chose to go back to her abuser, so I don’t see how she applies to anything I said. Chris Brown should’ve been punished for what he did. The law failed to do so.

      • Jessica

        Wow, it took me one google search and the first option was this: http://www.helpguide.org/mental/domestic-violence-men-abused-by-women.htm

        It’s very well known that men are abused as well as women. It’s not a “secret” and they are not discriminated against to get help.

        The fact is the reason it comes down to a double standard is because of the sheer amount of force and lack of physical equality there is between typical men and typical women. Rhianna is a good example of how a woman who is strong, still couldn’t defend herself. That’s why I brought her up, to remind everyone that at any time- a man (any man) could snap and completely wipe out a woman physically.

        Abuse in general is evil and wrong. But there’s a logical reason why there is a double standard. Evans got a bloody nose, and if the roles were switched and he attacked her, he could have killed her. He could protect himself from lethal force from her- she however could not.

        He is obviously a good person and didn’t engage and instead the police were called and SHE was arrested. There was no ‘double standard’ here.

      • Nicely said. While “got it made” is probably not the best choice of words, I certainly didn’t take your first comment to mean you though women were asking for it or endorsed DV. “Domestic violence” is a chickenshit term which I fucking hate, because it’s just one lousy step above the previous pretty euphemism, which was “home correction”. It minimalizes what’s outright assault and battery – yeah, that’s just what’s needed to help end it.

      • I was a bail agent for a few years, and I bailed out a lot of guys who were arrested based on the marks they left on their partner’s arms while blocking punches. I saw lots of women use 911 as the relationship police because they were savvy enough to know that their big thug boyfriend’s defense claim would never be accepted by arriving officers. Domestic violence is wrong, but the way it is handled now is rife for abuse( oh the irony).

      • This is still a deflection, IMO. I’m sure with some effort someone can find lots of selected cases where women have “gamed the system” to their advantage, but I’m just as sure that *overwhelming* majority of the time, women ARE the actual victims in domestic violence cases. That’s really the elephant in the room.

        Making fraud seem like the big concern seems like a case of misplaced priorities. Nevertheless, it’s easily corrected: Once men stop committing the actual abuses, the large number of actual cases will become negligible. Then the number of fraudulent cases will evaporate too, because they’ll no longer be credible.

      • No one said that male instigated violence wasn’t the larger share of the problem. This incident just surprises a lot of us given how easy it is for a women to have a guy hauled off.

      • Studies have shown that men and women both abuse their partners at almost equal rates. It was 53% men to 47% women iirc. It’s pretty much equal. I’m just saying that men should have the same support that women have when they need help.

  2. BSName

    The only thing a guy can do in that situation is just try to leave. No one would believe a self defense argument.

    • That’s why so many men married to abusive wives have zero options – you can leave bruises just holding off a woman who’s intent on really harming you, and then guess who gets charged with domestic battery? In CA, the state presses charges regardless of whether the partner who got smacked around changes their mind or even bails out Mr. – or Ms.- Handsy. Too bad Montreal’s not so up to date.

  3. butt

    …would you rather he hit back and became some kind of chris brown in the media? double standards with domestic violence are bullshit. i’m glad she got arrested bc it’s not okay to be violent with anyone. lots of men get domestically abused who don’t talk about it because they don’t want to be seen as weak or whatever by society. but there are some scary ass bitches out there, and fueling the “men cant get beat up by women bc they are weaker” is really dangerous territory. i know this is a comedy site (that i love reading), but a dude just got beat up by his girlfriend and you’re making it seem like he’s a weak piece of shit for getting abused. that sucks.

  4. From that pic it was hard to tell he was a he.

    Evan’s breeder hips and man titties make it hard to tell who is who.

  5. DiegoAD

    Five people know who Quicksilver is, but probably fewer of us know what a Mylar bag is.

  6. Not fighting back is how he “got his ass kicked.”

  7. Why didn’t the stupid asshole press charges? Why are some men so stupid? This reminds me of the man who’s wife was caught on film casually hiring a hit man to kill him because it would be easier than divorcing him. He didn’t press charges because “he still loves her” What a stupid cunt.

    Some people just can’t be helped.

  8. Jessica

    Wow, the ‘double standard’ comments are just retarded. You know why it’s a double standard? CAUSE LOOK AT THESE TWO IN SIZE. He would probably break her face if he hit her. What she did was wrong and she should go to jail for it- but there is an obvious built in double standard when it comes to men and women fighting.

    • So a woman is pissed at her man, she instigates a verbal fight, escalates it as far as she can to provoke, and if she doesn’t get the reaction she’s looking for, she throws a punch or whatever, and knows damned well she can have an army of cops with guns on the scene in seconds to back her up in the fight she started. tell me again how their relative size matters now? I had a client whose batshit crazy gf showed up at his office and tried like hell to provoke him because he dumped her and told her she had to move out of his apartment, she didn’t want to leave, so she figured having him hauled off for dv was her best play. When he didn’t take the bait and respond to her shoving and pushing him with violence, and called the cops himself, she ran into the bathroom and jammed her eyebrow pencil up her nose to bloody it for the cops to see when they showed up. They cuffed & stuffed the guy, judge gave her a permanent restraining order, guy got tossed out of his own apartment, and still had to pay the rent & bills. DV is never resolved in the man’s favor because he’s bigger. It’s never a fight that is won by the man, whether he fights back or not, whether he started it or not. DV is a hammer available only to women, and it’s not always used for defense.

  9. She is kind of badass, now send her to prison with Chris Brown. I don’t think calling him a puss or implying he is one is fair, he could have easily beat the shit out of her and he did not, so kudos to him.

  10. Emma Roberts Arrested For Assaulting Boyfriend Evan Peters
    Commented on this photo:

    Ok, Quicksilver is an utter rip off of the Flash who I already think is about as boring as a super hero can be but, and hear me out on this, you NEED to read Son of M. After losing his powers thx to his stupid sister Quicksilver uses his ex as well as his daughter in a ruse to steal the Inhuman’s power source hoping to reignite his lost mutant gene. He is a depraved lunatic who is totally amazing and it is a shame that they (Marvel) didn’t keep the ball rolling with this plot/character.
    Great art (both cover and inside) and writing is top notch. They took a character who I had no interest in and made him into something that I looked forward to reading every month.

  11. How come you don’t list her as daughter of “Best of the Best 2″ star Eric Roberts? I would put that shit on my business cards if I were her.

  12. Joe Mahma

    Evan Peters has bitch hips.

  13. I guess I’m part of the five cause I just LMAO

  14. Emma Roberts Arrested For Assaulting Boyfriend Evan Peters
    Commented on this photo:

    “It buys me an appletini or it gets the hose again!”

  15. Freebie

    I have liked this guy since I first saw him on American Horror Story. This incident makes me respect him even more. He’s a gentleman and you don’t see that very much today.

  16. Brian

    OK but on a lighter note, am I the only person here who is actually MORE turned on by Emma Roberts now? Like she might be the kind of girl who would be down to play out my Xenia Onatopp fantasy?

    • Brian

      AND she’s a stoner based on her shirt!?!?!?! Jesus Hell, she probably also likes to cook bacon omelletes while playing Dragons Dogma (in which case, I’ll show her an Arisen!) *rimshot*

    • You unlocked a part of my brain I didn’t know existed when you said ‘Xenia Onatopp fantasy’… So many things from my past make sense now

  17. DDDD

    Coincidentally, in a meta-twist, this makes the ending of Scream 4 a bit more believable.

  18. Emma Roberts Arrested For Assaulting Boyfriend Evan Peters
    Commented on this photo:

    Bite marks, eh? A bloody nose? Sounds like the work of Chris Brown, whom, Fish, you have never forgiven. Can we expect some gender parity whereby you will also never let Emma Roberts live it down? I’m sick of seeing women being treated differently, and that includes being let of easy for something we’d never tolerate from a man.

  19. Bob Price

    For almost two decades — from the mid 80s up until the turn of the millenium — the media (and every feminist with an audience) repeated over and over that a study conducted by the United Way had revealed that something like 80% of women had been victims of domestic violence at some point. It didn’t matter that the United Way disavowed any knowledge of any such study every time they were asked (which was rare). Real studies mostly show that women are the aggressors and instigators about half the time (they throw the first blow). You see the same kind of statistical bias with adultery, which divides about 55/45 with men leading.

  20. Caroline

    These are the two whitest people I’ve seen recently.

  21. He learned that he has to ask before going for anal.

    Is it wrong that I like her more because of this.

  22. Martin

    it is wrong that we are looking in here for knowledge , information , advice ? t . Is this the best we can do ? Sitting here commenting on shit that who gives a fuck ? In fact I’m leaving this for the greater good of myself to seek out just one person of the same mind . But alas I seek in vain . There is no one

  23. Emma Roberts Arrested For Assaulting Boyfriend Evan Peters
    Commented on this photo:


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