Emile Hirsch Allegedly Put A Female Studio Exec Into A Headlock

There had been reports of Emile Hirsch allegedly attacking a female studio executive at Sundance, and now eyewitness accounts claim he pretty much had her in a headlock (and/or chokehold) after shoving her into a table, so this all looks really, really good for him. Page Six reports:

Sources exclusively tell Page Six that Hirsch, star of Sundance film “Ten Thousand Saints,” appeared inebriated at the nightclub, where he aggressively attacked rising-star exec [Dani] Bernfeld, 31.
“Emile was aggressively picking on Dani,” said a source, who added that Hirsch then suddenly snapped and “He got even more aggressive and aggro. He pushed Dani up against a table, and then he put her in a headlock.”
Another source familiar with the incident called Hirsch’s alleged attack a “chokehold,” and added, “He attacked her from behind — he completely blindsided her after he’d been s - - t-talking and was already led away from her once.”

RIHANNA: *reads phone in a cafe* So, Emile Hirsch. He’s your boy, right?
LEO: *without looking up from his paper* Don’t even think about it.
RIHANNA: I know. … But you could like call him anytime, right?
LEO: *snaps finger at bodyguard* Her. Out. *waits for 23-year-old model to take her place*
MODEL: Ohmygod, I’m like Stacy-
LEO: Goddammit, no names! NEXT.

Photo: Getty