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Kevin Clash
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“Yay for Elmo! YAAYYYYY!! (Little lower, Timmy.) YAAYYYYY!”

On Monday, Sesame Workshop puppeteer and Elmo creator Kevin Clash was accused of having gay sex with a 16-year-old, now twenty-something, who thought it’d be cute to retain the same lawyer as one of Jerry Sandusky‘s victims. Kevin immediately denied the accusations and took a voluntary leave of absence to defend his innocence which apparently he wasn’t fucking around about because barely a day later his accuser already recanted his statement. The New York Times reports:

Andreozzi & Associates, a law firm that said it represented the anonymous accuser, said in a statement on Tuesday afternoon that “he wants it to be known that his sexual relationship with Mr. Clash was an adult consensual relationship.” The statement added, “He will have no further comment on the matter.”
Mr. Clash said through a spokeswoman: “I am relieved that this painful allegation has been put to rest. I will not discuss it further.”

So whoever the hell this guy is, I hope he enjoys the couple grand he was obviously after even at the cost of tainting a beloved children’s character the world over. Because now that Kevin Clash is completely innocent and does such awesome things as having Elmo comfort little kids in New York over the radio in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, there’s still going to be shitheads like “stan” in our threads who, even if the allegations were false, which they were, thinks Kevin has no business doing children’s television. Because how dare a black man, and a gay one at that, work hard and succeed at life then want to have sex with a pretty, young thing. That’s practically unheard of in America. YOU DATE YOUR OWN AGE OR GIT OUT.

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  1. That didn’t take long. Shows that the accuser was just a nasty little gold digger trying to exploit someone famous into paying their living expenses for the rest of their life.

    Elmo says “Go fuck yourself!”

    • Schmidtler

      Or it just goes to show you that once you pay someone to recant, they recant. When someone says something you don’t like, it’s understandable that people would rather believe they only said it to get money – so when they say something different that you like better, don’t presume they’re saying that thing purely out of altruism.
      idk what the real truth here is, other than what everybody freely admits: The guy who works for a publicly funded children’s television show is a 50+ year old homosexual that gets off on fucking boys more than 30 years younger than him in the ass. In his line of work, it would have been a good idea to keep that out of the press, because that shit is creepy, no matter how much you like to wave your rainbow flags.

      • It’s obvious by your language you are a giant homophobe but I assure you, a lot of people don’t care what he does in his personal life because it’s his fucking personal life. It doesn’t affect his ability to SPEAK, which is the only thing necessary in his job. The majority of America doesn’t give two shits that he is gay- that is why more and more states are voting to allow gay marriage. We are PROGRESSING, so have fun being left behind.

      • God, you’re just a total fucking douchebag, aintcha?

        Since you seem to be fixated on the fact that he’s gay, obviously you’d have no problem if he got off on fucking girls more than 30 years younger than him in the vagina, right? You know, I can’t tell you how sorry I am that we just don’t have more government intrusion in our lives, so that we could have a safe society where what you do at work is totes judged in the light of what you do with other consenting adults in your private life, because that would totally protect us from, uh…stuff. Oh, wait, you’re the one who’s always representing the party that claims it wants to have less government interference, right? Oops, my bad.

        Nice conspiracy theory about the recantation, though. Were the lawyers paid off, too?

      • mismy

        Right??? It’s so ridiculous that Republicans are the first to shout “socialism” and “less government intervention”- yet when you bring up TSA inappropriately touching them, or their children, they are just fine with that shit. Where were all these assholes that want to secede from the US when the Patriot Act was signed? It seems some people are a bit confused…

      • thespiral

        You’re a fucking asshole and a homophobe. The relationship was legal and they were both consenting adults, so it’s none of your business what kind of sex they were having. The man has brought joy and happiness to millions of children, I wouldn’t care if he had an army of gold digging twinks at his beck and call. What have you done except spew hate? Fuck off, you crusty old dinosaur. You and your kind are dying out and NONE too SOON.

      • foreman

        So going by your comments, if Clash was the one being fucked, all would be ok? You seem so set on him being the one doing the fucking, how do you know it wasn’t the other way around? Some dudes just like a cock up their ass you know.

    • Mike Walker

      Poison the well with the bogus racial angle all you want, fish (typical pussy move from you), but it’s obvious the boy was 16 and paid off, and that’s why people are creeped out. Nobody wants a 50 year old twink fucker serenading their kids with a puppet show. I’ll bet he had that boy pull Elmo off his dick just before he shoved it in his ass !

    • Bossy Potato

      I want to know who this guy is. Release his name! He should be severly punished for what hes done. Such a douchbag! Shame on him for making something like that up. What a pig! Kevin Clash was a closeted gay man who this guy just outed! His career will never be the same which is sad because he was so dedicated to Elmo and to helping children around the world! I’m truly sad for Kevin. :(

  2. Fish is right here, and it is sad. I’m sure he will end up getting fired, not because Sesame Street wants to, but because they will have no choice after all the parents that write in and complain that they don’t want their kids watching a gay man. Even though it’s the same gay man they have been listening to for years.

    If this had been a young girl accusing him, and then recanting, people would be like “What a money hungry bitch! So glad the truth came out! Kevin Clash is a victim!” Now, the guy’s personal life has been made public and his career is over.

    Kobe Bryant was accused of rape. He flourished. Same with Ben Roethlisberger. Ray Lewis probably killed a man. Everyone forgot. If you are straight, it’s okay. But if you are gay and accused of rape, even if they recant, you can never go back.

    I feel for the guy, I truly do. He seems like a good guy. The gay community is full of young guys taking advantage of older guys (Just like the straight community is full of young girls taking advantage of old rich guys). Hopefully, Kevin Clash finds his happiness.

    • Honestly, I don’t think they’ll fire him. Elmo is too marketable and it would be too visible right now to can him. Especially since New York has sexual orientation as protected from discrimination.

    • Arlene

      The really sad part is that it won’t be parents writing in to the show. It will be tea baggers and other far right Christian wing nuts PRETENDING to be parents. I don’t think he’ll be fired, but he will definitely be “encouraged to leave”, especially with the right’s assault on PBS. He is talented though, so maybe it will be a chance for him to broaden his horizons somewhere else. I wish him the best of luck.

      • I agree Arlene, you are probably right. I always wondered who those parents were, because nobody I know would do that. But then again I am intelligent and surround myself with intelligent people, and intelligent people are not hate-mongering assh*les

      • Clash never made a secret of the fact that he was gay, so any outrage generated by said assholes will hopefully be of the sort that he and PBS can weather. If a commercial product like Oreos can support the rainbow with pride and still thrive, then a publicly funded show like Sesame Street can, too.

    • Schmidtler

      Bullshit. If the guy was 50+ years old, white as snow & straight as a pin, and got caught banging a 17 year old girl, people would be creeped out and screaming for him to be fired just the same. Kobe Bryant doesn’t earn his paycheck pandering to small children on a publicly funded tv show, there’s the difference. And if you really believe a 50+ year old man making big bucks was ‘victimized’ by a teenage kid, you’re delusional. ‘Clash’ was a victim of nothing more than his own inability to confine the indulgence of his urges to people of an age sufficient to avoid the creepy old dude / predator angle in this.
      He’s being held to a different standard because he takes his paycheck from a taxpayer funded children’s tv show, not because he’s gay or black.
      btw, one of your libtard heroes, Bill Maher, has an affinity for teenage girls – and he gets alot of shit for it, because it’s just flat out creepy and wrong for someone who is rich, powerful, and old to be screwing around with someone 30 or 40 years younger than them. But, Maher is not making his living on a publicly funded children’s program.

      • Get off your high horse, Schmidtler. Who isn’t attracted to 18 year olds? THere in the prime of their lives, they don’t come with all the baggage of an older companion, are relatively easy to please and horny as hell. What’s not to love? Seems like their intrests line up perfectly.

        As far as I remember 18 year olds are considered adult and can make their own decision. If they’re old enough to go off and die in a war, they’re old enough to fuck imo. It doesn’t matter how much it creeps you out, they don’t need your permission.

        The way people react to these things I would swear older men hooking up with barely legal teens was a new thing, but it’s older than civilization itself. Learn to love it, cause it’s not going to stop anytime soon.

      • No, Kobe Bryant is a national hero who is watched by more kids than Elmo, I’m guessing. Elmo is in a small age group, but the NBA caters to children of all ages. Bill Maher’s career hasn’t been affected. He’s a fucking voice. Who cares if he panders to small children. He didn’t do anything to a child. You are part of a dying breed. Sesame Street knew he was gay, they didn’t fire him.

      • Oh, balls, schmidtler. PBS gets about 12% of its budget from the government – are you going to stant ranting about how we should to pull the plug on the military and the CIA due to the Petraeus scandal, or because you don’t like the fact that your taxpayer dollars are indirectly supporting gays in the military?

        Being “rich, powerful and old” and having a relationship with anyone who’s much younger than you is only a crime if you’re that person’s employer or are in a direct position of influence over them. The fact that you claim Clash has “big bucks” then immediately scorn the idea that he could be “victimized” by a younger golddigger shows how desperate you are to discredit him. Funny how all those Kobe Bryant apologists didn’t have a problem seeing how that setup could work. However, your actually using the word “pander” in describing Clash’s working with kids is just beyond pathetic.

        Unless you seriously believe, like “stan”, that everyone who works with kids would be happy to have their junk cemeted over and smoothed off like Alan Rickman in Dogma because they’d probably never use it anyway, let alone do anything “freaky” with it, there is no “different standard” here to judge anyone by. Yours is basically the same argument that that fuckwit Joe Briggs tried to use to get gay teachers fired from the CA school system. If you’re gay and work with kids, sooner or later someone like you will always find that fact to be “unhealthy” or “creepy”, no matter what.

      • Someone seriously tried to get gay teachers fired? Wow, that is a whole new breed of crazy. Jesus Christ

      • Meg, justi’s referring to Proposition 6, the failed 1978 California initiative that State Sen. John Briggs tried to push and which Harvey Milk successfully fought. If you’ve never seen the movie Milk, you should rent it or add it to your Netflix queue or however people are watching old movies these days.

        (Yeah, yeah, everyone. It has Sean Penn in it, shut up.)

      • Mike Walker

        Harvey Milk is giving a reach-around to Jim Jones in hell right now…

      • It also extended to anyone who supported gay rights. Obviously that made them unfit to teach children as well.

  3. You’ve got to be a major fuck-up to get called out by Fish in a post.

    • He was pretty fucked up, but no worse than some others I’ve seen.

      • I agree, I went back and read it, and while stupid as hell, I thought it would be worse. The problem lies in the fact that “stan” thought it was freaky for him to get down with a legal adult in a sexual relationship. Would he be saying that about a straight relationship? Nope, he’d be like “That’s awesome!”

      • I guarantee some of the people here screaming that his relationship with an 18 year old is creep are the same people that are at least 40 and slobbering over selena gomez and such

      • JULIETIN

        exactly right…and maybe we should all write to sesame street in suppor of this guy..i am a parent and I would support him!

      • Deacon Jones

        I don’t slobber over Selena Gomez, she’s getting a little long in the tooth…

      • Brooke

        Fish went overboard for sure. I personally think it’s a little gross that a middle-aged person wants to have sex with someone who is too young to drink legally, but my skanky younger years turned me into a mega prude after I got tired of that shit, so I won’t make a huge fuss unless it’s an under 18 case. Race and sexual orientation doesn’t play into my prudiness, and I don’t think it did for Stan, either.

      • We also send people off to fight who can’t drink legally, so I think if you’re old enough to die for your country then you’re sure as hell old enough to fuck for yourself.
        Stan had a big problem with anyone under age 18 having a right to consent to just about anything, as well as thinking that anyone who worked with kids should be pretty much asexual. Which actually would leave Uncle Andy Warhol in charge of the Fact…I mean the Workshop, but I digress.

        If you did enough that you now consider your younger years “skanky”, that was certainlly your decision. If you weren’t mature then and now regret some of the things you did, that’s your call – not everyone made those same decisions. But because you now have enough hindsight to skew the other way still isn’t a valid argument for no one else getting to make those decisions – or mistakes – for themselves.

      • “IF you’re old enough to die for your country, then you’re sure as hell old enough to fuck for yourself”– New bumper sticker. Love it justifiable.

  4. I’m glad that he’s been vindicated, and I’m sad that his reputation has been tarnished. But now that the scandal has passed I have to come clean; I really fucking hate Elmo. Seriously, one of the most irritating characters I’ve ever encountered.

    Glad I got that off my chest. Anyway, kudos to Clash. I wonder how long before the religious right really takes a stab at him (if they haven’t already) for being a children’s entertainer who is also gay.

    • Seriously, the day the boy said OK to getting rid of Tickle me Elmo, the adults in the house celebrated like V-E Day.

    • Schmidtler

      I’d hardly say he’s been vindicated – he’s well over 50 years old, and gets off putting his dong in teenaged boys’ asses – not something most parents would be cool with – and if it was teenaged girls he liked to bang, it wouldn’t change the equation at all, same if he were white. By your theory, Woody Allen’s relationship with Soon Yi or whatever her name was would be cool. It’s not. Parents get weirded out by adults that don’t see why having sexual relations with people 35+ years younger than them is wrong.

      • I didn’t know Clash’s accuser was his adopted son. Stop worrying about Clash putting things in other people’s ass and stop pulling things out of yours.

      • Zaloog, Schmidtler talks about dongs and asses a lot. Just saying, I’m picking up on something here.

      • Gee, I also didn’t know that Clash helped raise his accuser, or was in a long-term relationship with his father before that, either. Whatever would we do without Schmidtler and his handy-dandy “theories”?

        Hey, since “parents get weirded out by adults that don’t see why having sexual relations with people 35+ years younger than them is wrong”, what time are we burning Hugh Hefner at the stake? After all, he was 63 when he married 27 year old Kimberley Conrad Because God forbid anyone should be “weirded out” by what some adult does in their private life with another adult. I’m bringing marshmallows!

      • “Most parents”…. who? I’m a parent, I’m fine with it. I’ve seen numerous other parents in this post that are fine with it. You want to know why? HE’S A FUCKING VOICE.

  5. Buck

    I just wish he would stop jamming his hand up Elmo’s ass so hard…Poor Elmo is in serious pain…. and the kids that are watching are horrified.

  6. achilles wrath

    “anonymous accuser” – this is the real problem. gay or straight, you accuse someone of rape and that essentially can kill their career and everything.

    The accused should be anonymous until found guilty too and if someone falsely accuses someone of rape they should get their ass handed to them.

    • I agree! Before, they could hide his name because he was potentially a victim of child rape, but now that he said he isn’t, RELEASE THAT SHIT!

      • Schmidtler

        I agree with Achilles, but not Meg – Meg’s theory would make real victims hesitant to tell their stories, and would accomplish little else of any value. Achilles is right that merely making an accusation of this nature ruins people, and so the accused should be afforded anonymity unless and until the allegations are proven, so that they don’t suffer despite their innocence.
        Strangely enough though, trying to equivocate what Madonna, who has made her career cultivating an image as a whore to sell records and concert tickets to adults, with a guy who is the voice of a character in a publicly funded children’s educational show is not something anyone is buying into.

      • How many times are you going to make the exact same point on here?

      • I had the same point… I don’t get it. I just said that his name can’t be released as a child victim, but now that he is an adult accuser who recanted his story, we should know.

      • Meg, you know I was talking to schmitter up there, right?

      • Oh I know Uncle Phil… I was responding to him saying “I agree with Achilles but not Meg…” when we said the exact same thing. All the talk of dong and asses has got him a bit aflutter.

      • Schmidtler

        The generally accepted rationale for why rape victims names are not released is to spare them from feeling victimized a second time, and protect them from scrutiny / embarrassment so they aren’t hesitant to come forward with their accusations. do you ‘get it’ now?

      • Careful, Meg—Schmidtler’s not a lawyer, but he plays one on the Internet.

      • But he recanted so that is why I said his name should be released. He’s no longer a rape victim.

  7. Marie

    whatever the sexual orientation, if you’re in your late 40s and in a relationship with a 18-19 “adult” I still think you’re a creep. consensual or not, the fact that the gold digger was in fact 18 instead of 16 doesn’t make you look that much better. sorry Elmo.

    • The fact that he isn’t a child rapist does not make him look any better? That’s f*cked up, I don’t want to know who your “good neighbors” are

      • Marie

        sorry if I’m uncomfortable with a nearly 50 year-old (man or woman, gay or straight) having done amazing things in his professional life having dinner with his 18 (let’s say 18, it looks better) and asking about his day and it probably goes something like “ugh my English teacher is totally unfair”. I find it awkward when two people in a relationship are in such different periods in their lives, I have a hard time finding it healthy. In the eyes of the law, 16 is legal (I’m not familiar with American laws on the subject) but, I just, just wow ew nooooo.

      • In most states here, 16 isn’t legal. And yes, if it’s gross to you no matter the orientation, then that’s fine. But you probably shouldn’t be on this site then, because it’s all about men ogling girls a lot younger than them. But here, it does make a HUGE difference, because 16 is illegal, and 18 is legal. Before he was the accused, and now he is most likely a victim of extortion.

      • mismy

        Yeah good thing it’s none of your business Marie!! Certainly doesn’t affect you in any way, so it shouldn’t bother you- see?

      • If you’ll allow me to play devil’s advocate for but a moment, what’s the general consensus on the Courtney Stodden/Doug Hutchison marriage? I don’t see anyone on this site coming out in support of that one. Gay or straight, that sort of age difference is cause for concern. There’s a yawning chasm between ogling young gals on The Superficial and cruising schoolyards.

      • Courtney Stodden was 16 when they got married. It is illegal to have sexual relations with a 16 year old. The accuser here said he was an adult. There’s the difference.

      • Marie

        before anyone else tells me that I shouldn’t be on this site: I am a 23 year-old bisexual woman so, if a website dedicated to side-boobs, Victoria’s Secret models and Jon Hamm’s dong isn’t for me THEN WHAT THE FUCK IS? last thing, I can practice what I preach. being in a relationship where my boyfriend/girlfriend can’t vote or be in a club in Las Vegas freaks my shit up. same thing with silver foxes who smile at me from the porsche they bought themselves as a retirement gift. everyone can do what the fuck they want, I, on the other hand, can enjoy laughing at them for being dumb skanks. good day to all.

      • I would think then that you would understand that everyone’s preferences are their own personal preferences that they have the right to. You like men and women, fine. He likes young men, fine. Doesn’t matter.

        And now we have agreed and found peace over Jon Hamm’s dong. That thing could cure cancer and achieve world peace.

      • Actually 16 is legal in 30 states (saith Wikipedia—no, I don’t have the relevant figures memorized).

      • hahahah it would be funny if you did and frequented said states lol

      • @Meg
        There was a sitcom where a character had a laminated card in his wallet listing the legal ages across all the states! Dang, can’t remember more.

      • “Sorry”, too – but if you find a nearly 50 year-old who’s done amazing things in his professional life having dinner with someone who’s 18 and asking about his day to be “uncomfortable” and “awkward”, then I suggest you not be in a relationship with a 50 year old person and one who’s 18. But since neither of them invited you into their private lives to observe their relationship anyway, your “wow ew nooo” findings on whether it’s “healthy” or not count for exactly nothing.

        You can have your own opinion based on what your think that relationship might be like, but unless you want to invite other people to stick their noses into your private life and comment on how “healthy” they find your relationship dynamic and how “awkward” your choice of partner makes them feel, maybe you should rethink just how many stones you feel you’re somehow entitled to cast at others.

      • Marie, you must have been one of those people who went, “Ewwww! That guy Kristen Stewart did it with is 41! She’s just 22! Old! Gross!” So unfair. So unfair.

        –TomFrank, 41

  8. EricLr

    I’m more concerned about Bert and Ernie’s immoral lifestyle and the message it sends to our innocent youth. And I know from experience, because I watched Sesame Street as a child and, as a result, fantasize about other men every day. I’m so ashamed by what those damned muppets did to me that I can’t even explain to my wife why I can’t get an erection around her unless I watch gay porn first.

    If it weren’t for Jim Henson I would be having a Godly sexual relationship right now with a woman, and watching football like a Christian should.

  9. FYou

    No reason to fire the guy. The allegations were false and for fucks sake IM GLAD to see a company exercise some restraint before firing someone before you even know if they are guilty.

  10. zomgbie

    just in time for the xmas shopping season.
    tickle my bank account elmo!

  11. Hey, young people out there, did you know Rob Lowe banged a 16 year old girl?



    • In all fairness, that was over 20 years ago. A lot of kids can’t even remember what they had for breakfast.

      • True. Just making the point that it didn’t ruin his career, because most people don’t even know it happened.

      • BlinkyTheFish

        Sadly, you know people probably excused it because he’s considered so good looking. If he had been an average to not great looking guy it probably would have been worse. Although from what I remember (in my late 30s now) for several years he was under the radar career-wise and whenever he was mentioned the sex tape thing was brought up as well.

      • Yeah, he did go into hiding for awhile. Glad he’s back though, he’s a talented man

      • Oh I love him too. I even like R. Kelly, because shit, those trapped in the closet videos are f’n hilarious. I feel like in lots of celebrity cases like that, they are being extorted. I mean, I guess someone like Roman Polanski was really hit hard, so it’s not always the case. I’m 28, I didn’t even know about the rob lowe thing and when i read it I was like “Really?!” hopefully that will be the case for clash in 20 years.

      • Schmidtler

        It didn’t ruin his career, but it did fuck it up royally for quite a long time – but then, Rob Lowe never made his living as the voice of a character on a taxpayer funded children’s show.
        Did you know Bill Maher has had an endless parade of teenaged girlfriends? Didn’t ruin his career, despite the creep factor – because, again, he doesn’t voice a puppet on a kid’s show.

      • So your point is, because he’s on a publicly funded children’s show, he’s a slave to the will of the taxpayers and his personal life is their domain? He has sex with another consenting adult. If that adult wasn’t of questionable moral standing and hadn’t tried to extort money from him, we wouldn’t even know about it.

        He wasn’t cruising the audience of his Elmo shows for some ass, so stop trying to demonize the man.

        If you’re trying to protect the children don’t worry. Children have no idea about any of this. The only way they would know is if their parents told them and unless the parents had some kind of agenda against Clash, they would also mention that he was innocent of the charges.

    • Yes, we do know about Rob Lowe and that’s what cost him his career. No one would “touch” him after that.

  12. Inner Retard

    I didn’t know he was gay, I don’t care he’s gay. He makes kids laugh around the world, keeps his personal life to himself and evidently doesn’t break the law. Which is more than many celebs can say. Let’s hope this will blow over and people will soon forget it ever happened.

    • Apparently he was pretty open about it and Sesame Street knew. So, that makes me feel a lot better about the world.

    • Schmidtler

      He didn’t keep his personal life to himself, he navigated a very close razor thin line between outright creepy/weird and criminal. There is an endless parade of people who can adequately make an obnoxiously annoying voice while butchering the english language in the third person. If this schmuck really was a ‘genius’ as everyone seems to want to anoint him, he would have put more thought into how his livelihood depends on him maintaining a respectable public image – instead, he let his dong do his thinking.

      • Get laid, Schmidtler. It will be a lot easier on all of us if you got rid of that sexual frustration.

      • Schmidtler

        Grow the fuck up and start learning to live in the real world, then you won’t end up so disappointed when you find out the hard way that 99% of the people outside this site don’t subscribe to your theory that pedophiles are ok on kid shows as long as they’re black & gay.

      • Actually, Schmidtler, about 99% of the people outside this site know that being gay and being a pedophile aren’t the same thing. They are, however, really concerned about this obsession you have about putting dongs in asses and finding out things “the hard way”.

      • Schmidtler’s saving himself for Bill Maher.

      • Cock Dr

        If that’s Schmidtler’s plan they had better get the biggest set of implants available. Maher has high standards ya know.

  13. lolwut

    I see what you did there… By referencing Stan, you virtually guaranteed that I’d have to go read his entire ridiculously long opinion — TL;DR has no meaning to me. You’re a cruel bitch, Fish. Thanks for nothin’.

  14. Minky Wail

    Good thing the guy recanted. The fact that Cash has had his fist in Elmo’s ass for 15 years probably didn’t help his case.

  15. Johnny P!

    In y reply to the original post, I thought Clash’s career would be ruined either way.
    But, it seems there’s hope… and Sesame Street (who are very inclusive of race, gender, religion, age and sexual orientation) will stand by him.
    So, Elmo may yet rule with Clash’s voice and puppeteering skills at the helm.
    Still hope someone identifies that little gold-digging shit who brought the charges, though…

  16. OhTheHumanity

    Got a good chuckle at Fish -of all people- preaching from the moral high ground and pretending a 40-year old who works with children getting in bed with an 18yo boy isn’t creepy as fuck. But you know, he’s black and gay – cut him some slack, guys!

  17. El Jefe

    I glad this was resolved and my suspicions were correct about this incident. It is a shame a good man’s name had to get tarnished like this. Hopefully he can get past it.

    To those that are hung up on the age issue, at least he was not like the hero to many, Elvis, who was banging a 13 year old when he was a grown man, and the list is a mile long of men who date and sleep with younger women. Quite frankly the only thing that would stop an older man from sleeping with a younger woman is that he could not find one that would.

    • Schmidtler

      There’s one other thing that prevents someone from having sexual relationships with people much, much younger than them – self restraint and putting one’s career and public image above satisfying their perverted base urges. Kind of like every (ok, almost every) school teacher in the world.

  18. Hey, you know who doesn’t pay out a 6 figure settlement to his accuser? A guy who doesn’t rape underaged kids.

    • Schmidtler

      Hey, you know who says they had underage butt sex with a rich celebrity and then recants their story? A person who gets paid a 6 figure sum to recant their story! Go read some of the leaked deposition transcripts from the Michael Jackson molester trials, and clue yourself in to the m.o. of rich pedophiles.

    • Yeah – no. If the kid was underage and there was even a suspicion of proof, there would be a legal investigation, regardless of how much he was subsequently paid to shut up. And we would know about it. It doesn’t work like this: “Hey, we were gonna investigate that guy on assault/robbery/rape charges, but the suddenly wealthy victim recanted! Pack ‘er up, boys!”

      The legal system doesn’t let victims change their minds or take it back once things have set in motion. If everything has been dismissed, that means there was no credible evidence it happened when he was 16. The payout, if there was one, was most likely to shut the guy up from talking about the relationship

      Celebs do it ALL the time. Clooney has a separate vault filled with gold bricks in his room so he can hand them out at the end of every S&M session.

      • Mike Walker

        How are they going to prove that they had sex when the accuser was 16 if he denies it? In the absence of any genuinely incriminating evidence (video, witnesses), without the cooperation and testimony of the accuser, nothing will happen. Guaranteed.

      • Not true. That teacher in kentucky was convicted (or I think she plead out, either way) because of text messages. The victim and her are still together, so he wasn’t cooperating. He’s 18 now. They didn’t have his cooperation, but they still found plenty of proof. Think about it- text messages, email, etc. could all be used as proof. If it was true, he would be arrested and at least charged.

      • Mike Walker

        This happened 8 years ago so the chance of them being able to retrieve incriminating emails or text messages is remote, if they ever existed to begin with. If they’re sure that there’s no incriminating evidence then they’re free to close the deal and agree to a settlement, which is what they did.

  19. I think we can be honest here that after decades of watching Elmo on TV, we were more surprised to find out he’s black than gay.

  20. Mitt's Honest Twin

    I love the “taxpayer funded” stuff. Stations in large cities could easily operate if all federal funding were eliminated (using donations and grants). The tiny federal sum (relative to overall budget) paid to PBS mostly keeps TV and radio studio operations running in the boondocks, and each station decides what it wants to air so red-state stations mostly air hokey local stuff, not “My Two Fisting Moms.”

  21. kimmykimkim

    All I know is that kids will lie about their age just to get you into bed.

  22. I’m going to be so happy when all these assholes on here figure out that Sesame Street isn’t going to fire him and that nothing will change. Why? Because his personal life is his personal life. He’s a voice, for Christ’s sake. You puritans are a dying breed. More and more states are allowing gay marriage and we can no longer fire someone based on sexual orientation. And last time I checked, an adult having sex with a consensual adult, regardless of the age gap, isn’t illegal. So tell me again how Sesame Street can fire him without getting in a load of trouble?

  23. this updated and corrected information brought to you by the letters “K” and “Y” and the number $2,000,000.00

  24. stan

    Holy crap! All I said was we should keep what’s trashy away from what’s for kids. I had no objection to the relationship being gay, and I didn’t even mention race once. This would no more creepy than a man of around fifty having a (legal) relationship with a teenage girl. (Crickets from everyone who doesn’t want to see Doug Hutchison on Sesame Street). It doesn’t matter. Both are equally okay in a free country like this, yet equally messed up for the star of a wholesome show like Sesame Street.

    I feel kind of honored that my lowly comment got highlighted by Fish. I hardly even want to defend myself. I will say though, that while I may be a shithead, I’m not an uptight shithead. I’m the most liberal person I know, and I know some pretty liberal people. I agree with Fish on almost everything, so I was shocked to be brought up by name on the main blog for such a small disagreement. How oversensitve, Fish.

    Sorry for sounding a little egomaniacal there. I was just really excited. I love this blog.

    • stan

      This would *be…

    • I decided to go ahead and shed some of my indignation for a minute and really think about what you said. I decided that if Sesame Street was a teenage kid show, I would agree. But its not, it’s preschool. 18 years old and 4 years old are far, far different. So while I tried, I still don’t get what you are trying to say.

  25. Did anyone mention that Clash’s puppetry was a big part of the movie Labyrinth? I love that movie and just love him. Anyone who hasn’t seen it should see it. :)

  26. Kiel

    So the difference between the Elmo puppeteer’s age between the initial allegation, and the revised allegation is two years. That means the 44 year old Kevin Clash was seeking out barely legal young men to de-starfish. And now somehow this translates into the minds of liberal defenders of everything Sesame Street as the Elmo puppeteer being a children’s hero again. Whoever the unnamed coward who wroth this article is should be ashamed of themselves, and spare us from stumbling onto their crazy bullshit posts ever again by quitting the internet, and committing themselves into a psychiatric ward.

    And NOW we find that there are more accusers. Keep circling the wagons, you morons!

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