Eliot Spitzer’s hooker: I want to be famous forever!

Ashley Alexandra Dupre’s “fame” was built on the fact that she was a prostitute frequented by then-Governor Eliot Spitzer of New York. And, just as Ben Franklin envisioned it, politicians plus whores equals CHA-CHING! Her music career seemed to be taking off and million dollar offers were coming in to see her nude. But then, it turns out Ashley already got all kinds of naked for Joe Francis using a fake ID. Now, Ashley’s struggling to find a publicist willing to stretch out her 15 minutes of fame, according to NY Daily News:

The aspiring singer was looking for a power flak to help her cash in on her 15 minutes of infamy with New York’s luv gov. But she’d been getting the cold shoulder from all the big name firms.
She finally cut a deal with Susan Blond Public Relations, who also represent Usher and several New York City clubs and restaurants. The firm also used to work with PR nightmare Star Jones.

I gotta admit, I’m already bored with this chick. But, hey, you know, best of luck to Ashley. At least she found representation. Although I don’t know if they’re any good because I have no idea what the hell a “Star Jones” is. Some sort of Bavarian dessert? Seriously, I’m drawing a blank.

Photos: Splash News