This Is (Probably) Edward Snowden’s Girlfriend

On Sunday, The Guardian published a strange interview with Edward Snowden, an NSA contractor who allegedly leaked a slideshow presentation to Glenn Greenwald and The Washington Post that, at first, looked like the intelligence community was sucking the data straight out of your computer as you typed it, yet oddly made no mention of Chris Hansen who’s watching, always watching… Anyway, without going down the rabbit hole of whether or not Edward Snowden really revealed anything that anyone who’s been following the Patriot Act already knew, is possibly selling shit to the Chinese, or is simply over-dramatizing his role in our shitty, post-911 surveillance state, he mentioned in the interview that he completely abandoned his girlfriend in Hawaii, so this being the Internet, everyone went looking for this chick to see if she’s hot because our priorities are fucking amazing. So on that note, here’s ballerina/dancer Lindsay Mills who according to Buzzfeed, was probably Snowden’s girlfriend which makes this story even more complicated. Because, I don’t know about you, but ballet is boring and ending relationships is hard, so “I have to leave, I’m a spy,” is exactly what I’d come up with, too. I’d even wear a beret.

Photos: Facebook, L’s Journey