Shit Break’s One Night Stand Had To Be Removed From His House By A SWAT Team

If you’ve ever assumed that being an actor, and not even a good one, is a ticket to Pussytown, U.S.A., you’re not exactly wrong. You’re just leaving out the part where women try to stab you then have to be tear-gassed out of your house by a goddamn SWAT team. TMZ reports:

[T]he chick who pulled a knife on Eddie Kaye Thomas had just met the “American Pie” star less than 24 hours earlier … TMZ has learned.
As we first reported … SWAT responded to Thomas’ house Wednesday evening after Thomas called 911 … and remained in a standoff with the woman for a couple hours … before forcing her out with tear gas.

It’d be easy to make fun of Eddie Kaye Thomas here, but I’m not even going to kid myself that this isn’t exactly what would happen if I was famous. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever had sex with a woman without the aid of mental illness. “This happened way too easily, I’m going to die,” is usually a common thought right after, “Wheeeee!”

Photos: Getty, Bauer-Griffin