LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian Got Married

In case anyone needed more proof that LeAnn Rimes is a batshit crazy person shitting crazy bats, she married Eddie Cibrian over the weekend despite the two of them cheating on their prior spouses together. Except apparently LeAnn is just going to pretend she was never married before which seems like a good start to her new life. Us Magazine reports:

“Happy Easter Sunday my beautiful friends,” she wrote on her Twitter page, two days after saying her “I do’s” to Eddie Cibrian, 37. “Coffee… me, the computer…. Eddie [and] the Sunday newspaper…. waves crashing…holding hands…. nice way to start it! My first Easter as a WIFE! God thank you for your goodness. May we all be blessed today and forever!”
The country star updated her Twitter profile to reflect her new last name; she also added “WIFE” and “Bonus mom” to her bio.

“Why, hello! Who are these two young men at our door? Come on in, let me fix you some lemonade. I’m LeAnn and this my husband Eddie. We just got married! We don’t have children of our own yet, but hopefully soon, and maybe they’ll be as cute as you. A ha ha! Oh, honey, my husband’s not your daddy. That’s so adorable, but he’s not. He’s just not. HE’S NOT! *smashes lemonade tray* YOU ARE COMPLETE AND ABSOLUTE STRANGERS WHO WE’VE NEVER MET IN OUR LIVES! AHHHH! Everything’s perfect, perfect, so perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect…” *rocks back and forth in the corner*

Oh, yeah, this is gonna go great.

Photos: Getty, WENN