Dylan Farrow Just Detailed Her Sexual Abuse Claims Against Woody Allen In The New York Times

“I’ll take ‘People Woody Allen Should Never, Ever Be Photographed Next To’ For 500, Alex.”

On Monday, The Daily Beast published an article by Woody Allen documentarian Robert B. Weide that was ballyhooed by apologists for poo-pooing accusations (“Ballyhooed, poo-poo.” God, I’m fancy.) that one time in an attic Woody molested his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow by basically pulling the old Mia Farrow made it up for revenge card. Except, today, for the first time, Dylan has written an open letter in the New York Times detailing her repeated – not just once in the attic – sexual abuse at the hands of Woody Allen, and Jesus Christ. I’m not even going to excerpt it because you need to read the whole thing for yourself, and cringe at the parts about the heavy breathing because goddammit:

An Open Letter From Dylan Farrow – NYTimes.com

h/t Amelia at The Frisky for posting something on Facebook that actually got me off the couch on a Saturday

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