Dylan Farrow Just Detailed Her Sexual Abuse Claims Against Woody Allen In The New York Times

February 1st, 2014 // 118 Comments
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“I’ll take ‘People Woody Allen Should Never, Ever Be Photographed Next To’ For 500, Alex.”

On Monday, The Daily Beast published an article by Woody Allen documentarian Robert B. Weide that was ballyhooed by apologists for poo-pooing accusations (“Ballyhooed, poo-poo.” God, I’m fancy.) that one time in an attic Woody molested his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow by basically pulling the old Mia Farrow made it up for revenge card. Except, today, for the first time, Dylan has written an open letter in the New York Times detailing her repeated – not just once in the attic – sexual abuse at the hands of Woody Allen, and Jesus Christ. I’m not even going to excerpt it because you need to read the whole thing for yourself, and cringe at the parts about the heavy breathing because goddammit:

An Open Letter From Dylan Farrow – NYTimes.com

h/t Amelia at The Frisky for posting something on Facebook that actually got me off the couch on a Saturday

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  1. Speaking of ballyhoo! You doth protest too much!

    Who cares? It’s okay when a rich male artist does artist does it! Touching is what makes him so goldarn quirky!

  2. Hollywood sex perverts are like cockroaches. You see one or two in the light but behind the wall there is a whole nest of those nasty f*ckers and what better way to lure pray than the promises of Hollywood?

  3. really disturbing. but it IS still possible that her claims were fueled by a vengeful Mother. I don’t presume to know the truth. she certainly sounds credible, who would make up such an awful story, we ask ourselves, it must be true, right? Again, I don’t presume to know, but what if, just possibly, her Mother has had the best revenge on a public persona EVER.

    • Glass

      Some real expert misogyny going on here. Do you practice?

      • my you’re the clever one aren’t you? I simply posed a possibility. it’s hysterical harpies like you & ilikesake down there that make women look silly.

      • D-chi

        I really hate when people debate child molestation, and rape culture in general, as if it’s an exercise in logic and not a real thing that happens to real people.

      • I don’t think you know what misogyny means as you are using it as a lazy excuse for an argument. Try again dipshit

    • ilikesake

      You sound like a real idiot, Sandy. In one breath you say its disturbing, in the next you in an oh so suttle way accuse the victim and her mother of things that DON’T MATTER. The fact is, in the letter she states ppl like you try to make it all about Mia and Woody’s breakup, while at the same time discrediting a little girl who had Allen smelling her crotch 7 days a week. Oh but *Gasp* Maybe Mia Farrow was the antichrist all these years…that must be it.

      • There’s no reason to jump down Sandy’s throat. She merely said it’s possible that Mia made it up. And it is.

        I have heard of cases where women have lied about abuse (either of themselves or their children) against an ex. None of us know the truth.

      • Aunt Cracker

        But we do know this man is not above thinking of his daughters .in that way.. Any man that marries his daughter has some serious issues to say the least. Adopted daughter or not,.a daughter’s a daughter.

      • I agree with you there. See my lower post. That having been said that still doesn’t mean he did what Dylan’s accusing him of.

      • derp

        Woody Alllen didn’t marry his adopted daughter genius.

      • Aunt Cracker

        Daughter, step daughter, wtf ever. That’s just creepy as hell.

      • pathgirl

        FYI, not an Allen fan but he was never married to Mia.

      • Aunt Cracker

        But does that matter?

      • ilikesake

        That’s not jumping down Sandy’s throat.

        And looking at Woody Allen’s shady actions, I don’t think this is one of those cases of Mia just being a lying hussy who’s buttsore or butthurt or whatever the hell these young ppl are saying these days.
        But then again, maybe Roman and Michael didn’t do it either. I mean, there’s no sex tape right?

      • Roman Polanski

        How true. Don’t believe the kid. It was the bitch mom, not the guy who married the stepdaughter he met when she was 12 and took nude pictures of when she was under age.

      • thecrazybetty

        don log you’re really are a dense one. you’re the kind of dumb ass they the woody allen’s of this world would love to have on their jury.

    • thecrazybetty

      yeah, after all of these years mia farrow just wants to publicly humiliate her grown daughter AND her grown daughter just wants to play along. grow up sandydumbasscakes.

  4. circuit

    Thank you, Dylan.

    Now fuck off, Hollywood molester apologists.

  5. This is completely fucked up. If he did do it, he deserves to be in jail. If he didn’t, he deserves his freedom. Either way, I’m sorry for Dylan. No child should have to go through that.

    He did marry his step-daughter so that’s not looking good for him.

    • Lord Helmet

      I was thinking the same, Don. He married his step-daughter. From that point on anything goes.

    • Marrying your step-daughter is to child molestation warning signs as which of the following is to tidal waves?

      a) Every animal that can moving inland; those that can’t screaming bloody murder

      b) The tide receding for miles

      c) A huge tidal wave visibly moving towards land at incredible speed

      d) None of the above. Everyone has already drowned.

  6. IndustrialBunni

    I completely believe her.

    Did you all know that in around 1976 it became illegal to have sex with your daughter?

    • Aunt Cracker

      I believe her too. If she’s lying then she needs therapy. If she’s telling the truth he needs to live the remainder of his days in a small cell with a very large; very angry cellmate named tiny .

  7. Drundel

    That is nothing, go read the transcripts of the roman polanski anal rape of that 13 year old girl. How is that dude still alive?

    • NutSlut

      Basically, because he’s never returned to US jurisdiction.

      He made a deal to get a bunch of charges dropped in exchange for no jail time, but then they found out the judge was going to be an asshole and make an example of him despite the plea-deal.

      So he left and never came back.

  8. Urbanspaceman

    I smell a book deal?

  9. derp

    Um, yeah, I’m going go ahead and call bullshit on all of that. That is all.

    • D-chi

      Are you another “expert” on child molestation? So glad that a live witness is weighing in. Oh wait, you weren’t there? And yet you discredit the story of the girl who was ACTUALLY there? Hm. I call shenanigans on you.

  10. Dashwood

    Thanks for posting this. I love this site, and really appreciate your social conscience. It is great how you mix the two aspects.

  11. Jade

    I was molested by my grandfather. My parents did not pursue charges.

    I urge anyone who has a child who’s been wronged to ignore any thoughts about it being family, and to care only about your child’s justice and seek criminal prosecution.

  12. kman

    aaaaaannnnndddd I still don’t give a shit.

  13. Woody Allen has always come off as disturbing to me when I’ve seen a movie or two of his and most of it is out of my memory other than him being a whiner, an old vw bug and some sex device. I never took him seriously and found him disturbing since it was always out there about him and his adopted daughter/wife.

    I’m pissed no one would have handled him for the abuse on this girl. If it were my girl, I’d have cut his fucking cock off and force fed him the little thing.

  14. If it were my daughter, I would have clawed his fucking eyes out and prosecuted the shit out of him.
    I believe her. I hope he gets what’s coming to him. He and Roman Pilanski should be dropped on an island with all of the other sexual predators. Led them feed on each other instead of destroying the innocence of children.

  15. kery

    I believe her ’cause she is a grown up Who knows what are the consequences of her accusations. all i have to say to you people is tha you have to take care of your children from all your family and friends because we don’t know who can be a pedo.

  16. Lord Helmet

    My relative was recently an extra at a movie shoot. He said the director – whom we all know and made fun of for being a pervert – never showed up without an 18-20 year old bimbo at his side. My guess is he would have gone younger too if the law would allow.

    Hollywood is just full of perverts. I don’t know if you’re born a pervert and then become a director/producer/actor and it just comes to light easier. Or vice versa and Hollywood power just corrupts you into being a pervert.

  17. eekamouse

    Did any of you read the Weide piece? It raises a ton of issues as to the veracity of Mia and Dylan Farrow’s claims. I can’t believe the blogger who write this piece dismisses Weide as an Allen apologist. Mia Farrow is a disturbed woman and it’s entirely possible that Dylan was badgered and coached. Dylan’s nannies even recanted their Allen accusations and the prosecutor in CT was disciplined for investigating a case w/out merit. Dylan may well have been abused but possibly not by Allen. Mia’s brother was recently prosecuted for sexual assault on a child – I’d start there.

    • You mean the piece written by a close personal and professional friend of Woody Allen that reads like the statement of a defense attorney who knows his client is guilty, so he tars and feathers the witnesses for the prosecution?

      Yeah, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that it’s a little biased.

      • Dox

        We are talking about Allen… the same man who later was found to have nude pictures of his adopted daughter. The same adopted daughter he then married.
        Because all of that doesn’t exactly sound like the actions of a stable, well adjusted, adult in search of a meaningful, well balanced relationship with another adult.

  18. there are perverts everywhere. Hollywood has no prior claim. girls & boys are molested every fucking day. that in no way mitigates the damage or the horror of that shit. but it ain’t new it ain’t geography it’s human’s fucked up nature. prosecute it, fight against it, don’t pretend it’s indigenous.

    • Dox

      Hollywood has no prior claim? I don’t think that was the point at all, and I think you know that.
      The entire issue is that Hollywood has a tendency to keep people that should be in prison out of prison.
      Shall we take a roll call of individuals that have demonstrated remarkably criminal behavior and yet still remain free from custody?

      For instance, perhaps R. Kelly, whom is a pedophile, and yet remains free. Making such wonderful classic tunes as Black Panties.
      Woody Allen buried that child before any actual investigation took place. And people just excuse his odd behavior such as marrying his adopted daughter…
      Whom he had nude pictures of. In his home.

      At what point do you wake up, and realize that none of his behavior leads any credence to his being innocent.
      He is a sexual predator, and yes… that is not, unfortunately uncommon.

      Yet where else in the world, can such a man win awards, make millions of dollars, and destroy the lives of children and never once face the inside of a court?

  19. Mariah

    Hollywood is such a sick place. And people just pretend that everything is alright. Disgusting.

  20. Napoupi

    1°) Why is she bitching in the Times? If she really wants to protects other children and have justice, she should tell these things to the Police. Here’s, she’s just making a show of herself and Allen in public.

    2°) She’s go an agenda: whoever said ‘I smell a book deal’ is totally right.

    3°) Again, you don’t sort out that kind of shit in the NYT but in f***ing court!

    Having read the letter, and seeing how she acts, I don’t believe her, this is all too cliched, it almost like she put together other stories…

    And before people tell me that I’m a misogynistic piece of shit, this is coming from a female who did experience something like this at the age of 17.

    • The police were told when she was a child, when it happened, but it was closed even though the police said there was probably evidence, but didn’t continue due to “victim fragility.”

      She was seven with this occurred. She’s 28 years old now. In most states, there’s a statute of limitations, depending on the crime and age. She’s well past it.

    • You’d think someone who claims to have gone through the same thing would have a bit more empathy.

    • Dox

      1) Often times when someone is presented with a horrible situation in which they have no legal recourse, but no damn well that it occurred they post an open letter. It in part, helps to bring closure to the victim. Because they can finally say without shame, what occurred, publically accuse their molester, and bring it to the light. You see, people like Allen need to stay unseen. Otherwise, his behavior might undergo intense scrutiny. So no, its not a show. Its a stand. And it takes courage, both moral and physical to do so.

      2) Of course she has an agenda. Her agenda is to sleep at night, to banish confusing, and horrid feelings that this man brought on in her life while her mind and psyche were still forming. Her agenda is to find way back into some semblance of normalcy, so that she can attempt to put away the distrust, the problems with intimacy that occur when someone you trust and consider your protector completely betrays you. That’s her agenda.

      3) You are without a doubt one of the worst trolls I have ever seen in the history of trolls. Had you a single ounce of intelligence, you would have researched that statement and realized that as a child she damn well did tell. She told her mother, and her mother told the police, and she made every attempt that a child could to bring it to light. And in return for such bravery, she was completely and undeniably screwed by the justice system, by Allen, and by the scum sucking “doctors” that chose to accept his money in an attempt to character assassinate a child.

      You’re not a misogynistic piece of shit… you’re just a piece of shit.

  21. alxboss

    It’s interesting how on the above text there are two links mentioned. One of themcontains an analysis on the facts about what happened during a public prosecution and the other contains a sensationalist recounting of an “event”. WHich one gets center stage?
    I mean who can be bothered with facts and analysis, they are long and boring.
    Besides articles on magazines and twitter are a better form of justice than… actual justice.

  22. Really...?

    Or she is inviting a civil case from Woody to see him in court that way – i.e. force him into a denial and action to halt her claims / assertions.

    Because when I read the above comment from him above, he is decrying the mother and not the child. That stinks of PR & Crisis Management (i.e. through mud in one direction whilst showing sympathy to the child), since attacking the child in any way makes him look less sympathetic.

  23. musicgod

    it’s not like woodyy allen is roman polanski…

    • cmonreally

      …is that supposed to mean one is better than the other?

      Polanski is a pervert. He lost his wife, then goes and drugs then rapes a 13 year old girl. On top of that, he flees the country to avoid prosecution.

      Woody Allen targeted his girlfriend’s adopted daughter (did he adopt her, too? I don’t remember). He molested her multiple times. He sexually assaulted her. Then he exploited his girlfriend’s OTHER adopted daughter. Sounds like he was with Mia for the easy access to young women who couldn’t do anything to stop him, and didn’t know exactly what he was doing to them.

      Both are disgusting figures. Roman Polanski drugged and raped a girl once and was never brought to justice, and Woody molested a young girl for years, groomed her to believe that it was somewhat normal, and was never brought to justice. Neither is better than the other – they are both sick fucks.

  24. NutSlut

    I should point out for those who missed it that Fish never uses the word “rape” or takes any kind of side in this. He comments on things that have factually happened.

    Because saying things like “Woody Allen raped some girl” is what we call “Legally actionable”. It’s slander. And, depending on context, can be contempt of court.

    From a legal standpoint, regardless of anything he or Roman Polanski may or may not have done, the concept of rape is a legal definition, and cannot be applied until a guilty verdict is returned by a court.

    You’ll also note that, in Polanski’s case, the US Courts system was perfectly happy to NOT charge him with rape.

    On a related note: Allen and Polanski both make shitty movies anyways, so why is this even a story? I’d rather see them rot in obscurity than prison.

  25. The meeting of two minds that love younger than young behind.

  26. Cock Dr

    Creepy pervs rise to success in many fields. Creepy pervs are apparently everywhere.
    There’s a lot of evidence that Woody Allen is quite the creepy perv. It’s unlikely that there will ever be any legal consequences but I hope at least a few people will now shun him.

  27. There are references to underage sex in Allen’s earlier movies: “TWO twelve year old, imagine the possibilities!!” He has made a living off of being a “funny” pervert. He has a lot of company.

    But, like Polanski & Michael Jackson, a lot of money and many, many well-heeled friends gets him off the hook. So he’s living in New York a free, rich, man and an “auteur” with apparently unlimited funding for his institutional misogyny. Money walks…

    • magnus robot biter

      It was two SIXTEEN year old girls that were mentioned, either in Manhattan or Annie Hall. Still bad, but not “12 year old” bad…

      • Dox

        Right… because taking advantage of a vulnerable child is funny.

      • 16 is legal age in all but 3 of the states in the USA

        15 is legal in Sweden

        14 is legal in Germany

        And every man posting on these boards drools over teenage girls in bikinis on the beaches

        Not that I’m calling you a bunch of hypocrites, nope, not me

  28. I find it hard to believe that a man who banged his daughter would bang his other daughter.

  29. “So, um, eh – Roman… are there any vacancies in your Immeuble d’appartements?”

  30. eh

    My favorite movie is Love and Death. I’m guessing hers is Crimes and Misdemeanors. But then I suspect that she didn’t really care what our favorite Woody Allen movie was. If she was lying about that, what else is she lying about. The defense rests.

  31. Don Draper's Dad

    Makes me glad I think his movies are shit.

  32. gumbypokey

    So, the guy was fucking his 19yo stepdaughter at 56yo? If that isn’t a giant red flag, I don’t know what is.

    • Mia was married to Frank Sinatra when he was 50 and she was 21.

      Mia has also strongly hinted that she was screwing Frank Sinatra during her relationship with Woody Allen, while Frank was married to Barbara Sinatra (Mia said that Ronan might be Frank’s son).

      Is there something wrong with Frank Sinatra?

      With Mia Farrow?

      With Andre Previn, who was 40 years old and cheated on his wife with a 19 year old Mia Farrow? (Mia had a baby by Andre Previn)

      Seems like there’s only judgment for Woody but none for Mia or any of these other people. Is it because Woody is a bit of an “off” character? Since when has that been a crime?

      • I think there’s a big difference between a relationship with an age difference and a relationship with an age difference where one was introduced to the other as a parental figure. And that’s not even mentioning the part where Woody had underage nude photos of Soon-Yi prior to their relationship becoming public. Or, you know, the part where he is alleged to have FUCKED A SEVEN YEAR OLD CHILD. GOD. DAMN.

      • Woody was not Soon Yi’s father figure.

        She has a father figure: Andre Previn.

      • He was the long-term boyfriend of her mother, with only a piece of paper keeping him from being her stepfather. Is this fucking hair finally split to your satisfaction, Ronnie?

  33. Hannah

    I tend to believe that the gross old man who would take sexually explicit photos of the then barely legal, 3 decades younger, sister of his children and daughter of his girlfriend of many years [I mean, this guy was a presence in her life when she was in elementary school], is totally capable of inappropriate behavior with children. At the very least, Dylan was clearly scared of him, did not want him to touch her, and to this day is damaged.

    • By “barely legal” you mean, of course, “fully legal”, as in “an adult who is permitted by law to vote for the President and to give full legal consent to sexual relationships.”

      Oh, THAT “barely legal”.

      I didn’t know there was a waiting period after you turn 18 before you can consent to sex with another adult.

  34. rican

    “Hey, where the underage Ho’s at?”

  35. Mia Farrow had a child with Andre Previn when he was 40 and she was 20.

    Andre Previn was married at the time.

    Mia Farrow married Frank Sinatra when she was 19 and he was 50.

    So Mia clearly has no problem with an age gap in relationships.

    However, setting that aside, we have to address the big issue of Mia’s own mindset. This article says it better than I can:

    Mia Farrow has waged a war against Woody Allen, claiming he’s a sex offender, for 22 years. Allen has never been charged with anything. But Mia says nothing about her own brother, John Farrow. He is currently serving 10 years in a Maryland prison on a 25 year sentence for sex abuse of two young boys.

    And that’s not the only trouble surrounding Mia’s family. Her other brother, Patrick, committed suicide almost five years ago.

    Is Mia projecting her anger toward her brothers onto Woody Allen? Think about it. Where is Mia’s public outrage over an actual convicted offender? Will Ronan cover that story on MSNBC, or Tweet about it?

    More importantly: were Mia’s kids ever harmed by this man? No one has ever spoken about that.

    John Farrow, 67, was convicted this past October in Maryland. Two young men revealed Farrow had molested them between 2000 and 2008. They are now 20 years old.

    Mia Farrow’s brother pleaded guilty to two counts of child abuse. He faced 39 counts of child abuse. To stop his trial last summer, Farrow entered an Alford plea, meaning he accepted his conviction while maintaining his innocence. At his sentencing, Farrow told the court: “I do feel regret. This is absolutely the worst thing that I’ve ever done and I will ever do. It was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my life.”

    It’s pretty interesting that neither Mia nor Ronan Farrow, and now Dylan, have never spoken out in support of John Farrow’s victims. Those victims have documented proof and a guilty plea and a sex abuser in prison.

    And no reason has ever been given for Patrick Farrow’s violent 2009 suicide.


    • I have yet to see the connection between having a pedo brother and being a bad person. That being said, I really am no fan of Mia Farrow. She’s always weirded me out and, born-agains tend to annoy the shit out of me. Being a born-again humanitarian (or Christian, or Muslim, or vegan?) where you hold the truth and everybody is lazy and selfish for not going to Africa and help unfortunate people there is being elitist at best.

      YET, no matter the shit Mia Farrow has done in her life, I HOPE TO FUCKING GOD a pissed, cheated-on woman is not absolutely fucking evil enough to introduce HER 7 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER to the concept of sexual abuse because she’s been dumped for a younger chick?!?! Like, Mommy is pissed and hurt, maybe. WHO THE FUCK TELLS HER DAUGHTER ABOUT FINGER-FUCKING and puts her through invasive psychological, legal and medical examinations to get back at an ex?!

      • Suli anto

        I have yet to see the (public) connection between an artist’s personal life and his work. I don’t care about Woody Allen as a person; I like his work and that is that. Farrow has been trying to sabotage Woody Allen’s career on the basis that he is (allegedly) an horrible human being. Allen is receiving awards and recognition not because of him being a great person but because of his art work. If he is a criminal, get him in jail and let the law system punish him, but don’t expect people to stop enjoying his work out of sympathy to an alleged victim of rape. What artist would deserve public recognition then, if we are going to dissect their personal lives first as a pre-requisite to judge their work?

      • We won’t be listening to any Led Zeppelin songs ever again if moral purity is the criteria…because Jimmy Page kidnapped a 14 year old girl and made her his sex slave.

        Hm, John Lennon beat his first wife, Cynthia. There goes The Beatles and all his solo stuff.

        Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13 year old cousin. There goes The Killer’s music into the trash bin…and on and on and on it goes.

      • Don’t know if that’s what happened, but it has been done in bitter divorces.

        I had a neighbour who accused her ex of molesting their young daughter and got the six year old girl to back up the story. When confronted with inconsistencies in her story (such as the fact that the alleged molestations occurred at times when the father was out of town on business trips etc), the mother confessed the story was fabricated to give her leverage in the custody battle.

        So yes, there are people who are troubled enough to do this. And you really have to question the judgment of a woman who thought Woody Allen would make a good life partner and father.

      • Right now I’m questioning the judgment of a fucktard who is doing her best to take the side against a seven year old child who was molested.

    • Leila

      This was an interesting response–and it I definitely wonder why Mia and family would not have spoken out in support of the victims, if in fact they have not. In any case, it’s hard not to be a little weirded out by Mia–something is off there. Her over-adoption of kids–while admirable–also says something weird about her. And her taste in men, ugh! But none of that should exonerate Woody Allen. It’s a little late for him to be calling her a monster when he spent over a decade of his life with her as her lover, made her the mother of his children, and decided she’d be a great mother-in-law. If she’s weird, he’s twice the weird for throwing himself head first into that confusing mess. And let’s not forget that Dylan is now a grown woman, capable of thinking for herself. What has she done for us to doubt her?!?

    • Here’s the connection I make:

      At least one of Mia’s brothers is a known paedophile.

      Mia has a documented preference for much older men (Andre Previn, Frank Sinatra), both of whom were not only lovers but father figures.

      Perhaps the crimes for which Mia’s brother has been imprisoned were not his first offence? Many paedophiles start by molesting their younger siblings.

      Is it possible that Mia’s accusations that Dylan was molested by Woody are based on her own experiences being molested by at least one of her brothers (or another relative)?

      Honestly, the testimony of a seven year old is hard to trust. I once worked with a class of kindergarteners (six year olds) and I asked them how many had ever flown to the Moon.

      All of their hands went straight into the air.

      I said, “No, not in pretend or imagination. How many of you have REALLY flown to the Moon? A true story, not a made-up one!”

      All the hands stayed up in the air.

      There are your witnesses for the prosecution.

      Also, my parents tell me things that happened when I was 7 years old that I don’t remember. Important things. Your memory is very tricky at that age.

      Doesn’t mean the abuse didn’t happen. Doesn’t mean it did happen. All we know are the characters of the two adults involved.

      Mia Farrow is a very troubled person.

      So is Woody Allen.

      I’m sorry for Dylan’s suffering but I don’t know the truth. None of you, do, either.

      • “my parents tell me things that happened when I was 7 years old that I don’t remember. Important things. Your memory is very tricky at that age.”

        For fuck’s sake! When YOU are the one who is sexually assaulted, you do not FORGET.

      • There are many cases, such as the McMartin Preschool Case, where children’s “memories” were created by the suggestion of adults:


        And everybody was SO CERTAIN that Raymond Buckey et al were child molestors. But they were all innocent.

        Oh well, their lives were ruined, so what? At least the vigilantes like yourselves got a little taste of power.

      • You are a fucking idiot. You come down on the side of doubting the children straight away. That is SO damaging to them, which you apparently have no feelings about. Sorry to point this out, but a lot of kids HAVE been brutalized, and cannot forget, ever.
        I don’t know why YOU have fuzzy childhood memories, but mine are so clear that I still have nightmares.
        If feeling real concern for the children makes me a vigilante, then I guess I hope someone spays you before you breed.

      • A lot of people here, including you, are snarling and shouting at people.

        You are reacting emotionally because of your own experience and assuming you KNOW what happened.

        There are many cases where false memories have been pushed into children’s minds by adults, the most infamous of these cases being the McMartin Preschool Case. Therapists and adults in that case convinced children they had been molested, when in fact they had not.

        People who doubted the children and pointed out numerous inconsistencies in their stories were treated just as you and others are treating the doubters in this thread: with rage and vile name-calling.

        You wrote: “I guess I hope someone spays you before you breed.”

        Really, I feel sorry for someone who is so consumed by rage as you.

  36. Robb7

    Not the time (it’s well past the statute of limitations IF he committed this heinous crime), nor the place (on this Web site, really??!!) This will all be dealt with at some point…

  37. Deacon Jones

    Of course Woody Allen did it, look at that slimy, sickly creep.

    If that guy doesnt molest kids, i dont know who does

  38. Just the sight of this guy has always turned my stomach. He has, and always will be a dirty little pedophile. Amazing to me that any human being can stand being anywhere near him.

    Chop his withered little dick off.

  39. I just love Internet vigilantes.

    “We weren’t there and we don’t know the facts, so let’s string him up! And burn some witches too, while we’re at it!”

    Oh, my, oh, me.

    • You just love child molesters too, apparently.

      • You know for a fact that Woody Allen molested his daughter or any other child?

        No, you don’t. I like facts. Don’t like paedophiles.

        But it’s typical McCarthyite tactics to shout down anybody who disagrees with the witch hunt as being a Commie sympathiser/terrorist sympathiser/paedophile sympathiser.

        This is no time for facts and reason! Hang ‘em from the highest tree!

      • TheAdmiral

        It’s the same premise as the importance of leaving a first impression. People hear something terrible, and they start shouting, because it was a bad thing and bad things are bad. The story is of something terrible, so they’re disgusted. Now, was the story true? Well, it’s too late. People already had a visceral reaction, and taking time to consider the issue means 1) effectively having to change their mind, which people have great difficulty doing. They have to admit they were wrong in some way, and people don’t like to be wrong. It’s such a powerful thing that even if a person intellectually comes to realizing things, they still don’t want to change their mind and have difficulty feeling differently. 2) turning a simple matter of a conviction into a complex matter of sussing out the truth. They have to deal with new revelations and doubt and the unknown. They have to do research and be knowledgeable if they want to say something reasonable, and no one wants to be left out of the shouting party. They have to live with the thought that if they take a side, they could be wrong. That no matter which way they take it, there’s a chance that they could be pushing for someone innocent to get badly hurt. It doesn’t come with the feel-good righteousness of KNOWING what happened, and it’s certainly not as comfortable as at least KNOWING you’re not wrongfully condemning someone.

      • It’s quite clear that the vast majority of people commenting here don’t give a goddamn about facts or about reasoning things through.

        Woody Allen is a child molestor and let’s burn him at the stake.

        No one has ever been falsely accused by a child before.

        Except in the McMartin Preschool Case, where everyone accused was innocent and many other well-documented cases, found here:


        “Findings of multiple studies performed between 1987 and 1995 suggested that the rate of false allegations ranged from a low of 6% to a high of 35% of reported child sexual abuse cases…False reports are more common in custody disputes….Children appear to rarely make up false allegations of their own accord but will make false allegations if coercively questioned by individuals who believe abuse has occurred but refuse to accept children’s statements that they were not abused.”

        Which is exactly what Woody Allen says Mia Farrow has done.

        By the way, one of the other children that Mia turned against Woody, Moses, is now estranged from Mia and has re-established a relationship with his father.

      • “But it’s typical McCarthyite tactics to shout down anybody who disagrees with the witch hunt as being a Commie sympathiser/terrorist sympathiser/paedophile sympathiser.”

        You called us “vigilantes” for disagreeing with you! Fucking hypocrite.

      • No, you are vigilantes for judging Woody Allen guilty when the courts have not.

        And you wrote this to me: “I guess I hope someone spays you before you breed.”

        I have nothing left to say to someone who is so hateful as to write that, and simply because *I* disagreed with *you*.

        Whatever your problem is, see a therapist. Anyone so consumed by rage as you needs professional help and I do hope you get it.

      • No, I wrote that because you have been repeatedly uncaring towards the children involved, and repeatedly suggesting they are either lying or confused. Children need to be protected by their parents in a situation like this, and you won’t take their side.
        Take a long look at yourself. You side against the victim.

  40. JMac

    not taking sides, but this offers an interesting position and is food for thought….things aren’t black and white:


    • It’s not food for fucking thought. The guy writing it is a personal and professional friend of Woody Allen. It’s written with a clear agenda to present Woody as this charmingly befuddled Luddite who can’t do the twitters and the blogs — ISN’T THAT SO PRECIOUS?? — while casting as many aspersions on Mia Farrow’s character as possible, while totally glossing over the facts of the case. The purpose of that article isn’t to illuminate, it’s to obfuscate, and it reads exactly like the jury statement of a defense attorney who knows damn well that his client is guilty, but is hoping like hell for a hung jury. It stops just short of saying, “Well, Dylan was dressed kinda slutty that day.”

      Fuck Weide, and fuck his big, sloppy Woody Allen blowjob article.

      • TheAdmiral

        Weide states that he’s got a professional relationship with Woody. Other than that, I don’t know where you’d find anything that’d say they are or are not friends. Weide’s not really a celebrity, so, it’d be hard to find anything documenting that. Regardless of whether he is or isn’t his friend, that doesn’t change the points he’s raised. There’s a lot of stuff that doesn’t make sense and a lot of doubt to go around. Now, if you can prove anything that Weide said factually wrong, such as showing that he misquoted testimony or got known events wrong, that’s one thing, but otherwise, you’re just saying ‘They’re friends, invalid.” If Weide tells you how old Woody is, does that automatically mean Woody is at least 10 years older because they’re friends? Assuming that they are.

      • Weide also states that he considers Woody a personal friend in the exact same article, and that they correspond regularly.

    • And, by the way, Fish already had that linked in his post, so I don’t know why people keep charging in here with it like they’ve just found the OJ knife.

  41. Im doing my part guyz, never seen his movies

  42. TheAdmiral

    Just to check, no one who’s complaining about the Weide article has, like, come out waving a court transcript that says something different than the article, or has a credible eye witness that can refute anything stated, right? Has Weide been proven factually wrong about anything he stated? Or are people just upset that he stated it?

    And they all know it’s mostly hypothesizing, right? They realize we don’t know for a fact what happened I hope. Like they think there’s actual pictures of it happening or something.

    • To quote Homer Simpson: “Facts, schmacts! You can use facts to prove anything that’s even remotely true!”

      Please do not interrupt an old-fashioned McCarthyite witch hunt with an appeal to reason. Mobs are just that, mobs of sheep, and you can’t reason with sheep, especially when they’re breaking baaaaaaad.

  43. eh

    P.S. We expect to see Dylan’s bikini pics here as soon as possible.

  44. The widespread parallels between Allen and Polanski are shallow and insensitive to say the least. While celebrity and rape culture are obviously the sore points, Polanski’s case is hardly as severe. It is fair to point that: 1) He acted out due to himself having been a victim of child sex abuse, and 2) His victim did drop the charges. While far from advocating underage sex, a teenage girl could be conscious – and willing – of what she’s doing sexually. Whatever the case, Polanski has clearly gone a long way and is remorseful. To add to the “art vs artist” argument, Polanski’s films are tormenting and cathartic – not in the least resembling the lighthearted, narcissistic Allen blabber. A conscience is clearly what distinguishes the two.

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