The Duggars Want To Counsel Molestation Victims On TV Now

“See how good Jessa closes her eyes when Joshua’s with a child? That makes Jesus very happy.”

During their softball prime-time interview with Megyn Kelly, Jim Bob Duggar couldn’t shut up about how Josh Duggar’s police records were illegally leaked (Not even true at all.) and swore to become an “advocate for juvenile records.” Except that was before the entire clown car vagina circus got kicked off of TV because now ol’ Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar would be just blessed if they could “counsel” poor molested children and air their experiences on the television box. In the name of Jesus, of course, and perhaps with a small amount of compensation for their time. A few tens of thousands of dollars per episode should suffice. Via Patheos:

According to industry insiders Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are pitching a new reality show where they would counsel young victims of sexual abuse.
Apparently the Duggars are pitching the idea of a new reality show related to the upcoming special Breaking the Silence, a documentary on child sexual abuse scheduled to air August 30 on TLC.
US magazine reports TLC has been working closely with the Duggar family on the one-hour documentary that will include daughters Jill and Jessa as well as other survivors and families that have been affected by abuse.
According to reports, the Duggars are hoping to launch a spin-off show relating to the upcoming documentary.

As for the type of “counseling” the Duggars would provide, keep in mind these are the same people who up until the minute they got exposed, made their daughters act like their brother hadn’t molested them – including a five-year-old – and only after years of repeated behavior did they “cure” him by sending him away to build houses but still stonewalled a police investigation just in case. They also shoved their daughters on TV to protect the brand by downplaying their own sexual assaults in a move that made Kris Jenner juice, and I haven’t even got to the part where their homeschool teaching materials blame victims for being molested because they “defrauded” their abuser. But since I mentioned it:

4. Why Did God Let It Happen?
Result of defrauding by:
– Immodest dress
– Indecent exposure
– Being out from protection of our parents
– Being with evil friends?

So if TLC is in the business of airing a massively irresponsible trainwreck that would leave child sexual abuse victims broken in its wake just for ratings – never mind, I answered my own question.

“Touched By A Duggar” – Thursdays Only On TLC!

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