Drew Barrymore is Wasted

August 20th, 2010 // 60 Comments

Because it’s Friday and I mentally checked out sometime after Karissa Shannon’s ass yesterday, I thought it’d be fun to pretend it’s 1986 when seeing a shit-faced Drew Barrymore was as adorably shocking as it was increasingly commonplace. Haha! She’s trying to be like E.T. when he drank the beers again. Oh, Gertie.

Play me off, Toto!

Photos: INFdaily, Pacific Coast News


  1. Sugar

    She’s also overrated, boring and a shitty actress. I avoid any movie that she’s in.

  2. dude

    she still looks GREAT for her age. Wasted even.

  3. froghammer

    Yow. Mac guy must’ve had a bumpy ride in her purse.

  4. she was cute in et but lisps are not cute on 35 year olds. give her props tho for getting through her addictions, something lindsay could try to emulate. dont believe shes wasted here. looks like she was just waking up.

  5. Internet

    My girlfriend has the SAME EXACT tolerance.

  6. manda

    So weird… One of the web comics I read mentioned this song today.. and now the Superficial does too.
    Good thing I love this song!

  7. herbiefrog

    say what you want but she is beautiful (see last pic)

    we all get wasted at times/…

    …let’s not be hypocrites : )

  8. Bunny

    She doesn’t drink but she smokes the devil’s lettuce. ;)

  9. The Only Hetero in this Joint

    Fish – great song – still better than anything I’ll EVER hear from LeAnn Rimes

  10. Nate

    Damn that had to hurt. Falling off the wagon like she did. ouch!

  11. Karmen

    She was on radio 1 being interviewed by Sarah Cox today and I hope this is the reason she was such a boring fart. She sounded rough as, but when she was asked if she’d been out to ‘celebrate the premier’ in London she span a load of bullshit about going for a meal with all the cast and crew and it being really nice…meals are only nice with BOOZE!!!!!! She then went on to talk about the powers of breathing, and that being the ultimate answer to every kind of pain and utter calmness and inner peace. I was on the bus at the time and there was a rather entertaining tramp attempting to drink a 2pint bottle of milk so I decided to switch my attention to that instead when she started going on about wanting to be the spokes person of sharpie pens. I’ve completely forgot the main point of my post because I’m enjoying a rather large brandy and coke atm, but yeah, I’m gonna take a guess and say my point waaaaaaaas I don’t like Drew Barrymore?……

    • Admiral Buttcrack


    • Vito

      1. So sad to hear you have to be drinking to enjoy a meal. Booze really fucks up your taste buds, especially when you follow it with a ciggy or two.

      2. I don’t believe this story one bit. Drew has been clean and sober for a number of years and I believe she takes her sobriety too seriously to get fucked up and risk the possibility of death.

      3. You ruin brandy with Coke? Christ, spend another couple of bucks and get decent stuff that doesn’t need to be mixed with sugar-syrup and soda water to enjoy.

      On the other hand, lushes (like me) use just about anything to choke down the “medicine” when they’re hurting.

  12. Grand Dragon

    I like her tits in that shitty movie “Bad Girls”


    • Snooki's Taint

      Her flapjacks? They were lame even back when she flashed them at Letterman. Of course she’s drunk. She looks like Drew Barrymore. Entirely understandable. No talent, and about to be too fugly for film.

      • Grand Dragon

        one man’s flapjacks is another man’s waffles.

        Bad Girls was in 1994. they weren’t too flapjacky then. Before Playboy and Letterman

    • nice ass in poison ivy tho :))) and kicked ass in charlie’s angels

  13. crystina

    she looks like ashlee simpson in the last picture. why is she doing that to herself?

  14. Drew Barrymore
    Commented on this photo:

    So she had a good time in London, big deal, you’re just jealous… I love her, she’s a sweetheart…

  15. If you had a “Thindy” Brady lisp and Cover Girl kept loading your commercials with a laughably excessive number of S-words, you’d drink, too!

  16. Drew Barrymore
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  17. MarkM

    Give her a break…Her shirt is not covered in cocaine and there’s no visible needles sticking out of her arms…this is the most sober she’s appeared since she was 12!

  18. LispyDrew

    It’s funny, this cunt was just on TV a couple days ago judging Lohan for her drinking and drugs.

    Glass houses, cunt. First get your fucking shit together before you judge those more famous than you.

    P.S. Lohan is a cunt, too, I’m not defending her.

    • Rockalittle

      Your a fucking asshole. I know it and you know it.

    • Alexandra Hemale

      Since when is LL more famous than Drew? Which one is still in demand? I’ll give you a hint: It’s not Lindsay. It’s one thing to be drunk for fun once in awhile. It’s very different to be fucked up all day, every day on whatever substances you can get your hands on (“legally” and otherwise).

      By the looks of your post you have some anger issues. Get help.

  19. Zorbo

    I haven’t seen a picture of her in a while. It looks like she’s had some type of plastic surgery. Her face looks different .

  20. Drew Barrymore
    Commented on this photo:

    When did she start looking that good? She should get plastered more often. Wow!

  21. rickardo

    This is what she looks like all the time, what are you guys talking about??

  22. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    She annoys the fuck out of me. I don’t even know why I hate her so much. She just brings it out in me.

    • brit boys are cool

      I have felt the same way too about her. She has always annoyed me. Didn’t she have to go to rehab at fifteen for coke and booze?

  23. Rockalittle

    You can trash Paris( cause she is) you can shit on lohan( cause she’s full of it) and you can comment all you like on all the other trashy whores but you are temping at the wrong dog if you try to put Drew Barrymore in the same house as the rest. Maybe she’s drunk( which of you hasn’t) more likely the constant flashes were bothering her eyes, maybe she’s tired, who cares. She is kind sweet beautiful and I would watch a movie about grass growing if she were in it. BTW lisps are hot.

  24. Maxwell

    She really has turned into a little piggy. I bet she goes wee, wee, wee all the way home. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…..WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE………..WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE………………………………….

  25. Drew Barrymore
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    I agree – wow, she’s in London, beer is stronger than in the US. She had a good time! Haven’t we all been there (minus paparazzi photos thank god)

  26. Drew Barrymore
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    I thought she was straight edge? After her whole youth of drinking and drug use..

  27. captain america


  28. God

    I will never forgive her for having that breast reduction surgery. It should be illegal.

  29. Nero

    It’s important to take the prescripted medicines on steady times!

  30. Rhialto

    At least she’s polite enough to shake the driver’s hand.



  32. Drew Barrymore
    Commented on this photo:

    oh no!

  33. Duke Steele

    Shouldn’t that read, “Drew Barrymore is an ugly skank {redundant?}whos not even a butterface because her body is no better than her face and she has no talent and whoever at Covergirl hired her and her lisp should be taken out and maimed!”

  34. Drew Barrymore
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    Anyone who believes that Drew ever got fully sober after being a 13 year old alcoholic and drug addict is fooling themselves.

    She’s been blitzed out of her mind for decades; she just has enough cash to keep it (mostly) behind closed doors and out of the public eye.

  35. ellieminnow

    Wait…shes a “recovered” alcoholic. She isn’t supposed to drink.

  36. Drew Barrymore
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    I want that AWESOME clutch. Who is it by?! A. McQueen??

  37. Tiffany

    She’s still beautiful despite of her drug addiction most especially when she smiles.

  38. that is too funny. no glam, no make up, no photoshop – her as real as it gets. how embarassing.

  39. welldoneson

    She looks okay to me, but she would look better if she lost some weight and gained some abs. I mean, WTF? Note that in Charlie’s Angels, Lucy Liu and Cammy Diaz cavort on the beach with the usual midriff-baring outfits, but Drew is covered up. Come on, beeotch, miss a few meals. Make your fans happy!
    It’s bad enough you had a reverse boob job… jeez!

  40. Helena Handbasket

    She is beautiful and doesn’t look drunk. She looks like she just woke up from a deep sleep. OK, maybe she looks very stoned, but def not drunk.

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