Dita Von Teese is Not Lindsay Lohan

July 8th, 2010 // 61 Comments

Since it’s time for something, anything, that’s not a freckled cokewhore queefing all over the legal system, here’s Dita Von Teese on the Jean-Paul Gaultier runway in Paris last night. I don’t even know what this outfit’s supposed to be, but I do know Marilyn Manson is putting a gun to Evan Rachel Wood’s head until she puts it on and drinks enough absinthe to forget his penis looks like the sandworm from Beetlejuice.

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  1. Armando

    First muthafuka’s

    “Marilyn Manson is putting a gun to Evan Rachel Wood’s head until she puts it on and drinks enough absinthe to forget his penis looks like the sandworm from Beetlejuice.”

    Still laughin at this

  2. homo

    you are all virgin fags

  3. Uruguaya
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  4. Commented on this photo:

    Mmmm, Dita Von Tush

  5. Jen

    Parker, i need butt sex jokes! DO IT

  6. homo

    why does jen take it up the shitter

  7. Jen

    Because i am a dirty slag and cannot go 5 mins without cock smashing my intestines

    • Huh

      Filthy pig someone is sure to claim your dredged out intestines as quite the prize to go along with your nasty mouth.

  8. Deacon Jones

    And WHY don’t women dress like this?

    I guarantee world peace would be possible if they did. All the men would be de-stressed from having sex all the time, and just want to sleep and smoke cigarettes.

    • Cardinal Fang

      I agree with this statement.

      On another note. I heard they stop the gulf oil flow with a very simple and time-tested solution. Yeah, they put a giant wedding ring around it. It stopped putting out almost immediately.

    • actually their penis would fall of.

      body: danger! there’s too much pleasure damnit! DANGER!
      mind: but I don’t care, it feels good
      body: I warned you!
      *penis falls off*
      *primal scream*

    • Burt

      I don’t know about that. Smoking causes impotence.

    • your momma

      even if women did dress like this it would’nt mean guys would get laid. i imagine your middle name is deacon “please-dont-call-the-cops” jones.

  9. Lady Blah Blah

    Not impressed with her (because she’s a butterface), but this is a lot better than more Lohan.

  10. M

    Holy christ look how teeny her waist is!!!!

  11. Shame about the face…….& getting all caught up in that Manson mess.
    The one little cellulite dimple on the butt cheek is cute though.
    I can’t even imagine the maintenance involved with a piece of work like this woman. Her body is damn fine & she takes care of it. Some Hollywood pop tarts could take a lesson or 2 from Dita.

  12. Instead
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    m to the eh

  13. Fibre Channel

    I think MM and Evan Rachel Wood broke up a while ago.

  14. Deacon Jones

    oh, on a sidenote. There are MANY foot fetish porn movies she’s starred in. I came across them on hotmovies.com. (and no, im not hawking a website, im providing an outlet for my fellow perverts). I never realized she even did porn, let alone a series of foot fetish/leather ones. Full nudity too

  15. White667

    Fucking adverts which play SOUND automatically. TWO one ONE webpage simultaneously. WHAT THE FUCK.

  16. Id

    Two of her, please. ….And a fucking carton of cigarettes.

  17. She has no expression what-so-ever.

  18. California Red
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    Once at a stip club Dita pressed my face into her busom. She had the smell of perfumed baby powder that I can still envision to this day. I never thought she was totally hot, but her ability to create sex appeal was better than all of the skanky whore porn stars that similiary tried to do a stip tease.

  19. Jay-Z

    Jean-Paul Gaulthier certainly isn’t gay. No way, Jose. Not him. Straight as an arrow.

    At least he doesn’t try to pretend, unlike Chris Brown.

  20. Rhialto

    That’s quite an interesting outfit! A fine mixture of snake/skeleton-like costume!

  21. Commented on this photo:

    Me no rike… she have face of German jairu-keeper, and weird regs.
    Arr my boner no berong to her.

  22. Friday Jones

    I read somewhere that MM is hung like a horse. THAT would certainly explain the ladies.

  23. Mike Iksard
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    Unwearable hideous crap, congrats on a horrible new look. What is the target audience, Blind Goth Hookers? Fashion is for idiots

    • zoomzoom


    • sara

      It’s not meant to be wearable. In fact, this won’t be available for sale to anyone. High fashion is meant to be art, the shows are performance art, and no one was ever intended to actually wear this outside of this show. So, way to fail at understanding pop culture.

  24. Mr. Nice Guy

    Sexist Woman on Earth!

  25. JN
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    What a flat ass!

  26. Aja
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    She has a really flat guy ass.

  27. Woofus
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    Time to retire, pretty lady while things are still where they are supposed to be. Try your hand at novella, or voice acting. But the world tires of your butt crack

  28. Andriiya
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    I was starting to like that outfit, but what the f is on her head?

  29. liz
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    its not for sale its to be seen- its expression in art. that may sound pretentious but its true not everything is intended to be mass marketed for a mediocre sensibility.

    • Mike Iksard

      Let me get this straight…bedazzling old halloween props and hot glueing them to pantyhose is Art? Because if it is, my four year old daughter is a high fashion prodigy. Anyone who considers this atrocity art is high on Smug, and needs to pull it together.

  30. hy
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    My wall has more ass! than this chick! LOL

  31. Stuart
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    First !!

  32. Joe
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    I have a couple of porns with her in it….she has a nice Vag.

  33. liz
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    art can be anything made with intention and expression. Its whatever it is. is open for judgment and rejection but its SMUG and arrogant to deny anything that someone creates as such just because you dont like it or agree with it.

  34. kellly
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    holy HIPPPO

  35. way superficial
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    Fuck off! She’s doing her thing and she looks good! Stop being jealous! You fucks will never look like her!!

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