Dina’s in on the lawsuit

March 10th, 2010 // 69 Comments

Lindsay Lohan apparently called her mom bawling after seeing the E-Trade commercial about a “milkaholic” baby named Lindsay and it looks like Dina’s in on the suit, according to The New York Post:

“They’re little babies doing this, mocking another child who’s just trying to survive Hollywood, basically,” Dina Lohan said.
“I’m just basically glad I took a stand. I’m not going to let them do this to us anymore,” Dina Lohan said of the “horrible” and “mean” ad.
She said that the ad was clearly aimed at her daughter because unlike other stars, her daughter’s first name is synonymous with the “Herbie Fully Loaded” actress.
“Everyone knows Lindsay, like Cher or Madonna.”

Did Dina Lohan seriously just chastise the babies in the E-Trade commercial for mocking Lindsay? The CGI-altered, probably not even a year old babies?


How fucking high is this entire family? I legitimately have to know now so I’m prepared for the lawsuit against Garfield who’s clearly an insulting reference to their cat’s obesity.

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  1. first bitches!

  2. Suz

    Sorry LL – have seen the commercial 500 times and never thought of you. Get over yourself.

  3. Pandora1978


  4. Jaime


    Seriously though, does Lindsay realize that if she actually drank milk this would make sense but that wasn’t what that white stuff she sucks down is.

  5. HoHoHoLo

    The baby in the ad is heterosexual, the attention whore is a dyke. Where’s the connection?

  6. beep beep

    Why is Lindsay Lohan making the cognitive association between the “___aholic” Etrade baby and herself anyway? Nobody else made that particular connection. Doesn’t the negative publicity that she has generated on her own with her latest lawsuit simply reinforce the fact that Lindsay clearly does have substance abuse issues that she needs to get under control? Looks like she did a great job of hosing herself down. She’s obviously too stupid to feel ashamed.

  7. Harold^Sick

    This lawsuit isn’t even going to make it to opening arguments. Seriously? Get over yourself. There are probably less than 1,000 people named Oprah, Cher or Madonna altogether. There are probably millions of women named Lindsay. The end.

  8. darcy

    even if they can prove this is about her, is it illegal to parody now
    this is going to be thrown out of court

  9. Jen

    They can’t be serious… how about take some responsibility for your daughter’s obvious problems “surviving in Hollywood,” instead of pointing the finger at something completely unrelated in efforts to milk some cash out for yourselves… by the way, Lindsay is one of the most common names ever, and there was nothing at all about the commercial pointed at Lindsay Lohan specifically. You all need to lay off the crack. Scum of the earth people, just expect money for absolutely nothing.

  10. Dekker

    OK, it’s time that somebody punches the lights out on this worthless cunt. Seriously. I’d do it but I’m drunk off my ass on milk, so….

  11. wow

    Uh, the babies are mocking your child? What the Lohans need is an education, and they deserve nothing else.

    Not once did it occur to me that this commercial might be Lindsay Lohan related… she must be an idiot or mentally ill… probably both.

  12. punkmasterX

    Obviously this is a call for attention for Lindsay Lohan. I don’t think she even expects to win this alleged lawsuit, its just a tool so people stop forgetting who she is.

  13. JoJo

    Media Whores!

  14. Rocky Raccoon

    If she cried at seeing it, she must have a serious drinking problem that she thinks anyone gives a fuck about. Which we don’t.

  15. daddy32

    So she forgot that she “mocked” Jesus by possing as him in that recent photo shoot?! With a ciggy no less!

  16. barryp

    She has run out of money, so what else to do but sue someone. I bet you could buy a whole bunch of coke with 100 milllion.

  17. Alamander



  18. Richard McBeef


    Better Solution:


  19. Quinn

    How dare those babies do that to Hohan… those babies will have to work hard for many years to pay Hohan her billion dollars.

  20. mamamiasweetpeaches

    This reminds me of Brittany Murphys husband blaming the HAPPY FEET penguins for his wife dying! I really hope Linz ODs this week and we get to see her MOM on TV crying that its the E TRADE Babies faults. What a bunch of pschos that family is!

    Your poor “child”. Honey, Linz has not been a “child” in any sense of the word in a good twelve years or so!

  21. whatever

    The ad was funny… If they did mean Coke-han – it was a PARODY, generally safe from lawsuit.

    I guess this means Coke-han’s “career” as we knew it is over and she needs some money. No I don’t mean acting, that’s been over for a long time – I mean that showing up shit at shitty events.

  22. John

    Couple things:

    * She’s 23, she’s not a child. Emotionally retarded maybe, but not a child.
    * On the Today show this morning, they determined that there are at least 89,000 people in the US named “Lindsay”
    * Generally, public figures have to accept being made figures of fun, otherwise sites like this would be sued all the time
    * The mother continues to be an enabler of the daughter’s ongoing destructive behavior
    * Idiot should wish she was known for drinking too much milk

  23. Randy

    Are they going to sue Lindsey Vonn and Sports Illustrated, too, for that sexually provocative SI cover?

    I want a judge to slap them with a frivelous lawsuit charge.

  24. Da Trooooooooooof

    I can’t compete with that last comment. That was a tough act to follow.

  25. bar room hero

    Of course, mommy slag wants some money too!

  26. Marni

    Wow guys, think that long ass post above me is a virus? Ya, let’s all go click it!

  27. Jenna

    WHY DOES SHE ALWAYS MAKE THAT FACE? Does she thinks it looks good??

  28. Anonymous

    Dina Lohan is complete scum. Wait, scratch that. She is delusional scum. There, that’s better.

  29. I have to say, that due to this frivolous lawsuit, we will be renaming the baby anna-nicole… Dead celebrities can’t sue can they?

  30. mike nike

    I wouldn’t compare Lindsay to Cher or Madonna. She has had 0.005 percent of the fame. And not for good reasons. Her whole family has scab infested freckled stank ass pussy.

  31. Christina

    This family is so ridiculously hilarious. I don’t know a single person who associates Lindsay Lohan with her first name only. She is no where near Cher or Madonna or Oprah. No one gives a shit about her. I actually do feel bad for her in that she clearly has problems (with substance abuse and/or mental issues) but come on. Even if the makes of this ad were targeting her (which I seriously doubt, as I’ve seen it probably 10 times, and loathed it every time btw, but I never once thought of Lohan) and they could prove that, the fact that the lawsuit is for $100 million shows that she doesn’t expect it go anywhere. So pathetic.

  32. Crack Dealers of America

    ETrade should hire a team of the most expensive lawyers on the planet and make sure the attention whore gets the bill when she loses.

  33. Michael Lohan

    These people are selfish low-life freaks!!
    Please the next headline:
    Lindey pulls a Corey Haim!!!

  34. Danny

    “I have to say, that due to this frivolous lawsuit, we will be renaming the baby anna-nicole… Dead celebrities can’t sue can they?”

    That has to the first place winner of this posting, yeah?

  35. Matthew

    great now party mom dina going to help her!!!!! find a party you 2

  36. Sport

    “We need money”

  37. Why not sue Robot Chicken? They make fun of the sad little whore all the time. LOL@ Dina getting pissed at the babies. It’s her fault her daughter’s a fucking alcoholic in the first place. She was in the clubs with her when she was 16. I wish the whole family would just go to prison or overdose already. They’re not entertaining anymore, now this shit’s just depressing.

  38. LMFAO


  39. The Lindsay Lohan VS. E-trade case is now open at the AllRise online court.
    Join the debate and cast your vote – http://bit.ly/AllRise288

  40. StEvec

    Can’t act……can’t sing…..might as well try this to earn income.

  41. Phildo

    “Hi, pleased to meet you. Tell me about your family.”
    “Well, I’m Cher’s mother…”

    “Hi, pleased to meet you. Tell me about your family.”
    “Well, I’m Madonna’s mother…”

    “Hi, pleased to meet you. Tell me about your family.”
    “Well, I’m Oprah’s mother…”

    “Hi, pleased to meet you. Tell me about your family.”
    “Well, I’m Lindsay’s mother…”
    “Lindsay who?”
    “Uh, the famous Lindsay. The only Lindsay!”

    Sorry Lohans…not gonna work.

  42. Sara

    For one she is no one.. So I guess she has to make a complete idiot out of herself so she can get some publicity…That and maybe her money is soon to run out…She can’t act, she isn’t pretty and she has a nasty little whore habit…Can you say washed up…Next (on the overdose scene)

  43. mike

    Would this miserable cunt od and die already?

  44. CeeAnn

    Egomaniac! Get over yourself! Lindsay, you’re the last person I thought of when I saw this commercial! Listen, you once made OK movies. Now you do nothing! No one remembers you for the movies you made; they remember you for the mess you continue to be! I can see where this lawsuit came from. You have no visible means of income so you need to file frivolous lawsuits to bring in some cash, and your attorney’s are just bottom feeders!

    Get over yourself! You are not that special and will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER be in the same league as the other more famous one-name stars! You’re pathetic!

  45. herbiefrog

    so mainy gain sayers

    they simply hate life? their lifes ?

    so …many

    [i know...] hard to believeve

    [bnut lkoserers all…

    let’s *** the m o v e r [hold on : ))

    shhhh . . .

  46. Dee

    Sooooo, the white stuff she’s been taking was powdered milk?

  47. What a stupid whore

    What a family of retards. Whorehan is 23, yet she calls her “mommy” the enabler bawling because there’s a funny ad where someone who shares her first name is called a “milkaholic”? Just how delicate mentally is this idiot? Is she so self centered & arrogant to think that she’s the only one people think of when someone says “lindsay”? Bitch is not that famous, that talented or that well thought of. She’s an ex-actress, current alcoholic & current junkie, faux lesbian, kleptomaniac & habitual liar who’s a failure at EVERYTHING she does. Worse, she has a lying, enabling “mommy” who is the worst thing for her.

    I hope she’s embarrassed in court and is beaten down verbally by the judge, has to pay all of E-Trade’s attorney fees, and their attorney (who, btw, is no longer licensed to practice law) gets put in jail for this monumental waste of time & clogging of the court docket.

  48. Die already you disgusting attention slut

    I saw that commercial, and not once did I think of hohan. However, even if I did (and they were mocking her drug & alcohol problems that she created herself), then it’s parody and is covered from legal damages.

    What crackhead hohan needs to do is die. Right now. The twaat can’t die fast enough for me; her dying yesterday is way too late…

  49. Wow. I never once thought of Lindsay when I saw that commercial. And I don’t think her first name has quite reached Madonna or Cher status. Ego much…

  50. G

    I really hope the court fines them for filing a frivolous lawsuit right after it’s dismissed for Failure to State a Claim. Then again, it isn’t beyond imagination that she’d bribe a judge with blow jobs.

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